How to make repellent for cats – Homemade, cheap and very effective

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Those of us who have our dogs playing in the garden know how dangerous the presence of a cat can be, since they would go after them putting themselves in danger and putting other people in danger, when crossing highways or roads.

That is why we always use a homemade repellent for cats, in this way cats don’t come close and so the dogs are not endangered. The repellent is not a poison or anything that hurts the cat, it is only a natural product that smells very bad for them.

We will explain how to make a natural and effective repellent to keep cats away, without having to buy anything, using only products that we normally have at home.

Index of contents

  • 1 Vinegar and lemon based cat repellent
  • 2 How to repel cats with essential oils
  • 3 Why repel a cat from my home or garden?

Vinegar and lemon based cat repellent

Ingredients as natural and common in any home as white vinegar and lemon can help us make an excellent homemade cat repellent, which will help us a lot to drive cats away. This repellent will not harm cats, it will simply keep them away due to their smell.

It consists of squeezing one or two lemons in half a liter of water, to which we will add half a liter of white vinegar, obtaining as a result one liter of highly effective natural cat repellent.

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It will be enough to introduce the mixture in a sprayer, and spray the surroundings of our house and garden generously to prevent cats from prying. Also, if we put the lemon peels that we have used in the pots, their smell will make it even more effective.

Cats hate the smell of lemon and vinegar, so there’s nothing more effective in repelling them than bordering our home with that smell. And yes, during the first hour we can also smell the vinegar … but after a while the smell vanishes completely.

However, cats’ keen sense of smell will continue to appreciate vinegar and lemon for many days, so they will stay well away.

eucalyptus essential oil

How to repel cats with essential oils

If you do not like the idea of ​​using vinegar because you hate its smell, you can always use essential oils to make a preparation with a very pleasant smell for us humans, but very unpleasant for our feline friends cats.

For this you must buy lemon essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil, they are sold at very low prices in herbalists or online stores and with a small quantity we will have to make thousands of preparations.

We will add ten drops of eucalyptus oil and ten drops of lemon oil to half a liter of water. We will shake it well and with the help of the sprayer we will spray the solution around the contour of our house.

This peculiar smell, very pleasant for us, will be like an invisible barrier that prevents cats from entering our house or garden. It is a very effective repellent against cats and that is also natural, it does not poison them or cause them any harm.

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Why repel a cat from my home or garden?

Everyone has their own reasons, from the presence of dogs in our garden that can run to chase cats, to a simple allergy to cat hair. If someone does not want cats in their home these are the best options, since it does not harm them, it only keeps them away.

There are people who use poisons or harmful chemicals, remember that your dog or a child can also touch them and become intoxicated. Betting on harmless homemade repellents is without a doubt the best choice.

If you have already tried these repellents or know of a different one that is also effective, leave us your opinion or suggestions in the comments.