How is a Beagle Harrier? Race file

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These dogs are friendly, energetic and with a great capacity for work, making them ideal for active people and families who enjoy walks outdoors. Despite their qualities as companion dogs, their sportsmanship, and their guardian skills, Beagle Harriers are a fairly unknown breed.

Let’s see in detail which are its virtues and what care we must give it so that it grows healthy, strong and happy. Thinking of adopting a Beagle Harrier? Then this will interest you a lot.

Index of contents

  • 1 Characteristics of the Beagle Harrier breed
  • 2 What is the character of a Beagle Harrier?
  • 3 Care required by a copy of this breed
  • 4 History of the Beagle Harrier
  • 5 Curiosities of Beagle Harrier dogs

Characteristics of the Beagle Harrier breed

The specimens of this breed are medium in size, with large bones and a muscular body structure, which does not interfere with their innate agility. They have a long and resistant neck, while the back is short and usually presents a slight drop towards the hindquarters. The legs are straight and well developed.

The skull is proportionate, with harmonious features and a sensitive expression when the dog is at rest. The muzzle is moderately long, with a well-developed truffle. The eyes are well apart from each other, with colors ranging from hazelnut – dark to yellow, but always matching the cloak. The ears are low insertion and fold forward framing the face.

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The coat is hard to the touch and shiny in appearance, although the hair on the ears is usually finer and silkier. The lower part of the tail, which they usually wear upright when they are in motion, presents a characteristic plumage of the breed. There are a wide variety of shades of fur, although the most popular are the tricolor combination of white, black and tan or red and white.


Height of between 48 and 53 cm in males and females


Weight between 20 and 27 kg in males and females


Short, dense and shiny hair


Friendly, energetic, gentle character with people and with other dogs


Strong health


Estimated life expectancy between 12 and 15 years



What is the character of a Beagle Harrier?

Although they enjoy being with their family very much, these dogs will not be constantly seeking your attention and can entertain themselves. Get along well with all household members, including children. However, you should always be vigilant when playing together.

Being raised to work in a pack they are very sociable with people and with other dogs, whatever race they are. With respect to smaller animals, it is necessary to watch closely, because they could see them as prey.

These dogs are extremely vocal and enjoy howling. They are usually good alert dogs, because they will warn you with a loud bark when guests arrive. However, don’t expect them to intimidate thieves, as they are too friendly.

They can be in a house well protected from the cold and heat in the patio. However, have an innate tendency to dig, so you must ensure that there is no possibility of their escaping.

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On the other hand, the Beagle Harriers are quite stubborn, with an independent character and with their own ideas about what is right or wrong. They need firm training from an experienced instructor. Above all, it is recommended to insist on obedience exercises. Mental challenges and adequate positive reinforcement is the perfect combination.


Care required by a copy of this breed

Beagle Harriers are full of energy, so they require a lot of daily activity to avoid boredom, something that can lead to destructive and noisy behaviors. They can adapt well to tight spaces, though they are not dogs for sedentary families. A lazy Harrier will soon be out of balance.

They therefore need to participate in outdoor activities. They will enjoy accompanying you to run or ride a bike. But remember: always on a leash, because your hunting instincts will make you run after small animals or follow the trail that your nose marks. With puppies under one year old, avoid overexertion and control the distances when you go for a walk.

This breed lose moderate amounts of hair So a weekly brushing will be enough to keep the house clean. Baths will only be necessary when it is really dirty or if your coat begins to smell. Remember to check your ears well, as they tend to accumulate moisture, which can lead to infections.

The nails must be trimmed every two or three weeks, as they grow quickly. Brushing your teeth is also recommended to combat bad breath. And there is one last thing to keep in mind. Since his impulse is to constantly sniff at ground level, it is not uncommon for him to return from walks with wounds in the eye and muzzle area. Properly heals scratches.

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History of the Beagle Harrier

Although there is no certainty about their origin, it is believed that these dogs come from France, since the word “Harrier” means “hound” in the old Normandy language. There is evidence that the breed already existed in 1200. Initially they were smaller and were used for hunti
ng hares.

Upon their arrival in Britain, breeders focused on achieving bigger and faster specimens, which could also get rid of foxes, one of the region’s great plagues during the Middle Ages. Despite being excellent hunting dogs and great companions, Beagle Harriers were never very popular.

Curiosities of Beagle Harrier dogs

Many confuse Beagle Harriers with Beagle or with Foxhound. Although their physical characteristics and coat are similar, the Harriers are taller and larger than the Beagle and considerably shorter than the Foxhound.

Between the 1960s and 1980s, there were great champions of this breed at the world’s leading dog shows. Naabeehos Harvey, Lady Elizabeth of Byron, and Brentcliffe Jill are some of the most renowned of the time.

The famous general George S. Patton is one of the personalities who succumbed to the charm of these dogs. In the mid-20th century, his pair of Harriers was among the most efficient packs in hunting hares and rabbits in all of North America.