What is the smartest breed of dog? Be amazed

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The intelligence of a breed is determined by performing a large number of tests on different specimens, which have been educated in different places and also have a difference in their age. Knowing which is the smartest breed of dog in the world has taken many years of hard work by various specialized teams.

The intelligence of a dog is not simply measured by its ability to memorize or ration in the face of different tests, but its level of learning is also evaluated by being trained by people with little experience.

The smartest breed of dog is the one that has demonstrated on numerous occasions and with different specimens, react quickly to little-known and adverse situations, learn quickly even if its handler has no experience, memorize and act correctly on command, etc…. As you can see it has been a long and hard work, but it is worth it when it comes to evaluating such a large number of dogs.

Index of contents

  • 1 The smartest breed of dog in the world
  • 2 TOP 10 Smarter Dog Breeds
      • 2.0.1 1st Poodle
      • 2.0.2 2nd German Shepherd
      • 2.0.3 3rd Border Collie
      • 2.0.4 4th Golden Retriever
      • 2.0.5 5th Doberman
      • 2.0.6 6th Rottweiler
      • 2.0.7 7th Maltese Bichon
      • 2.0.8 8th Siberian Husky
      • 2.0.9 9th Papillon
      • 2.0.10 10th Spanish Greyhound
  • 3 What is the least intelligent breed of dog in the world?
  • 4 Have mixed breed or non-breed dogs participated in the world’s smartest dog study?

The smartest breed of dog in the world

Surely you will be very surprised to know that after many years of study and dedication, a global agreement has been reached that determines that the most intelligent breed of dog on the planet is the Poodle.

That’s right, you read it correctly, Poodle is the smartest breed according to the different tests and studies carried out worldwide. It is a breed that has been divided by size:

  • The Giant Poodle Although it is not really giant, your size is large, with an average of twenty-five kilos.
  • The Medium Poodle It has an average weight of ten kilos.
  • The Little Poodle, dwarf or miniature that is possibly the best known and its weight does not usually exceed four kilos.

The Poodle breed is not the strongest or most aggressive on the planet, nor is it the one with the strongest bite or the most suitable as a watchdog, but it is nevertheless the most intelligent in the world.

Poodles have a learning capacity far superior to that of other dogs, although their owners are inexperienced as educators, they learn quickly. It is also the breed that reacts most quickly to unforeseen problems, adversities. And last but not least, it is the breed that can more quickly detect external dangers, such as the attack of another dog.

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smart dogs

TOP 10 Smarter Dog Breeds

Surely you have been surprised by the first position of intelligent dog breeds, but … Do not you wonder what are the other breeds that stand out for their intelligence?

After a study of large dimensions worldwide, many conclusions have been reached on the other breeds analyzed. Coming to the conclusion that there are several breeds of dogs that stand out for their intelligence over the rest.

So let’s get to know the Top 10 of the smartest dog breeds on the planet:

poodle puppy


As we have already commented on the Poodle breed as the most intelligent, we move on to the following positions.

German shepherd

German shepherd

As it is a grazing breed adapted to climatologies and adverse situations, the German shepherd He has developed such a high level of intelligence that he almost takes first place on the list of smartest dogs.

He has excellent abilities to learn quickly and reason, something that many other races are unable to do. Perhaps it is thanks to its excellent sense of hearing or it is simply a very attentive dog, but it is capable of detecting problems and possible dangers extremely quickly.

His memory capacity is very high, which makes him able to constantly learn new things and use them to his advantage.

border collie

Border collie

In the third position of the smartest dogs ranking we have Border collie, or “useful dog” translated into Spanish from Gaelic. It is another breed that was originally in high demand for its grazing virtues.

Curiously, shepherd dogs at a general level have developed capabilities superior to those of other dogs, always speaking of clear intelligence. In addition to its ease of learning even in the hands of inexperienced trainers, the Collie has been shown to have great intelligence and reasoning ability.

The multiple tests carried out to determine their level of reasoning, provided data that left all researchers very surprised, being a very intelligent breed at general levels.

golden retriever

Golden retriever

In the fourth position on the list of smartest dogs we have the honorable Golden retriever. A dog that although it has also carried out herding work, is characterized by its use as a hound or retriever. A collection dog is the one that collects the pieces of the hunters (usually birds).

However, in the updated it has become an excellent companion dog at a family level, a charming dog with children who will be delighted to accompany us daily to exercise.

The Golden Retriever has proven to be a very intelligent dog thanks to its reaction, reasoning and learning qualities. Those who enjoy the company of a copy of this breed, know that sometimes they can be a little stubborn … but they should not be underestimated, they are extremely clever dogs.



In the fifth position in t
he top 10 smartest dogs we have the well-known Doberman, which stands out for its cunning and ability to react to adversity. It also has a great capacity to learn, although many times it is simply granted the role of watchdog.

