My dog ​​sheds a lot of hair in spring

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dog in spring

With the arrival of good weather our dog begins to make one of the two great annual molts and changing all his hair in spring. So we can see that it falls much more than usual.

We should not worry because it is something completely normal. With the arrival of good temperatures, dogs do not need a coat with thick and abundant hair, but a thin and light coat much cooler.

We cannot avoid the irreparable, but we can give you some good advice to make the process faster and less cumbersome.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Diet influences hair
  • 2 How to prevent you from pulling a lot of hair at home
  • 3 Increase the number of baths
  • 4 Home remedies to prevent them from pulling too much hair

Diet influences hair

It can be very strange but in reality the diet influences a lot in everything related to the hair of our dog.

A diet based on natural products will provide the best hair quality, while low-quality feed will make our dog’s hair unhealthy.

The BARF diet, which consists of feeding a dog with natural products, is the most natural and healthy, providing a touch of shine to the hair that is second to none. It also facilitates the move, so the process will be done faster.

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Commercial feeds are the most used option today, poor quality ones cause a bad appearance to the hair while some of the high quality feeds take good care of our dog’s hair.

Especially those made from fish, since as they contain more Omega fatty acids, they provide greater health to the hair.

brushed dog

How to avoid pulling a lot of hair at home

We have a bad habit of brushing our dog a little, especially in spring and autumn, which is when dogs make the complete changes.

With a suitable brush, adapted to the thickness and length of my dog’s hair, we should brush our dog once a day, always in the direction of the hair (never against the grain).

With this we will eliminate a lot of dead hair that would probably end up on the floor of our home or on our clothes. In addition, we will keep our dog prepared against parasites and we will prevent them from forming knots.

If we don’t want to brush him at home, we can do it during a walk. Once a day until the molting process ends, which usually lasts between a week and three weeks, depending on each dog.

Increase the number of baths

Another healthy measure that will prevent excessive hair loss in spring is to increase the number of baths we give our dog. Being able to bathe it even three or four times a month, whenever we use a specific soap for dogs.

With a good bath we will eliminate the dead and ground hair, we will avoid the formation of dirt and we will keep our dog more protected against fleas or ticks.

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Remember to dry your dog well with towels, or even drying at a very mild temperature so that he does not burn it. And the next day, brush thoroughly to remove even more hair, taking advantage of the fact that it is pompous.

dog in spring

Home remedies to prevent them from pulling too much hair

There are no miraculous tricks that prevent hair loss in spring, but we can apply some tips to reduce the time of shedding.

With these simple remedies that we can apply at home, we will help improve the health of our dog’s hair, its shine and its shedding:

  • Add a little tuna canned to dog food, in vegetable oil or natural and without salt. You can also use sardines canned in oil, as they contain a lot of Omega that will help your hair.
  • Avoid using layers , coats and clothing in general to avoid excess heat.
  • Try that there is not much difference between home and street temperature.
  • Use high quality food It will help a lot to improve your skin and hair.

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