Why is my dog ​​chasing cats?

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dog and cat

The vast majority of dogs seem to go crazy when they see a cat on the street, they run after them to hunt them down and many times, face a life and death fight where it is normally the cat that loses.

This is not strange behavior, it is simply a primary instinct that dogs have, the hunter instinct. Surely if they see a rabbit or free running through the field, they will also run behind.

However, dogs that have lived with cats since puppies do not develop this instinct so abruptly and wildly. Can we do something to prevent our dog from chasing cats? Let’s see it.

Index of contents

  • 1 How to prevent a dog from chasing cats
  • 2 How to get a dog to live with cats and other animals?
  • 3 Is it dangerous for my dog ​​to chase cats?

How to prevent a dog from chasing cats

The hunting instinct of dogs is so strong that when they see a cat in front of them they cannot help but run off in search and hunting. No matter how many times we call them, they will stop hearing everything by focusing solely on the cat.

We cannot eliminate the hunting instinct of a dog, however we can strengthen its education so that it listens to us and stops. Another alternative is to use distraction techniques, which are also very effective.

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To strengthen our dog’s obedience we must practice obedience exercises daily. We will ask our dog to sit down and if he does, we will give him a prize (a dog biscuit, chuche, etc …).

As the days go by, we will do the same but moving away from him, so that he stays sitting waiting for us to return or to call him. Obviously we will just start walking away a little bit and then we will come back or call you to give you your prize.

dog chasing a cat

With time and practice, we will gradually move away. In this way our dog will learn to obey and trust us. It will come in handy when you run after a cat, as we are much more likely to listen to you and stop.

The distraction technique consists of keeping the food in the hand while we let it smell it a little, and try to eat it but without success. The dog will be so focused on the food in our hands that it will not pay attention to any cat that crosses its path.

How to get a dog to live with cats and other animals?

There are training techniques for these cases but they are somewhat complex and the best advice we can offer is to go to a professional trainer. However, if our dog is a puppy, we can make him live with cats.

It will be enough to get him used as a puppy to live with them, letting both sniff and play. If the cat does not want friends, it will be enough to teach our puppy to respect the cat.

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It is scientifically proven that dogs that live with other animals from puppies are more respectful and tolerant, developing much less their primary hunting instinct.

Is it dangerous for my dog ​​to chase cats?

Yes, it is really dangerous for your dog to chase a cat and not only for him or for the cat, but for everyone who crosses his path. When a dog chases a cat it loses common sense….

dog fighting with cat

Cross roads full of cars or jump over other people, causing accidents. Also if the dog catches the cat, it can obviously bite it.

Although that is not all, the cat will try to defend itself with its claws, causing serious scratches to the dog that can end up causing loss of sight if it reaches the eyes or creating serious infections.

There is nothing more dangerous than a dog out of control and when it comes to cats, most lose control completely. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your dog just wants to play.