Julius K9 Dog Harness Complete Test

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We are going to investigate the operation and quality of this new type of dog harness, so fashionable today, we are of course talking about the Julius K9 IDC. It is a harness that, unlike others, does not apply pressure to the dog’s neck.

Thanks to its simple but effective leash system, we will be able to control our dog without the harness applying pressure to suck its neck when jerking. The force of the harness is distributed between the chest and the front of the dog.

Since we did not want to talk about a product without having previously tested it, we have acquired a red Julius K9 for our great friend Beltxa, who has performed the fantastic tester functions. Here we leave you our most sincere evaluations.

Index of contents

  • 1 How is the quality of the Julius K9 IDC harness?
  • 2 How is the Julius K9 harness used?
  • 3 What benefits does the Julius K9 harness bring to my dog?
  • 4 What are the pros and cons of the Julius K9 dog harness?

How is the quality of the Julius K9 IDC harness?

It is a harness made with high quality materials, when taking it for the first time we can simply notice by touch that it is not a product made with bad raw materials.

The hardness of its straps, the thickness and resistance of the upper part, as well as the seams and finishes, show us that it is a product that has required many hours of work. A product that is well finished.

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Julius K9 side tie

So our opinions about the Julius K9 are quite good in this regard, it is not an economic harness within the wide range of dog harnesses available, but without a doubt it is the highest quality we have used so far, it is worth it.

This harness comes with reflective tapes on the front strap, very useful when we go for a walk with the dog at sunset or during the night. since they improve their visibility enormously, especially if there is danger from nearby cars.

How is the Julius K9 harness used?

Its placement is very simple, it will be enough to adjust the strap located in the front of the dog, in front of his chest and then adjust the strap that surrounds his chest, a strap that holds the dog by the bottom of his rib cage.

Once the leashes are adjusted, we simply have to release or join the closure with a simple click, every time we want to put the harness on or off our dog. To remove it or put it on, we will simply pass the dog’s head through the gap between the front strap and the harness, then tightening the chest strap closure.

It is actually the simplest harness we have tested so far, simple and practical at the same time. At the top, it has the metal buckle where we can anchor the strap, extendable or not. It also has a very resistant handle, in case we prefer to hold the dog manually.

Julius K9 IDC harness set

All the harness is made of high resistance polyester, so that even the strongest dog will not be able to break it by many pulls. So this harness can be used with a strap or simply by hand.

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What benefits does the Julius K9 harness bring to my dog?

The main benefit of this harness is its balance point, since it has the restraint on top and is attached to the dog by means of a front leash and another that surrounds its chest, it can be affirmed that the dog has been restrained from a point on the that it can be controlled without this, when pulling, under excessive pressure from the harness.

In simple words, it is a comfortable harness for both the dog and the owner. Another of its benefits is that its seams are strong and it is designing in polyester, which makes it a very resistant harness.

In addition, the part that sticks to its back, the thickest, is breathable along with waterproofing, it does not occur to us what else they could have done with this harness, it seems to us that it has many hours of work and dedication.

dog with harness julius k9

What are the pros and cons of the Julius K9 dog harness?

We will start by indicating that at a particular level we have loved it, it is a robust and resistant harness, just what you expect when you want to have your dog comfortably controlled, both for him and for you.

The pros of the Julius K9 are:

  • Perfect balance for the support of the dog
  • Pull force distribution between front and bottom strap
  • Very comfortable for both the dog and us
  • It has a handle, for manual fastening apart from the strap fastening
  • Reflective strip on the front for easy viewing in low light
  • Strong materials
  • Different measures to choose the most recommended to the size of our dog

    Julius K9 top

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The cons of the Julius K9 in our opinion are:

  • Price a little high compared to other harnesses (although we have to admit that it is of higher quality, so it is somewhat justified).
  • Rocking the harness in medium-small dogs
  • Touch in front armpits in medium-small dogs

For those who focus on the cons, indicate that in large dogs it is a harness that is perfectly attached. However in medium-small dogs like the one we have used, a very friendly sixteen kilos puppy, the harness tends to move to the sides.

When this happens, the dog does not walk comfortably because part of the harness brushes against the low side of its chest. If we try to adjust it more, the strap that is located under his chest ends up rubbing against the armpits of the front legs, causing chafing.

So if your dog is small, we recommend that you ask a friend for one before purchasing it, to verify that your puppy fits perfectly and is functional. If your dog is large (more than twenty kilos) you will have no problems as long as you choose the correct size.

Remember that we do not sell anything, we are not a store or have any relationship with the manufacturer. This is our personal opinion of the Julius K9 based on experience after use.