How to calm a dog afraid of storms

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dog and storm

Actually about a third of dogs are afraid of storms, noise of rain, thunder or even the flash of lightning, it is something that happens due to various factors such as their great hearing or insecurities not worked on a psychological level .

Calming a dog with a storm phobia is not complicated, however it is something that we must do so that little by little, the fear subsides and ends up getting used to loud noises like that of thunder.

This same technique to calm your dog will also help you if you are afraid of pyrotechnics, since the sound of firecrackers can be very similar to that of thunder. We explain the steps you must follow to calm your dog and learn not to panic.

Index of contents

  • 1 Steps to calm a dog with a storm phobia
    • 1.1 1. Let your dog hide wherever he wants
    • 1.2 2. Remain calm and keep her company
    • 1.3 3. Try to play with him
    • 1.4 4. Be insistent, don’t give up
      • 1.4.1 Conclusions

Steps to calm a dog with a storm phobia

The phobia of thunder, lightning, lightning, rain or storms in general is called Brontophobia and is much more common than we imagine, not only in dogs … also in humans, mainly children.

The loud, intense or constant noise that causes our dog to hide his tail between his legs and find a refuge to hide in, in his bed, under our bed, behind the sofa…. Each dog has its favorite hiding place somewhere in the house.

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dog hidden under the bed

It should be noted that perhaps our dog does not have a phobia of thunder but if he is afraid of rain, the sound of the drops hitting the window or the windowsill may be more than enough to scare him.

By following these tips you will be able to eliminate your dog’s fear with storms and also with firecrackers, pyrotechnics.

1. Let your dog hide wherever he wants

Do not try to force him to stay next to you or in a room where he does not want to be, if your dog wants to hide under the bed (for example) let him do it. He feels safe there, don’t make the mistake of taking away that feeling of security.

When a storm comes and the dog is afraid, needs to protect himself, or he will go into a state of panic, which can lead him to bark incessantly or even to show some inappropriate behavior, even biting.

Remember to close windows and even blinds to minimize the noise of rain and thunder, the less intense it is the easier we can calm our dog.

2. Remain calm and keep her company

If you are nervous your dog will detect it and will be even more nervous, if you are angry he will also notice it and will think that you are angry with him, making him even more nervous. Your calm is essential so that he doesn’t get any more upset.

If your dog has hidden under the bed, stand next to the bed and sit on the floor so that I can see you and know that you are there. Do nothing, just stay there calmly, you can hum or sing something quiet to feel comfortable and your dog detects your tranquility.

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If the dog is accessible, pet it occasionally but without paying too much attention. The objective of this second step is to transmit calm, tranquility and calm. Don’t fall into the mistake of scolding your dog, yelling at him, or being upset.

dog under the bed with toys

3. Try to play with him

Your dog is scared under the bed because of the noise of the storm, but calm because you are there with him. When it’s been a while, say, about twenty or thirty minutes, try stroking or pampering yourself, make him comfortable.

If he doesn’t quit due to his storm phobia, tries to trick him with his favorite toy or even some special dog bone, food always works to distract them. Don’t force him out of hiding, just try to distract him.

The objective of this is for the dog to focus its attention on you, the game or food, and in this way the storm and the noise of the rain or thunder come second in its mind. If it is not accessible, you can try to get yourself under the bed, with it.

4. Be insistent, don’t give up

Chances are, you won’t be able to take your dog’s fear of storms away with a simple therapy session, following our advice. But with insistence and patience, in a short time you will see how your dog reduces his panic.

The trick is in perseverance, apply this technique whenever your dog is scared by the noise of firecrackers, rockets, storms or any other cause that causes phobia and fear.

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The big step will be when your dog decides to come out of his hiding place to focus on you, that’s when you will see that he is really overcoming his fear. To do this, never leave him alone when there is a storm or loud noises, perform this therapy always and in a few months your dog will have overcome his fears.


It is the loud or continuous noise that produces this fear in dogs, it can be thunder or a firecracker, if the noise is loud our dog will react seeking refuge. These types of phobias never heal on their own. If you cannot help your dog by following the advice given, it is better to go to a canine ethologist, he will be able to do it.

If the storm catches on the street, just find a place where you won’t get wet and put your dog next to you. Give him caresses and try to distract his attention with a stick or toy, the important thing is not to let fear take over all your attention.