How to scold a dog correctly

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scolding a dog

In many occasions we find ourselves in the situation that our dog has or has had inappropriate behavior and we should scold him to correct it, so that he somehow understands that what he is doing is not right.

However, it is surprising to see that the vast majority of people who share their life with a furry, do not know how to scold a dog properly. Which can create confusion and stress in the dog.

For this reason, from Dogsis we want to give you some practical advice so that you know when and how to scold our dog, so that he can understand it.

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Index of contents

  • 1 How should you scold a dog?
  • 2 When to scold our dog
  • 3 When we shouldn’t scold our dog
  • 4 What to do about misconduct

How should you scold a dog?

Surely when you think of scolding your dog you imagine yourself scolding your furry while he is sitting with a guilty look. Well, that is not a correct or adequate way to scold a dog.

It really doesn’t do any good to scold a dog because they won’t know what’s going on. The right thing is to correct our dog when he does something wrong so that he knows that what he is doing, we do not like or do not approve of.

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It is absolutely useless to give a speech to our dog, because he simply does not understand it. And yes, they look guilty, like asking for forgiveness … But they only do it because they see us angry, not for anything else.

The proper way to correct a dog is by a touch or a bite (simulation of a hand bite). Never, under any circumstances should we hit, mistreat or hurt our dog, with a simple helpless touch is more than enough.

dog feels guilty

When to scold our dog

It is amazing to see how when someone comes home and sees that their puppy has bitten or broken something, they scold and snub him for minutes and minutes, thinking that the dog understands something of what is happening.

Make no mistake, dogs don’t have the perception of time that we humans have, and scolding or correcting them when whatever they have done has already passed, is absolutely useless.

It is appropriate to correct them just when they have inappropriate behavior, neither before nor after. In this way, they will know how to interpret our touch or bite and understand that they are doing something wrong.

A practical example, you come home and your dog has eaten his bed or smashed it. Don’t scold him because it won’t do any good. However, if you see him biting the bed then it is the right time to give him a touch accompanied by a resounding “no!”.

That is when he will understand that he should not do it, and if he persists, we too with another touch and another “No!”

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When we shouldn’t scold our dog

There are many situations in which, due to ignorance, we think that we should scold a dog to correct its behavior, but nevertheless, that can be a serious mistake.

They are quite common situations and do not require a touch of attention, since they are normal behaviors in dogs. Correcting them can mean confusing our dog, frustrating him and / or creating derived problems.

  • If our dog growls or barks We should not scold him because it is his way of expressing that something is wrong, that he does not like something or his way of alerting us and / or calling our attention. However, if our dog barks excessively we can use behavior therapy.
  • If our dog is afraid Never scold or scold a dog in fear because you can exacerbate his fear and cause him to panic. If your dog has its tail tucked between its paws or its ears lean back, don’t scold it. You can learn more at: Canine Language.
  • To past bull It is useless to scold our dog if when we get home we see that he has done wrong … Simply because he will not understand it, so do not waste your time with it.
  • If it’s a puppy, the puppies are full of life and they need to mess everything up, that often implies nibbling on things they shouldn’t, urinating inside the house, breaking their bed or your belongings … We should not scold a puppy, because it is simply experimenting, learning. We can correct it when it does something wrong, but with great delicacy and as long as it is more than four or five months old.
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What to do about misconduct

It is totally normal for a dog to make mistakes, to behave badly or to be a bit mischievous, but that does not mean that we should constantly be correcting or scolding him.

In the face of misconduct, we must think that it is what we did wrong, and normally the answer is that either we have not educated him correctly or we have not got him out enough to play and run.

Misconduct due to lack of training is corrected by applying good dog education technique, not through constant corrections.

And bad behavior due to anxiety or stress, generally occurs due to lack of walks, exercise or playing with other dogs. A dog is not a toy to keep him in the house all day, he needs to run a lot, play and enjoy the outdoors on a daily basis.

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