Tips for your dog to relieve itself in one place

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dog peeing

Whether we have a small puppy or an adult dog, teaching him to relieve himself in one place or outside the home is essential to maintain a hygienic coexistence.

With these simple tips you will make your dog learn to pee and poop wherever you want and at the times you deem necessary. Ready @?

Index of contents

  • 1 Previous information
  • 2 The schedules, essential
    • 2.1 Adapt a place at home for our puppy to urinate
  • 3 The awards, the great secret
  • 4 Forget the punishments, they don’t work

Previous information

Remember that puppies are the equivalent of a human baby, so it will take longer than a young or adult dog to learn to do their things wherever you want. Just be patient and be insistent, everyone learns.

Never punish your dog for doing its needs where it should not, remember that his education is your responsibility and with the punishment it does not solve anything. I insist, be patient.

The schedules, essential

Dogs are animals of habit, they adapt perfectly to routines and that is why we must set a strict departure time. Which we must respect every day if we want them to learn to urinate outside the home.

Just getting up is when they will need to urinate and defecate, so going for a walk is the most recommended, so they can free themselves on the street.

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A while after meals, about thirty or forty minutes after eating, it is also recommended to take a walk, especially if they are puppies (which need more training to achieve this goal).

A good walking routine for a young or adult dog can be:

  • When you wake up in the morning (around 9:00 a.m.)
  • At noon (around 1:00 p.m.)
  • Mid-afternoon (around 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.)
  • Before sleeping (around 11pm)

If he is a puppy and he is learning to do his things outside the home, we must take him out for a walk after each meal (waiting a half hour since he has eaten).

The rides must last a minimum of 15 minutes so that our dog can sniff and calmly decide where he wants to urinate or poop. Always calm and unhurried walks

Adapt a place at home for our puppy to urinate

If your puppy still does not have all its vaccines on and can not go for a walk, you can adapt a corner at home to do its needs there. On that site you can put newspaper or absorbent wipes for dogs (for sale in pet stores).

Remember that this site must always be accessible to our puppy and that it should not be near its drinking trough or feeder, for hygienic reasons.

dog urinating on a tree

The awards, the great secret

We all know that dogs love to eat, so the best thing we can do is give our dog a treat when he does his things wherever we want.

That is, if we go out for a walk and pee or poop outside the house, when we finish his needs we must congratulate him and give him a prize (some food, a dog biscuit, a piece of sausage….).

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In this way our dog will learn much faster, because when it comes to getting food … his memory is infinitely better.

Forget the punishments, they don’t work

Many dogs urinate at home because they have not yet learned to do their things outside the home, because they are excited to see us, because they suffer from incontinence due to a medical problem, because they drink too much water or because we do not get them out enough times. .

Never punish a dog for urinating inside the house, do not scold or get angry, because it’s useless. Simply clean and ignore it, he will quickly learn that this is where he should do his thing.

Punishments only create frustration, fear and behavior problems, even aggressiveness, so they are totally prohibited.