Hairless Chihuahua, the only Chihuahua without hair

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The Hairless Chihuahua, also known as Hairless Chihuahua, constitutes a very curious variety of the popular Mexican breed, still in development, pending to be recognized by dog ​​associations and with very few specimens worldwide.

It is a small, affectionate and charming dog, with a character and physique similar to that of the conventional Chihuahua, except for the absence of hair, its main characteristic. Do you want to know more about this breed? We tell you everything!

Index of contents

  • 1 Origin of the Hairless Chihuahua breed
  • 2 How is the character of a Chihuahua without hair?
  • 3 Physical characteristics of this curious breed
    • 3.1 Absence of hair
  • 4 Education and training
  • 5 How is the health of a Chihuahua without hair?
    • 5.1 Exercise and diet
    • 5.2 Skin care

Origin of the Hairless Chihuahua breed

This variety of the Chihuahua breed emerged just a couple of decades ago when a series of breeders from different places of the world joined efforts to try to create a hairless miniature / toy dog.

Successive crosses of Chihuahua males with females of other hairless breeds (such as the Xoloitzcuintle or Perro Azteak) resulted, after many attempts, in the first totally bald puppies. From them entire litters were raised and the Chihuahua without hair began to gain great popularity.

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How is the character of a Chihuahua without hair?

With or without hair, the character of the Chihuahua is always the same: bold and loyal, always alert and vigilant, skills that make him a good watchdog, despite its size.

It is a very sensitive dog that needs affection and company, sometimes in excess, being able to develop dominant behaviors and even feel jealous of other dogs and other people. In any case, these attitudes can be corrected with adequate training.

The hairless Chihuahua needs a early socialization from puppy : you have to get used to contact with humans and other dogs, as well as different images, sounds and experiences. Without this process, as an adult it can be a shy and even suspicious dog.

Physical characteristics of this curious breed

The Chihuahua without hair is a small dog with a height at the withers that ranges from 15 to 25 cm and a weight that ranges between 2 and 4 kg.

Its body is compact and strong, longer than it is tall. It is very agile and with fast movements, it always walks with its head and tail very raised and with its ears erect. In your head, you have apple shape, they highlight big round eyes very expressive.

The hairless Chihuahua’s fur is smooth and soft, with a huge variety of colors: black, sand, brown, gray, white …

Absence of hair

Although in general the adult specimens of Chihuahua without hair lack any hair, it is true that they can sometimes present a thin layer of lint or fine hair on the head, on the extremities and at the end of the tail.

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The genetic factor causing the lack of hair also determines that in the denture of this type of chihuahua some teeth are missing that other similar breeds do have.



Education and training

Although the Chihuahua is strictly a companion dog, it can stand out in various sports and canine disciplines, such as obedience.

Training this dog at home is a simple task, due to its intelligence and liveliness. In training we must resort to positive reinforcement techniques such as rewards, praise and games, without forgetting to mark our dominant position.

Hairless Chihuahua puppies can be very naughty and destructive For this reason, the process of socialization and training must begin as soon as possible.

How is the health of a Chihuahua without hair?

Except for some genetic abnormalities that can lead to neurological problems such as epilepsyIn general, it is a very healthy breed with an average life span of around 16 years.

A peculiar aspect of the Chihuahua is the presence of fontanelles or weak points in its skull (it is the only breed of dog that is born with a incomplete skull ), so it is important to protect the puppies’ heads until they have reached six months of age.

On the other hand, the large, bulging Chihuahua’s hairless eyes are prone to infections such as conjunctivitis.

Exercise and diet

Despite its small size, the Hairless Chihuahua also needs its daily dose of exercise, always moderate. Enjoy a good walk, although it is not wise to leave it alone, as it is still a small breed and vulnerable to attack from other dogs.

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The diet of a Chihuahua can be very varied, since it is an omnivorous dog. But this advantage can become a disadvantage due to its marked tendency to be overweight. An obese Chihuahua can develop numerous health problems such as chronic bronchitis or joint problems.

Skin care

The care of the skin, naked and very sensitive, is of utmost importance for good health in a Chihuahua without hair. Antibiotics and disinfectants must be applied if we observe wounds or scratches, to avoid infections.

It is also important to protect him well from the sun (the use of a good sunscreen ), moisturize your skin with some type of cream to prevent it from scaling and shelter you on the coldest days of winter.

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