The best home remedies to remove fleas

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Fleas are one of the main parasites that affect our beloved dogs, being also very harmful to their health and even ours. They reproduce very easily and in a few days, they can create a plague on the dog and in our home.

Eliminating them as soon as we detect them is essential, so if you are wondering which are the best home remedies against fleas, here we leave you with a list of the most effective. Furthermore, they are very simple to make. Let’s see them!

Index of contents

  • 1 How do you know if a dog has fleas?
  • 2 How to eliminate fleas naturally?
  • 3 Homemade flea with lemon
  • 4 Vinegar-based home remedy
  • 5 Natural essences against fleas
  • 6 Yeast as a home remedy for fleas
  • 7 Home remedy to eliminate fleas in puppies
  • 8 How to remove fleas from home?
  • 9 Precautions to consider

How do you know if a dog has fleas?

Although they are small parasites, which can measure between 1.5 millimeters and 3 millimeters, the truth is that detecting them is quite simple. We can find them with the naked eye after an inspection of our dog or detect them by the symptoms that dogs with fleas usually present:

  • The dog scratches a lot because of the itch
  • Nibbles trying to scratch or catch it
  • Redness appears on some parts of your skin
  • There may be a sting allergy reaction (DAPP)

For our part, it is also very easy to detect them with the naked eye. We simply must remove, with the help of our hands, our dog’s hair on his neck, back and groin until we see his fur.

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Fleas are small parasites that do not stay still, so if we see “little bugs” running from one place to another, we will know that they are fleas. Further, his stool is black If we see black spots on our dog’s skin, it is because it has fleas (these black spots are sometimes confused with dog dander).


How to eliminate fleas naturally?

There are many chemicals intended to de-worm and prevent our dogs against fleas. But what if we don’t have access to them? What if we don’t want to use harmful chemicals?

Luckily, nature is wise and has made many natural remedies so we can fight fleas. In addition, these natural remedies are also valid for puppies, which are very prone to suffer from these annoying and dangerous parasites. Let’s see what our options are.

Homemade flea with lemon

Citrus fruits such as oranges, limes or lemon they have a very intense odor that repels fleas naturally. So we will use its essence to eliminate them. Remember that this intense smell is also very annoying for dogs, so we should not abuse it.

We have two options when using citrus as repellents. We can take a little lemon peel and rub it through our dog’s hair (except for the eye area). It is an excellent home remedy against fleas, as it will keep them away.

We can also make a lemon infusion, macerating a liter of water with the peels and juice of a lemon for a couple of days. Then we will use that water to spray the areas where the dog is, his bed, the sofa, the room in the house where he spends the most time, etc.

Vinegar-based home remedy

The smell of Apple vinager not nice for dogs either, but it is super effective to eliminate fleas. It is totally natural and very easy to use, for this, we will make a fifty percent mixture that we will use after the bath.

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In a container we will put a glass of water and one of apple cider vinegar and mix it. Then we will bathe our dog with soap and when we rinse the soap, we will pour on its body the mixture of water and vinegar, rubbing intensely and letting this mixture work for at least five minutes.

It is important to be careful that nothing falls into your eyes, as it could irritate them. After five minutes, we will rinse our dog with water to eliminate the remains of vinegar that may remain in his body.

Natural essences against fleas

This time we are not going to rub our dog with the shell of anything nor is it necessary to bathe it. But we’re going to create a all natural homemade flea pipette, without chemicals.

For this we will need a little of any of the following essential oils:

  • Margosa oil
  • Neem oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Peppermint Oil

We will use a couple of drops of each oil (or the ones that we have available) and we will mix them well, we can use a little water to mix them better if necessary. Then we will put about ten or fifteen drops of the preparation on a handkerchief, which we will tie to the neck of our dog (without squeezing, we just want the smell of the oils to stick to the dog).

In this way, fleas will stay away from our dog since these plants are natural repellents.

Yeast as a home remedy for fleas

Brewer’s yeast is an excellent homemade repellent to eliminate fleas, in addition we can use it in food or by means of a concoction to rub on the dog’s hair. If we opt for food, we should simply add a little to our dog’s daily food ration.

If we opt for the concoction, we must macerate the brewer’s yeast with water and then rub the hair of our dog with the resulting liquid. The odor that the dog will emit when eating yeast or rubbing its hair with the preparation will keep fleas away.

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Home remedy to eliminate fleas in puppies

Although the aforementioned remedies are very effective in removing fleas from our dogs, if we have a puppy we should use something softer, as they are very sensitive. This formula from chamomile serves as a home remedy for puppies flea.

The chamomile has many uses in dogs, but this time we will stick to fleas. We will make an infusion of chamomile and let it cool, so as not to burn our puppy.

Then we will bathe our puppy with the infusion of chamomile and let it act for five minutes, taking care that nothing falls into its eyes. Then we will rinse our dog with water and dry it.


How to remove fleas from home?

A single flea can lay up to eighty eggs in a single day. In addition, they hide pe
rfectly in any crack in the floor, wood, furniture … On our sofa, bed, blankets … Therefore, it is very important to prevent them from installing in our home, as they could cause a huge plague.

There are many home remedies to remove fleas from our home, which we have gathered here:

  • How to get rid of fleas at home

With the help of a little cedar bark, lemon and neem you can keep your home safe from these pesky parasites.

Precautions to consider

Not all dogs are the same and some may have some sensitivity to the aforementioned flea home remedies. If we appreciate that our dog has any strange symptoms or reactions, we should immediately withdraw the home remedy and consult our trusted vet.

So just as a precaution, it is interesting to observe our dog after applying any of the previously mentioned remedies.