What to do if my dog ​​dies? Tips and steps to follow

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old dog

Unfortunately our beloved dogs have a lower life expectancy than ours, so at some point in our lives we will see him die, much to our regret.

If your puppy is dead, first accept our deepest condolences. We explain what you can or should do in this situation.

Index of contents

  • 1 Talk to your vet
  • 2 Can I bury my dog?
  • 3 Dog cemetery
  • 4 What do I do if my dog ​​has died indoors?

Talk to your vet

Veterinarians have collection services for dead animals, which will be incinerated to prevent them from ending up causing disease or being eaten by other animals.

The price is not high and they will help you carry his death in the best possible way. You can also request a private cremation and take your ashes home or spread them around your favorite place.

old dog

Can I bury my dog?

It depends a lot on your country, in Spain for example it is not possible to bury a dog on our own, it is penalized with large fines. However, who is going to find out?

The problem with burying a dog is that other animals dig to dig it up and probably eat some of its remains. It can also be a health problem of sanitation … so our advice is that you choose the first option, incineration.

If in your country it is allowed to bury animals without veterinary control, try to make a nice wooden box to deposit their remains there and bury it deep enough to prevent other animals from digging it up.

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Dog cemetery

Just as there are cemeteries to rest the remains of our loved ones in peace, there are also cemeteries for pets. Where can we buy or rent a tombstone or niche for our dear dog.

Remember that these types of cemeteries are supervised so they are completely legal and also safe. There you will find all kinds of pets, from birds to turtles and / or cats and dogs.

dead dog

What do I do if my dog ​​has died indoors?

The normal thing is precisely that they die inside the home, where they have lived and where they feel safe to leave this life. Just make sure he is dead, take his heart rate, his temperature, etc …

Some diseases can make our dog appear dead, but is alive actually (It is recommended that a veterinaryn certify death).

Wrap your dog in a blanket and take him to a vet so that he can manage his remains.

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