My dog ​​bites everything What can I do?

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We all know that puppies bite everything, it is something completely normal that should never be considered a behavior problem. With the passage of time, as they grow, they leave this behavior aside.

But what happens when a dog grows and continues to bite everything? Here we are faced with a problem of behavior or health, to solve it, it is essential to find the origin. Let’s see in detail what the causes may be and what solution we can give you.

Index of contents

  • 1 My dog ​​bites everything
  • 2 Causes a dog bites things
    • 2.1 Tooth change
    • 2.2 Anxiety
    • 2.3 Poorly managed energy
    • 2.4 Boredom
    • 2.5 Pica syndrome
  • 3 What things should we avoid?

My dog ​​bites everything

It really is maddening to get home and see that your dog has done it again. In your absence he has dedicated himself to biting everything that was on his way, including slippers, furniture and sometimes even walls.

This type of destructive behavior is healthy for both the dog and his family, so correcting it becomes essential. However, it is impossible to give you some guidelines to follow if we do not know the origin of the problem.

That is why we have compiled the main reasons why dogs constantly bite things. So that you can identify the one that affects your dog and thus be able to correct it.

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Causes a dog bites things

We always refer to physical things and not people. If your dog bites your hands while playing, you should correct that behavior immediately. If you do it on purpose, without playing, it is a serious behavior problem that requires the attention of a veterinaryn specialized in ethology.

These are the main causes that can make a dog bite into everything in its path.

Tooth change

Known as teething period, when a dog begins to change the milk teeth for the definitive ones, something that happens between four and five months of life, it will usually bite everything.

This behaviour It is due to the intense pain in his gums, as the new teeth are (literally) making their way out, expelling the old baby teeth.


Dogs are familiar animals, who want to be constantly in contact with their human family. However, there are many occasions when, for work or study reasons, we are forced to leave them alone at home.

This is when separation stress occurs, something that causes a huge state of anxiety in the dog, which dissipates biting things. We can correct this behavior teaching our dog to stay home alone.

Poorly managed energy

Did you know that most adult dogs need exercise on a daily basis? We are used to dogs being in our house, keeping us company and sometimes guarding our home.

But they are animals that they need a large dose of daily exercise to release their excess energy. A great walk where you can run and play with other dogs is the best way to exercise them, while having fun.

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When the dog cannot spend his energy on the street, exercising with you or playing with other dogs, he releases this energy at home, biting and breaking things until he gets tired.


Can you imagine being at home all day without anyone playing with you? This is what happens to many dogs, which they end up getting bored like oysters. A bored dog can have health, stress, or even anxiety problems.

So it is not surprising, that many dogs that are in this situation, end up biting things to entertain themselves. It is the best way to combat boredom.

Pica syndrome

The pica syndrome – It is a mental illness or behavioral problem, depending on which expert you consult, that makes the dog constantly bite something. Whether it’s a stick, a ball, or the wall.

Pica syndrome It can originate from other complex diseases such as malabsorption syndrome or even Alzheimer’s. If this is the case in your dog, it is absolutely necessary to consult a veterinaryn to rule out more serious pathologies.

What things should we avoid?

In normal correct our dog if we see that it is breaking something by biting, as long as we do it at that same moment. Since it is useless to get home and scold him for something he has done hours ago.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to keep a dog from biting everything. They will help us correct your behavior.

  • Avoid exciting him: An excited dog is a dog with a lot of energy that needs to release and if he cannot run or play, he will end up biting things.
  • Do not leave things within your reach: It is not a good idea to leave within your reach things that you can break, such as sneakers or personal belongings. The only thing that we must leave within reach is a specific teether for dogs.
  • Avoid getting bored: Boredom is along with separation anxiety, the most likely cause of a dog biting everything. Avoiding it is very simple and other fun.
  • Scold or punish you: Do not punish your dog, that will increase his stress level. The idea is to correct their behavior and for this we must use positive reinforcement.
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Now that you know how to locate the source of the problem and act accordingly, what are you waiting for to teach your puppy?