Tips for educating a potentially dangerous dog

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Among the wide variety of breeds known in the canine sector, we find a few that have been classified as potentially dangerous dogs, due to their strength, energy and physical characteristics.

These dogs are no different than others when it comes to behavior, a well-mannered potentially dangerous dog is just as obedient as a dog of any other breed.

However, due to the physical understanding of these dogs, their strength, and their energy, an ill-mannered PPP can be a potential danger. So educating them correctly is absolutely necessary.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Physical and psychological characteristics of PPP
  • 2 Tips for Properly Training a Potentially Dangerous Dog
      • 2.0.1 Domination tips
      • 2.0.2 Training tips
      • 2.0.3 Socialization tips

Physical and psychological characteristics of PPP

Breeds classified as PPP (short for Potentially Dangerous Dogs) stand out mostly for being dogs of prey. This means that they are breeds that have a very strong bite and that normally do not release once they have bitten.

In addition to biting, their physical development is usually much higher than that of other breeds, which makes them very strong dogs on a physical level. Therefore, owners must be physically strong in order to dominate them if necessary.

At the psychic level we speak of dogs that tend to acquire the role of leader in the pack, that is, dogs that are generally more stubborn and dominant than other breeds. This does not mean that they are bad dogs, but that they require a more intense education.

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ppp dog and puppy

Tips for Properly Training a Potentially Dangerous Dog

Due precisely to the stubbornness of many of these breeds and their physical potency, it is necessary to thoroughly educate a PPP dog to avoid finding ourselves in an awkward situation where danger may arise.

Although following these tips we will be able to teach our dog well, we always recommend giving classes with a professional dog trainer to advise us personally and in person on the steps to follow to completely dominate our dog.

Domination tips

One of the most important aspects when educating a potentially dangerous dog is to show him his role in the family from the first moment, that is, as a puppy.

PPP breeds tend to try to acquire the role of alpha male out of pure instinct, they are strong and powerful breeds that can afford it so why not? That they do it is totally normal, letting them acquire that role, however, is the biggest mistake we can make.

For this we must put into practice a series of simple tips that will help our dog understand that he is not the leader:

  • Do not let your dog climb on your bed or on the sofa, put a bed for him and that’s where he should rest and sleep.
  • Don’t let him get on your knees or jump, not even while playing.
  • When you go out or enter the home with him, you should always do it first and then him. If you are accompanied, first all humans and then him.
  • Before you put your food on, he orders you to sit down. When you leave food on the floor, don’t give him the order to eat (permission to eat) until he looks you in the eye.
  • If your dog is a puppy, put your hand in the feeder from time to time so that it learns to stop eating when you order it. He must allow you to touch his food without growling and without bad gestures. If you are an adult, do not practice this without the supervision of a professional trainer because it could bite you.
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Training tips

We all know how much fun it is to see a dog that flips or plays dead at our command, they are good tricks that you always like. But the most important thing if we have a potentially dangerous dog is to teach him the basic commands thoroughly.

These types of orders will allow us to control the dog at all times, even in dangerous situations where another dog or person may be injured. The basic orders are:

  • Teach your dog to answer your call at all times
  • Teach the dog to sit and not move until further orders
  • Teach him not to pull the leash, even if other dogs provoke him

Remember that PPP breeds cannot be loose in public spaces, neither in dog parks nor in the mountains, even if there is nobody. So you should always practice in your home or in private rooms that comply with the regulations.

Practice these orders daily, until your dog complies without exception. They are simple but fundamental orders when we talk about very strong dogs.

Socialization tips

It is complex to educate a potentially dangerous dog to respect other dogs and people when the law itself prohibits us from releasing them in public spaces or in dog parks.

Socialization consists precisely in the dog interacting with other dogs, animals, humans and getting used to its environment, to everything around it (parks, noise, people, etc …).

So let’s not kid ourselves, socializing a potentially dangerous dog is more complex than socializing a dog of another breed that may be at large with other dogs. That is why we must be more conscientious in this aspect and try to find private places where our PPP can socialize.