Canine training techniques

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training a dog

There are many techniques and manuals used during dog training, from traditional education where practically anything goes, to the little-known technique based on dog behavior, dog ethology.

At Dogsis we want to show you what each of these forms of dog training consists of and which one offers the best results, as well as the necessary tips so that you can properly educate your dog.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Traditional canine training technique
  • 2 Positive dog training technique
  • 3 Clicker education technique
  • 4 Technique based on canine ethology
  • 5 Tips for Proper Training

Traditional canine training technique

It can be affirmed that this technique is the most used throughout the history of humanity, although this does not mean that it is the most recommended.

For hundreds of years dogs have been trained in what is known as reward and punishment. Rewarding the dog when it does something right and punishing it when it does something wrong.

In this way our dog will not only learn to obey, but will also observe that we use violence and punishment with it, which will cause serious behavior problems in the long run.

When using this dog training technique, it is common to use accessories such as the well-known choke or choke collar, which literally chokes the dog by pulling on the leash.

Also the use of the electric dog collar, so discouraged by the most prestigious trainers around the world. Including the use of abuse, physical or mental violence. That it is the best known technique, does not mean or joke, that it is the most effective or recommended.

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If you want to put this technique into practice, we recommend that you never use violence or this type of necklaces and that you learn to correct a dog correctly.

correct a dog

Positive dog training technique

This is without a doubt the most used training technique today thanks to its excellent and fast results. It is the one that we personally recommend since it does not punish the dog in any way, it can be said that it is an advanced and effective training technique.

It consists of rewarding the dog when he does something right but ignoring him when he does something wrong, so that if we give him an order and he complies, we will give him a prize (a treat or dog biscuit) and if he does not comply, we will simply ignore him.

Dogs are very intelligent animals and they will quickly learn to do dog training exercises well to get their well-deserved prize.

But beware, not everything is giving him a little food as a reward and end, we must show enthusiasm, verbally congratulate him and even caress him with enthusiasm so that he feels loved, so that he feels good.

You can learn everything about positive training from: How to educate my dog using positive reinforcement.

This technique also has its drawbacks, because dogs learn very quickly with it, the owners think that it is not necessary to give more classes, so that education usually remains incomplete.

Although it works correctly and the dog learns quickly, we must continue to practice often so that the orders are perfectly engraved on the dog and even fulfill them when there are distractions around him.

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Clicker education technique

The clicker is a small device that when we press it produces a very characteristic noise, a loud and clear click. It is used to train dogs because its effectiveness is very high, as with positive reinforcement.

It consists of imitating the technique of positive training, rewarding our dog with food when he fulfills an order well, but also making the clicker sound once.

It should be sounded just at the moment when the dog is rewarded, so that it assimilates the sound with something good, with food when it does it well.

Little by little, the food is removed and the sound of the clicker is maintained, so that when the dog does something well, we simply make the clicker sound and he knows that he did it well.

You can obtain in-depth information on this training technique from: How to educate my dog using a clicker.

Technique based on canine ethology

This is a little used technique and is actually questioned by many professional professions, since it does not consist in teaching the dog directly how with the previous techniques, but in obtaining the role of leader of the pack so that the dog obeys us.

We can affirm that more than a training technique, it is a complementary aid so that the dog understands its position in command and knows how to respect us as leaders.

But we do not share the idea that this should be considered an acceptable practice to properly educate a dog, because the dog is not even taught to follow basic orders.

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You may be interested in learning how to control your dog, if so, you can learn from: Canine domination techniques.

dog in dog training class

Tips for Proper Training

There are a number of tips that every canine training manual should have, since they greatly facilitate the learning of dogs and therefore improves the satisfaction of both.

If you go to a dog training center to give a course, you will see how all these tips are put into practice to help us with the behavior modification of our dog.

Applying these tips and new training techniques such as positive reinforcement, the best results will be obtained without causing problems in the medium or long term.

  • Before the training session, go for a walk and play with your dog, so that it releases its energy and is calmer.
  • Find a quiet place where you can train without distractions.
  • Always use rewards as positive reinforcement when you exercise well.
  • Don’t train a puppy, sick dog, or distracted dog, it’s no use.
  • Do not do long training sessions, it is normal that they last between twenty and thirty minutes at most.
  • Once the dog learns the technique, you should review it often. It is not enough that you memorize it one day, you work on it constantly.

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