Characteristics of the Toy Poodle, care and photos of the breed

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mini poodle running

The Toy Poodle, also called Poodle Mini or Poodle Toy, is the smallest variety of poodle that exists. It is an adorable looking dog and, although small in size, giant in elegance and intelligence.

The tiny mini Poodle is the perfect companion for any family thanks to its friendly character and small physical characteristics, which make it very versatile.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Character and behavior of the Toy Poodle
  • 2 Physical characteristics of the Mini Poodle
  • 3 Toy Poodle Haircut
  • 4 Education, training and care

Character and behavior of the Toy Poodle

When it comes to poodles, size does matter: the character of these dogs differs greatly according to their size and in the case of the Mini Poodle it is revealed in a curious, loyal and affectionate temperament, with a level of activity so high that sometimes it can be get confused with anxiety.

Owning a Toy Poodle involves paying constant attention to it. In fact, the dog will suffer if we do not spend time or share games and activities with it. He has a really bad time when he’s home alone. Sometimes this need for attention makes the little Toy a demanding and tyrannical dog, that’s why a good education is so important since he is a puppy.

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As it is a breed of dog with such developed intelligence and a great desire to please and please, the Toy Poodle usually achieves outstanding results in various kinds of dog competition.

His intelligence is also translated into an insatiable curiosity and an enormous adaptability: the Toy Poodle can live in any type of house, live with other dogs without conflicts and go for a walk anywhere, including long trips. His playful and active temperament dazzles both adults and children in the house.

It should also be noted that, despite its size, the Toy is a good watchdog that will announce the presence of strangers at home with its barking.

mini poodle running

Physical characteristics of the Mini Poodle

The dimensions of the smallest of the poodle family are very modest: one alture to the cross of less than 28 cm and an approximate weight of 4.5 kg. Size very distant from its counterpart the Giant poodle.

Of course, his body keeps correct proportions and always exhibits a stately and proud aspect, with extremities that are strong and muscular. The head is covered with a fur pompom called a toupee. Its ears are long and hairy, its snout is fine and its eyes, dark brown or black, stand out for their great expressiveness.

The hair of the Poodle Toy consists of two layers: an outer layer, thick and curly, and an inner layer, soft and fleecy. Both layers develop as the dog reaches adulthood, puppies have only a single soft, fine coat, devoid of the typical poodle curls and ripples.

The color variety of the hair of the Toy Poodle is very wide: black, white, brown, cream, apricot … Generally the color is darker when it is a puppy and lightens as the dog grows.

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Toy Poodle Haircut

The Toy Poodle does not shed hair, as it keeps growing throughout the dog’s life, exactly as it happens to humans. This implies that we must cut it regularly, and that forces us to require the services of a dog groomer.

There is a whole universe around the poodle haircut, especially in the area of ​​dog shows. Three of the most popular styles include: the continental cut, the English cut and the lion cut.

The continental consists of letting the hair grow on the chest and sides, shaving the hindquarters and legs, building large pompoms at the ankles and hips; the English style, also called “English chair”.

It is achieved by shaving the hindquarters and letting the hair of the rest of the body grow free; Finally, the lion cut leaves the extremities bare, with a rounded pom-pom at the end of each of the legs, tail, head and chest. This is the most common cut in competitions and exhibitions.

There is also a very simple type of cut known as a “puppy cut” in which only the dog’s face, tail base, and paws are shaved.

toy poodle

Education, training and care

The Toy Poodle is a very intelligent dog that is always ready to please its owner, so its training is quite simple. With him enormous progress is achieved in a very short time.

Like all breeds, the Toy Poodle also needs to be socialized at an early age to avoid behavioral problems when it reaches adulthood.

It is a very long-lived dog (it can live to be over 18 years old) and, although it is generally in good health, it tends to suffer from a series of recurring ailments and disorders, especially eye diseases.

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This active little dog needs constant physical and mental exercise in order to burn off his energy and feel happy. We should go for short walks with him three or four times a day and spend time playing with him at home.

The correct care of the Toy’s hair is very demanding and complicated, so it should be taken regularly to a professional hairdresser. At home we can take care of brushing it daily and learning to trim the hair on the face and legs.