How to teach a dog to paw

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dog giving the paw

Surely you have seen on more than one occasion a dog giving the paw to its human (owner is very ugly), and you liked how he did it. It is actually a very simple exercise and we can all teach it to a four-legged partner.

Although we must remember that before carrying out any exercise of education / training, our dog must have gone for a walk, to relieve himself and let off steam playing. It is very important that our dog is calm and does not have distractions around him, such as noise, children playing or dogs walking.

To begin this exercise, our dog must have previously learned how to sit at our command.

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  • 1 How to teach a dog to paw in 2 steps
    • 1.1 The steps to follow are those:
  • 2 How to teach a puppy to paw in 3 steps
    • 2.1 The steps to follow are those:

How to teach a dog to paw in 2 steps

There are many ways to teach a dog to paw, some are more effective and others more complex, but all perform their function, which is to teach our dog to paw. With a little patience and some prizes, we will achieve it in no time.

We are going to need a place where we can practice with our dog without distractions and a few prizes. You can see which are the best in my opinion, here: Dog biscuits as prizes.

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The steps to follow are those:

  • We will give you the order to sit down and when you do, we will give you an award and congratulations.
  • We will catch his paw with our hand and being careful not to hurt him, while we give him the order “Give me the little leg”, and we will give him a prize and congratulate him.
  • We will repeat the previous steps many times until our dog gives us the paw without having to take it by hand.

How we know that an image is worth a thousand words, we leave you this video of a very funny dog named Greta, where it is explained step by step.

A good option to the prizes can be toys, as shown in the video. Everyone should assess which method to choose so that their dog pays more attention, since they sometimes prefer prizes and other toys.

How to teach a puppy to paw in 3 steps

With puppies we must have even more patience, I even recommend not teaching them any tricks until they are at least five or six months old. There are people who try to teach a 2-month-old puppy to make a thousand watermarks and that is not healthy, nor natural.

If our dog is more than five months old and we want to teach him how to paw, we can try it with the steps that we have previously mentioned or we can follow these new steps. Let’s say that they are a little more intuitive so that our puppy can understand that he must give the paw.

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The steps to follow are those:

  • We will put a few prizes in our hands and let our puppy smell them.
  • We will close the fist with the prizes inside and we will place it about ten centimeters from his nose, even at a height that he can access with his little leg.
  • He will smell the prize and put his paw on your fist to try to get hold of it. When you put the little leg in your fist, give him a prize and congratulate him.
  • Repeat this exercise a few times every day, without straining the puppy. We should not spend more than fifteen minutes a day.

puppy giving hand

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