How to Educate a Puppy – Complete Beginner’s Guide

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If the time has come to expand your family with a new furry four-legged companion, let me advise you on how to educate your puppy so that coexistence is perfect.

In this simple but complete guide you will learn to teach how to relieve himself outside the home, sleep without crying, learn to walk and the basic care that every puppy needs.

Take it easy, I will not sell you any course or need to register anywhere, just spend your next five minutes with me and memorize these super effective practical tips.

Index of contents

  • 1 Very important
  • 2 How to educate a puppy to relieve itself outside the home
    • 2.1 Practical example
  • 3 How to educate a puppy to learn to walk on a leash
      • 3.0.1 Practical example
  • 4 How to Educate a Puppy to Sleep Without Crying
    • 4.1 Practical example
  • 5 How to educate a puppy to know how to stay home alone
    • 5.1 Practical tips
  • 6 How to educate a puppy not to bite
  • 7 How to Educate a Puppy to Eat Properly
  • 8 How to take care of our puppy to make him happy

Very important

Remember that a puppy is like a baby, even if you think he should be smart and obey, in reality he will only want to eat, play and sleep. So be very patient and never get mad at him if he doesn’t obey you.

All dogs are puppies until they are fourteen – sixteen months old, where they are already considered young dogs. Until the five or six months of life, it is totally normal that they ignore you.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start teaching them how to behave. Some begin to learn at three months and others at six. Be that as it may, remember that will be your best friend, treat it as such.

And if you do not have a puppy yet but you are thinking of having one, remember that there are thousands waiting to be adopted in the multiple animal protectors located throughout the country.

How to educate a puppy to relieve itself outside the home

Teaching our puppy to relieve himself outside the home is very simple, but we must be patient because it is not something they learn in a week or two.

Once our puppy has his vaccines on (you can see here what they are: Dog vaccination schedule) We can leave the house to walk with him and teach him how to pee and poop outside the home.

Some dogs learn to do their things outside the house with four months and others with six months … each dog is a world, and each case is different, so time may vary slightly.

Teaching them is really simple: When your dog pees or poops at home you should not scold him, look at him badly or get angry (they notice it). You just have to clean the dirt and continue with your daily routine.

congratulating a dog

When you go for a walk and pee or poop on the street, when you finish you should congratulate him a lot, pet him and give him a prize (a dog treat, a piece of sausage, whatever you want).

In this way, your puppy will associate peeing and pooping outside the home with something positive that has a prize and in a short time, he will stop doing his things indoors.

Super tip: Dogs are animals of habits and routines, if you get them used to always going out at the same times, they will learn much faster to control themselves and do their little things outside the home.

Practical example

Schedule four or five trips a day of at least fifteen minutes (morning, noon, afternoon and night), always at the same times so that you get used to it.

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Every time he does his things away from home, congratulate him “Good dog” – “Very good Tobby” and pet him a little while you give him his prize. This technique is called “positive reinforcement” and is the one that has shown the best results.

The trick is to respect the departure times and always give him a prize, in a few weeks he will learn completely.

How to educate a puppy to learn to walk on a leash

No puppy likes a collar, much less a leash. It is as if you limited their freedom, something very understandable. Unfortunately, dogs cannot go loose on the street, because they can escape and be damaged by a vehicle or even escape and get lost.

It is very important that you start your socialization as soon as possible, usually once you have been vaccinated (at three months). Thanks to socialization it will be a tolerant dog with other dogs and humans, it is a really important process. You can get in-depth information from:

  • Tips for properly socializing a dog.

Put the collar on your puppy, not too tight, you should be able to put two fingers between the collar and his neck without being squeezed. Keep in mind that your dog will grow very fast, so watch that the collar never tightens, you must expand it every so often.

It is best to always leave the necklace on, both on the street and at home, until you are an adult and used to it. In this way you will soon get used to wearing the necklace and will not constantly try to remove it.

Before leaving the house put the strap on, I recommend that you use a short strap, not more than two meters and that is not extensible. We must teach our puppy to walk, not to be on his own with an excessively long leash.

Open the door of the house and go out first, then your dog must come out but always when you tell him to, get him used to leaving with an order like “come on” or “come out”.

puppy playing on the street

During the walk be patient with him, the puppies walk much slower than you and also they do not like to walk … they just want to run and sniff things.

I recommend that you go to a park or place where you can let him go and let him run and play, let him vent, get tired and enjoy life. When you are tired, before going home, it will be the perfect time to take a walk with him a little quietly.

You have to get him used to walking next to you or behind you, never let him walk past you, pulling. That is as if you were telling him that he is the boss, that he is the leader of the boss, something you should not believe. If he starts walking in front of you, you must correct him.

When you return home, enter first and then tell him to enter with an order like “come on” or “enter.
” It is very important that you are always you the first to enter and leave the house If you use them from puppies for them, it will be common.

Practical example

Take your puppy to a dog park so he can interact and play with other dogs. When he is tired, you can teach him to walk on the way back home.

Just let him walk next to you, if he stops to smell something, for you too and give him time to sniff. If he is in front of you, stop and pull the strap a little so that it is next to you or behind.

Trick:Some puppies refuse to walk beside us, I always try to go ahead. If you keep a prize in hand (so that he can see and smell it), he will walk with you the whole way. In no time, you will learn not to be in front

How to Educate a Puppy to Sleep Without Crying

The first thing you should do is think about whether your puppy is going to sleep in the room where you sleep or in another room, such as the living room – dining room or the kitchen.

