Why does my dog ​​sit on my feet?

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As with many canine behaviors that are difficult for a human to understand, such as the habit of marking, the fact that your dog sits on your feet can have a variety of meanings.

This curious and habitual custom is common in many dogs, regardless of whether they are small or large. But is it a demonstration of love? Do they do it simply for comfort? Or perhaps it is due to dominance towards its owner?

It is very important that we know the reasons for this behavior and detect what really happens to our furry. If you have ever wondered why does my dog ​​sit on my feet? this is your chance to find out.

Index of contents

  • 1 What does it mean that my dog ​​sits on my feet?
    • 1.1 To express support
    • 1.2 Separation anxiety
    • 1.3 Possessive behavior
    • 1.4 To feel safe
    • 1.5 Because you just like him
  • 2 False beliefs: Demonstration of dominance
  • 3 When to consult a specialist?

What does it mean that my dog ​​sits on my feet?

It is common to see that our dogs rest on our feet when we lie on the couch, and if we are not present, many times they even sit in a shoe. Even sitting, there are many times when they sit on our feet. However, we almost never understand why they do this.

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The truth is that there is no specific cause to which we can attribute this fact. The body language of the dogs is varied and complex. The same act can have a wide variety of meanings according to the context and character of the individual.

Thus, there are several theories to explain this curiosity. So we will have to analyze other aspects of the behavior of the dog to know what type of habit it is and if it should be corrected. These are some of the most common reasons.

To express support

Dogs are capable of perceiving our emotions. Although they do not speak our language, they understand our non-verbal language, such as looks, gestures and expressions. So they try to give us love and comfort us when they see that we are sad or feel bad.

If your dog sits next to your feet in difficult times for you, it is probably because try to support you and show his love for you to make you feel better. Dogs have always been said to be true to their owners, through thick and thin.

Separation anxiety

However, the fact that your dog sits on you doesn’t always have to be a good thing. Often, after being left alone, the dog feels sad and abandoned, experiencing separation anxiety.

When he returned home, and after missing his human, the dog find comfort in our feet. You need to be in constant contact with its owner and it will follow you wherever you go, constantly attracting your attention.

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Possessive behavior

Although the aspect of dominance is a false myth, what can happen is that the canine has a possessive behavior towards the owner. This resource protection issue can be seen when the dog reacts negatively when someone approaches you.

By sitting on you, your dog “marks” its territory leaving its characteristic smell. Thus, inform the rest of the dogs that you are their property. This jealous attitude is especially common in homes where several pets live together or a new family member arrives.

To feel safe

In insecure and fearful dogs, puppies or newly adopted dogs, simply feeling next to your human either on their feet or in their arms will give them confidence. Many times they feel so safe and comfortable that they fall asleep on the owner’s feet.

Also, a less problematic cause would be for the dog to seek the comfort it felt when sleeping with its siblings. The puppies all sleep together, one on top and the other under, so they feel warm, accompanied and safe.

Because you just like him

The last of our causes is also the most logical and simple. The dog simply likes to curl up and be close to its owner. In this case, allowing your dog to do that will comfort your relationship, since the dog only seeks to give and receive warmth, love and comfort.

False beliefs: Demonstration of dominance

As in almost everything related to canine languagethere are some false myths that have spread and been taken as true. We are specifically talking about the supposed demonstration of dominance that your dog exercises over you when he sits or lies on your feet.

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This theory is completely false since dominance occurs exclusively between subjects of the same species. There is no dominance relationship between the dog and its owner. However, this common mistake causes serious mistakes in the education of dogs.

Likewise, dominance is not linked to aggressiveness. Personality traits or, in this case, a behavior problem such as aggressiveness, are not associated with dominance, since dominance is a type of interaction between two or more dogs.

Using forced or aggressive methods with your dog to solve the supposed problem of dominance by lying on you is a mistake. You will harm the dog-human bond You will suppress possibly healthy behavior and cause stress, anxiety and fear.

When to consult a specialist?

Both if you notice that your dog shows symptoms of separation anxiety, such as crying, barking and destructive behaviors; possessive behavior towards you or your things; or insecure personality with hyperapego and fears, you must find a solution.

Discuss the problem with a veterinary expert in canine ethology to help you find an origin, causes and a specific treatment to solve the basic problem, since the fact that your dog lies on your feet will only be a reflection of the true trouble.