How much do the classes of a dog trainer cost?

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You want we are lucky to have experience in dog education we can train our dog in basic behavior without the need to hire a professional in training.

But if our dog begins to show more serious behavior problems, no matter our experience, we will always have to go to a professional trainer to help us solve them.

The price of a dog trainer’s classes varies depending on what must be taught or corrected in our dog, so there is no standard fixed fee. However we can guide you on what is the usual rate for these cases.

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  • 1 Each type of work has a price: Rates
  • 2 How do you know if you are a good dog trainer?
  • 3 Why don’t trainers expose their rates at a general level?

Each type of work has a price: Rates

We must understand that it is not the same to teach a dog basic orders how to sit, lie down, not tug on the leash, etc … What to correct behavior problems such as aggressiveness, destructiveness, anxiety, etc … Much more complex is teaching defense exercises, so each type of job has its own price.

On the other hand, not all dogs are equally intelligent or obedient when it comes to learning. It can take ten sessions for my dog ​​to learn not to pull the leash, while yours may only take five.

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In Spain a dog trainer Professional and graduates charge an average of between thirty and sixty Euros per session, slightly less if it is a medium / long-term training therapy.

And each dog will need an average of ten sessions to learn basic commands, twenty to thirty sessions to treat behavior problems, and a few more to teach self-defense.

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How do you know if you are a good dog trainer?

There are hundreds of people who say they are trainers simply because they have some experience treating dogs, but do not be fooled, we should not trust this type of trainers.

A professional trainer is one who is certified by the Spanish cynological institute of the national association of Spanish dog trainers, accredited by ANACP

For other countries, it will be necessary to consult the different accreditations in force since they generally extend nationwide.

Knowing that our handler is properly certified, we can be sure that he is a real professional who can help us with behavior problems with our dog.

Why don’t trainers expose their rates at a general level?

Because it is not the same to teach a dog of fifteen kilos to sit down as to a dog of sixty kilos to control its aggressiveness. Each dog is different and each problem requires spending more or less time on the dog.

That is why professional trainers do not expose their rates, because they are not fixed and therefore they do not want to confuse the people they consult. They always make personalized budgets based on your needs.

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If you find a trainer who gives you a price without knowing what type of dog it is, what you want to teach or correct or what its character is … be wary.