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You must put a bed in the chosen place so that he sleeps at night and another where you usually spend the day, for example you can put a bed in your room if he will always sleep there and another in the living room, which is where you spend the most time ( and he with you).

So he can nap whenever he wants without having to go to another part of the house, when they are so young, they always want to be with you and often they will be sleeping.

Never get your dog used to sleeping with you and then, after a few months, send him to another part of the house, because he will think he has done something wrong and it is a punishment. So it is better decide the final location where you will always sleep at night.

If his final sleeping location is not your room, for example the kitchen, you will see that the first nights, when you leave him alone to sleep … he will start crying.

sleeping puppy

It is completely normal and you should never give in and visit him to calm him down, because then he will realize that when he cries you go. This way he will never learn to sleep alone, however, if you ignore him the first few nights, all the rest will sleep peacefully and without crying, he just needs to get used to it.

Of course, prepare a comfortable and cozy bed where you can sleep comfortably and always provide fresh, clean water.

If you don’t have a bed for your puppy, leave him a folded blanket so he can sleep on top of it, so he never does on the cold, hard ground.

Practical example

When bedtime comes take him for a little walk to make his last pee, prepare a bag of warm water and leave it on his bed next to him, so that he sleeps more peacefully.

If your puppy tends to cry, you can learn many more tricks to keep him from crying at night from:

  • How to prevent a puppy from crying at night

How to educate a puppy to know how to stay home alone

Although all puppies are cute .. they can also be super destructive if left alone they feel abandoned or anxious, biting into anything they find.

That is why it is very important to teach them to be alone as puppies, so that when they are adults, they do not destroy our house when we are not.

For this we must carry out a progressive training, very simple and practical. We will leave our dog in a quiet place in the home, where he has a bed and water at his disposal (a lit place).

We will leave the house for five minutes and we will return, we will greet him and we will be home with him for a while. We will repeat this exercise three or four times a day.

As the days go by, we will lengthen the time we spend away from home, from five minutes to ten, and a few weeks to fifteen, etc … With this we will be able to work on your patience.

Practical tips

Most puppies learn to be left alone after a few training sessions, but if yours is an exception… you can always entertain him with some interactive toy like a Kong (with food inside).

You can also leave the TV or radio on, so you can hear people talking and feel calmer. It may sound silly, but it is really effective.

How to educate a puppy not to bite

All puppies feel the need to bite things, furniture, slippers (they love them), cables, sofas and even ourselves.

It is totally normal, especially when they are moving the baby teeth for their final teeth, since it causes a lot of itching and pain.

When our puppy bites into something he shouldn’t, including ourselves, we should get his attention. A “No!” or a “Shhhh!” tall and flat should be enough. Then, we will take one of his toys and put it in his mouth to bite him.

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The goal is for him to learn that he cannot bite what he wants, except for his toys, which he can bite whenever he wants. In this way you will quickly learn to respect the furniture of our home and ourselves.

If the correction is not enough, we can apply the bite technique, gently since it is very small, you can learn it here:

  • How to correct a dog

How to Educate a Puppy to Eat Properly

The little puppies are very gluttonous, they always want to eat and if you leave them, they will eat the whole bag of food.

The first thing you should know is the daily amount of food you should give him, which varies depending on his size and weight. If you give commercial dog food, on the back of the bag you will see the appropriate dose. If you give natural food how BARF diet You must give him the equivalent of ten percent of his weight, so that if he weighs 3 kilos, we will give him 300gr throughout the day.

Dogs are animals of habit, so you should feed them every day at the same hours. And I speak in the plural because the puppies need to eat three or four times a day, so if we have to give them 300 grams, we will give them three doses of 100 grams or four doses of 75 grams.

Put a bowl of food near where the water is, in case he is thirsty while eating. Accustom him from puppy to that you you can put your hand in their food whenever you want, even take it off, without him getting mad. It may be that the first days that you take away the food in the middle of the job, he will get a little angry, but he will get used to it soon.

This does not mean that every day you must take away the food, but that you must teach that you, as the owner, can put your hand in his bowl while he eats or remove the food without him complaining.

If your dog eats excessively fast, we must teach him to take it easy. There are some fantastic feeders, with lumps inside, that make it difficult for the dog to eat quickly, forcing it in a way to eat more slowly, something very positive.

Very important: Our puppy should not exercise before or after meals or he could suffer gastric torsion.

happy puppy

How to take care of our puppy to make him happy

Puppies are puppies, they just want to play and discover the world. Do not insist on training or educating them, let them grow and give them a simple guideline like the ones we have mentioned in this article.

To begin training a dog, you must wait at least six months to live, it is more advisable to let it turn one year before starting the training.

Dogs live day by day, every day they will want to go for a walk, play, greet other dogs, sleep…. Enjoy those moments with them, give them a lot of affection and congratulate them with enthusiasm whenever they do something right. When they do something wrong, a simple “no!” It is more than enough.

Be responsible with your puppy, he will need vaccinations and a medical card for when he gets sick. Contact a veterinaryn near your home and have your dog always up to date. A good diet, a correct education, daily exercise and a lot of love it’s the only thing a dog needs to be happy.

And remember, under no circumstances should you hit or mistreat your dog. They have a very good memory and will always remember it, and you can also create fears and traumas that are very difficult to correct. Be kind to your puppy and above all, respectful.

Having a dog is not just having a pet, having a dog is expanding your family and he will be one of the most important parts, because he will always need your care and company, do not disappoint him, a dog is for life.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I will gladly help you solve them.