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Precisely for its intelligence and its ability to react, this breed is considered one of the best in terms of surveillance. What most people do not know is that they are also excellent life partners, because they have a huge heart.

The Doberman was originally a protective dog, his work was based on protecting its owner against possible dangers. His intelligence and responsiveness have made him worthy of belonging to the top 10 smartest dogs.



In the sixth position on the list of smartest dogs we have the well-known Rottweiler, also known as a butcher dog. But no, don’t be scared because the nickname of butcher comes from its origins, when it was used as a dog to pull the carts that brought meat to the markets.

However that was not his only ability, curiously the Rottweiler was also used as a herding dog for its magnificent qualities. It is a very intelligent dog although sometimes it can become a little stubborn. His ease of learning, memory and capacity and reaction make him a deserved winner of the sixth position.

Rottweiler is also the breed that worldwide has the most powerful, strongest bite. Above even another well-known breed, the Pit bull. That is why throughout history this breed has been used as a dog to pull carts for its strength, a sheepdog for its intelligence, a hound dog for its cunning and a watchdog for its intelligence and strength.

maltese bichon

Maltese Bichon

In the seventh position of smartest and most loving small dogs we have the Maltese Bichon, a breed originating from the island of Malta in Italy that is said to be one of the oldest in history. Engravings have been found in ancient Egypt related to this breed.

It is a very intelligent and affectionate dog breed at the same time, ideal as a life companion. It adapts easily to any type of home due to its small size and small physical needs.

The Maltese Bichon stands out for its great capacity and ease of learning and for its reasoning ability. Although it seems an unintelligent breed due to its size, it can surprise everyone.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

In the eighth position on the list of smartest dogs in the world we have the precious Siberian Husky, which curiously also carried out grazing functions. He is originally from the Russian region of Siberia, raised by the Chukchi tribe.

This breed was used (and still is) as power dogs, to pull sleds and merchandise. They also perform grazing work protecting and guiding the reindeer from the herd. Their audacity and cunning quickly made them a benchmark worldwide. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why they used it to create the Pomsky, for its high level of intelligence.

The Siberian Husky can also be an excellent companion dog, however it is not recommending in areas where the temperature is mild, much less warm. This breed demands and needs to live in places where it is very cold, it is where it feels best. It is a breed that requires a lot of physical exercise on a daily basis and large areas of nature.

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papillon dog


In the ninth position of most intelligent and affectionate dogs we have the Papillón, a breed of French origin that receives this name for the shape of the dog’s ears, in the shape of a butterfly. Papillon actually means butterfly.

It is a very intelligent and affectionate breed, possibly within the intelligent small dog breeds, it is one of the best known worldwide for its enviable characteristics.

The Papillon is not a herding or surveillance dog, but a companion dog with which to share a lifetime. Very active, super intelligent and with an exemplary learning ability, the Papillón becomes one of the Top 10 smartest dogs in the world.

spanish greyhound

10º Spanish Greyhound

In the tenth position of the smartest dog ranking we have the Spanish Greyhound, which as its own name indicates is originally from Spain. Its origins are uncertain although everything seems to indicate that it is a stabilized selection of hounds for centuries.

The Greyhound breed is very intelligent at a general level, it learns very fast although its trainer has little experience or skill and it reacts quickly to any adversity. Its best known quality is its speed, superior to that of any other breed of dog.

Greyhounds are dogs that have been used for years for hunting, free and mainly rabbits. However, it is an ideal dog to share home and family, very affectionate and with a huge heart, ideal for sharing games with children.

What is the least intelligent breed of dog in the world?

There are no dumb dogs but dogs that have less developed some of the qualities that other dogs have developed, such as ease of learning, their ability to retain (memory) their reasoning and their reaction to certain problems.

This does not mean absolutely nothing wrong, simply that these races can be more loving, affective, protective or empathetic. However, they do not stand out for their intelligence, simply that.

The least intelligent dog breeds on the planet are:

  • French bulldog / English
  • Chihuahua
  • Bull terrier
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Shih Tzu
  • Chow chow

Have mixed breed or non-breed dogs participated in the world’s smartest dog study?

No, only tests have been carried out with registered and official breed dogs, no tests have been carried out on mixed-breed dogs (dog without pure breed). However, we can affirm that mixed-breed dogs are at general levels, much more intelligent than most dogs with a breed.

The crossing of genes makes the mestizos obtain the dominant genes of their parents, which in many cases leads to improving the species itself. Mongrel dogs have much stronger health than purebred dogs, they also have great intelligence and much, much love to share.

If your dog is not a praise (like ours, all mestizos) keep in mind that perhaps your dog is the smartest in the world, they simply have not studied it.