How to Make Ice Cream for Dogs Easily

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With the arrival of summer and high temperatures, it is completely normal to see our dog a little overheated, or quite depending on the area where we live. Leaving clean and fresh water always at your disposal is obviously mandatory, but … What if we also give you something tasty and refreshing to withstand the heat a little better? Yes, obviously we are referring to a good ice cream for dogs, simple to make and irresistible.

By browsing you can find a lot of recipes, some of them very complex and others somewhat tasteless. So to save you the trouble of having to go looking web by web in search of the best options, I leave you here summarized the best ice cream recipes that you can prepare for your dog.

Index of contents

  • 1 Can a dog eat ice cream?
  • 2 Homemade ice cream recipes for dogs
      • 2.0.1 Yogurt ice cream recipe
      • 2.0.2 Fruit ice cream recipe
      • 2.0.3 Cookie Ice Cream Recipe
      • 2.0.4 Chicken ice cream recipe

Can a dog eat ice cream?

How to power, obviously they can and not only that, but they also love it. But commercial ice creams, which are generally eaten by humans, are not healthy for our dogs (not really for us, either).

Many commercial ice creams can cause diarrhea, vomiting, or even excess glucose, since dogs do not have the sugar addition that humans have and commercial ice creams are chock full of sugars. Obviously if they eat a little bit, maybe nothing will happen, but it is not the healthiest for them.

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The best option is to make delicious ice creams for our dog ourselves, they are very easy to make and we can also take them ourselves. Remember that although a homemade ice cream is good for the dog, if you take it too quickly or in an excessive amount, it will feel very bad.

You must give it to him for what he licks and consumes little by little, if he swallows it whole…. Perhaps it would be better to make one with a larger shape to avoid it or simply give it to ourselves little by little. Remember to never put chopsticks or objects that could damage it inside the ice cream.

Dogs accustomed to the kong (toy) can also use the ice cream inside.

dog enjoying homemade ice cream

Homemade ice cream recipes for dogs

The base of all the recipes you can find is the yogurt suitable for dogs It must be a natural and unsweetened yogurt, that is, with the fewest number of additions possible. The more natural the yogurt, the better it will be for our dog.

Yogurt ice cream recipe

We can make a simple yogurt ice cream by putting the yogurt in the refrigerator / freezer / fridge…. and waiting for it to freeze. When it is frozen we will simply remove the wrapper and let our dog enjoy it.

Some people prefer not to give as much yogurt to their dog, either for its size or for whatever reason. We can mix a yogurt with half a glass of water and beat it manually or with the mixer until there is a more or less homogeneous liquid. We will put this liquid in containers to freeze, the size we want, and thus we will have at our disposal a lot of yogurt ice creams for our dog.

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Optionally you can also add a little cinnamon since it is very beneficial for dogs, it will also give a special smell and flavor to ice cream, irresistible for our puppy.

fruit ice cream for dogs

Fruit ice cream recipe

This recipe is exactly the same as the previous one, only we will add the fruit that our dog likes the most to make the ice cream even tastier. In addition to healthy, since certain types of fruit are very healthy for our dogs.

If you do not know what fruit to use, I recommend you read: Healthy fruits for a dog

Some examples of healthy fruits are:

  • Banana
  • Apple without the center / core / pips
  • Pear
  • Berries
  • Melon – Watermelon

The recipe is to add whole pieces of fruit to the ice cream, either yogurt or yogurt with water, before freezing it. In this way the fruit will be added to the ice cream and our dog will be happier even if it fits.

If we do not want to use whole pieces of fruit, we can beat them together with the yogurt or yogurt with water and freeze the resulting liquid, which obviously will have a great fruit flavor and all its nutritional properties.

dog eating ice cream with cookies

Cookie Ice Cream Recipe

This is without a doubt the most intuitive recipe of all, we will simply add cookies to the yogurt before freezing it, or we will beat them with the yogurt if we do not want them to remain in pieces. The biscuits can be dog biscuits or natural biscuits, always avoiding giving them industrial biscuits full of sugars and / or preservatives.

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Chicken ice cream recipe

This time we are not going to use a yogurt for the recipe, since just a little chicken broth will be enough, with or without cooked chicken pieces. Remember that if you add chicken, it should be just meat, never give your dog cooked bones.

The recipe for this ice cream for dogs is very simple, we cook chicken meat (breast, thigh, whatever we want) with a little water, without adding salt or any other ingredient. When a delicious chicken-flavored broth has been created and cooled, we can put it in containers to freeze.

If we prefer, we can also add pieces of chicken meat along with the broth, to freeze everything together later. It is undoubtedly a very appetizing ice cream for a dog, and who says chicken … says veal, rabbit or your dog’s favorite meat.