Tips for a Pit Bull not to be aggressive

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We all know the theory that dogs are how their owners train them, and needless to say, it is a totally true theory. However, some breeds such as Pitbulls have a strong character that is not always easy to master.

Not that dogs American Pitbull Terrier They are aggressive in nature, but being very strong dogs in adulthood, it goes without saying that poorly mannered can be a potential danger, just like any other large breed of dog.

That is why from Dogsis we are going to give you some good advice so that a Pitbull is not aggressive in his adulthood, you can take them or leave them, but you do not lose anything by putting them into practice and you can earn a lot.

Index of contents

  • 1 Teach your Pitbull basic orders intensively
  • 2 Master your Pitbull by showing him who the Alpha male is
  • 3 Teach your APTB to respect the house rules
  • 4 Never use violence or aggressiveness with your Pitbull or with anyone
  • 5 Uninhibit your Pitbull’s bite
  • 6 Socialize your Pitbull as a puppy so that it is not aggressive
  • 7 Teach your Pitbull to respect all humans
  • 8 Spend the energy of your Pitbull and avoid loneliness
  • 9 Never reward your Pitbull’s excitement or nervousness

Teach your Pitbull basic orders intensively

You can see many people teaching their dog to get down on two legs, to roll on themselves or even to play dead, but that won’t do you any good with your Pitbull dog. Focus on what’s really important, the basic orders.

Teach your American Pitbull basic but really important commands like “Come here”, “Sitting” and “No”. Those are the orders that will really help you in case your dog becomes aggressive unexpectedly. More information in: How to Educate a Pitbull Puppy.

And it is not enough that the dog sits or comes to your call when you ask it, it must also do it in adverse situations such as for example in the presence of other barking dogs or or in places with a lot of noise where you can suffer stress. Focus on those orders and practice them daily throughout your life.

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educating an adult pit bull

Master your Pitbull by showing him who the Alpha male is

This does not mean that you should be aggressive with your dog, since under no circumstances should you be aggressive with him or show aggressiveness in front of him. Being the alpha male simply means educating your dog as part of the pack.

Accustom him as a puppy to the following things and he will understand without problem that you are the Alpha male:

  • Tell him to sit down when you put the feeder on and don’t let him eat until you give him permission. To give him permission, let him sit until he looks you in the eye (he will look for you).
  • When he is eating, get him used to the fact that you can reach into his food as many times as you want without making him angry, and even tell him to stop eating for a moment or remove the feeder. He must know that you can do that whenever you want.
  • When you go out or enter home with him, he should always be the last to leave and the last to enter, always behind you and the rest of the humans who accompany you.
  • Never allow him to climb on us or climb on us with his front legs.
  • Teach him to eat from your hand, it should not always be but he must learn to eat very slowly when you decide to give him food with your hand.
  • Humans eat first, then the dog. If your dog has breakfast, lunch and dinner according to your schedules, do not feed him until you have finished and collected your food.

Pitbull sleeping in bed

Teach your APTB to respect the house rules

There are certain rules that your dog must respect at home, it is important that we begin to teach them as a puppy so that they get used to them and respect them. Never skip a rule by allowing it to ignore it, because once you know you can do it whenever you want.

  • Do not let him up on the sofa, he has his bed to rest.
  • Do not let him go up to your bed or sleep with you, he has his bed.
  • Do not allow him to leave the house if you open the door to the postman or a neighbor, he must always stay behind you.
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They are simple right? Well, you would be surprised to know the number of people who do not get their dog to respect them simply because on some occasion they decided to let him pass … you should always be vigilant.

Never use violence or aggressiveness with your Pitbull or with anyone

Although you may find it hard to believe, dogs are extremely intelligent, especially the American Pitbull Terriers. It will be enough to see a single inappropriate behavior for him to think that this behavior is correct.

You should never use violence or aggressiveness in front of your dog Because he will see it, he will notice it and he will think that this is the correct thing and even that he can also be violent when he sees fit.

Never use aggressiveness with your dog, that is, do not hit or mistreat him, because he will believe that abuse is normal and can mistreat other dogs or people. So always avoid aggressive behavior in his presence and stay calm.

Pitbull dog puppy

Uninhibit your Pitbull’s bite

You must teach him as a puppy that he cannot bite a human, neither you nor anyone else. Teach you control a Pitbull’s bite It is something fundamental and a priority that we must teach him as a puppy.

We must teach you since you are weeks old not to bite us, it will be enough to scream with an “Ayyy !!!!” followed by a “No” when he bites us playing. further we must stop the game immediately for a few minutes so that he understands or thinks that he hurt us and that biting is wrong.

By repeating the exercise daily we will be able to disinhibit the bite of our Pitbull puppy. It is essential to practice only with puppies since an adult dog could seriously hurt us.

Socialize your Pitbull as a puppy so that it is not aggressive

Socializing a dog is very simple, it consis
ts of mixing it with its environment so that it gets used to interacting with it, respecting it, knowing it and not being scared or giving way to trauma.

Since your Pitbull can go outside, with about three months of life once it has all its vaccinesTake him out for a walk and take him to dog parks where he can meet and play with other dogs and animals.

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He must get used to being smelled, scolded, played, and respected. You must also meet more humans and let them touch and caress you at will, that is to socialize.

socializing a pit bull in a dog park

Teach your Pitbull to respect all humans

It is not enough that your Pitbull respects you, your dog must respect absolutely all humans, whoever they are and whatever their age. Never allow your Pitbull to do to a person what it would not do to you.

That is, do not let a human growl, do not allow him to jump on other humans, or mark them. Although you think these are false myths about Pitbull, many of them are true. Make it clear that all humans have preference over him, so that he learns to respect them and thus avoid being aggressive.

Spend the energy of your Pitbull and avoid loneliness

APTBs (American Pitbull Terriers) are dogs with a large amount of energy that need to be spent on a daily basis. And no, obviously it is not enough to take long walks, they need to run with you (you can ride a bike or skate if you wish) and / or play with other dogs.

They must exercise a lot to spend their excess energy and feel fulfilled. On the other hand, avoid leaving them for long periods of time alone, dogs are herd animals that hate loneliness.

A Pit Bull that you leave many hours alone at home or that you use as a vigilant dog will end up developing nervousness and with it aggressiveness. Don’t make that mistake.

Pitbull running

Never reward your Pitbull’s excitement or nervousness

It is a big mistake to pet a dog when it is nervous, fearful, or overly excited. Because they will understand that being like this is positive and that is why you caress them, while you may think that you are simply relaxing them.

If your dog has growled at another dog and is nervous, has simply barked at a cat, or is overly excited, instruct him to sit and remain so for a few minutes until he relaxes.

Then you can walk with him, but never pet him until you see that he is completely relaxed. And this is it, following these practical tips you will ensure that a Pit Bull is not aggressive even when stressful situations arise, that is, you will have a fantastic balanced dog.