Everything you need to know before you have a dog

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Fortunately, there are many of us who can enjoy the incredible company of a dog (or several dogs) in our lives. Whether large or small breed, adopted or purchased, puppy or adult … the important thing is to know how to correctly choose the right dog for our environment and needs, without forgetting the needs of the dog itself.

There are very practical tips that we should analyze and implement before expanding our family with a new puppy. What should I know before having a dog? Believe me when I tell you that you are going to be surprised of the amount of things you should know before having a dog, all of them very important.

Index of contents

  • 1 Before having a dog: Buy VS Adopt
  • 2 Before you have a dog: Size DOES matter
  • 3 Before having a dog: The importance of the weather
  • 4 Before having a dog: Puppy or Adult?
  • 5 Before I have a dog: My needs – Your needs
  • 6 Before having a dog: How much time are you going to spend?
  • 7 Before having a dog: complicated start….
  • 8 Before having a dog: Fixed expenses and variable expenses
  • 9 Before having a dog: Grooming, children and insurance….
  • 10 So…. What’s so good about having a dog?

Before having a dog: Buy VS Adopt

If you are thinking of buying a dog, we recommend that you first consider the idea of adopting it. Adopting a dog is much cheaper than buying it, plus you’re giving a homeless dog that needs a family a chance.

Before having a dog: How much time are you going to spend?

You will be surprised to know that dogs need us to spend much more time than you can imagine. Not everything is taking them out to pee and take them for a walk…. We must play with them, prepare their meals, take them out at least three times a day every day, take care of them, bathe them, educate them…. If you think that with half an hour free a day you have enough time to attend to it, better buy yourself or adopt a plant.

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Some dogs, especially small breed dogs, require less time on walks. They can be a great option for people who do not have much free time to walk (although that does not mean that you do not have to go down at least three times a day to relieve yourself and take a walk).

If you don’t have free time, don’t have a dog. They need to be with you, that you take care of them, that you walk them and that you simply dedicate a few hours a day so that they feel happy.

Before having a dog: complicated start….

Do not think that you are going to buy or adopt a dog and everything will be rosy in your life…. The beginnings are always a bit complicated since we must educate, set routines and get to know our dog in depth.

It is very common that they do damage at home while we educate or train them, so you should not be angry if they eat your shoe, your table or the wall …

Adult dogs can more easily adapt to our routines, but puppies only think about playing, eating and sleeping … So don’t despair and remember that everyone needs a good bag of patience before having a dog.

Before having a dog: Fixed expenses and variable expenses

Having a dog is not cheap, if you do not have financial resources … seriously consider having a dog. All dogs without exception, have fixed costs and variable costs that can be very high.

In the fixed expenses we must include the monthly cost of their food, something that is not cheap. Forget about giving your dog leftovers or buying cheap feed, you should look after its health and consequently feed it with quality feed. You can learn to value a feed for its quality here: How to know if the feed of my dog is of quality.

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We must also have the antiparasitic expenses, such as the monthly pipette that we must put on it and the antiparasitic collar. A good deworming shampoo is also highly recommended, since we should bathe our dog once a month (at general levels, if he is a puppy and he gets dirty more often … he may need more monthly baths).

Also included in the fixed costs are the vaccines that we must give him every year of his life, the cost of his bed, feeder and drinker, the cost of his walking strap and necklace, etc …

As variable expenses are veterinary consultations, since if our dog becomes ill we will have to go to the vet to carry out the corresponding tests. We should also do review consultations every few months. Veterinary tests are generally very expensive, so you should have extra money for these problems.

In summary, do not think for a moment that having a dog is free. We must have a good economy to meet the expenses that our dog generates. If you plan to buy or adopt but your economy does not allow it, please do not do it.

Before having a dog: Grooming, children and insurance….

Grooming is a fundamental aspect for our dog, as we have previously mentioned, we must keep it clean and dewormed. For this we must bathe it once a month (or more depending on the situations) and keep them dewormed.

We should also brush her hair and check her body for possible problems (thorns stuck in the pads of the legs for example). All this without forgetting to clean your ears with certain frequency, as we explain here: Learn how to properly clean your dog’s ears.

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If we have young children at home, we should teach them to respect the dog. A dog is NOT a toy, always remember it and make your children understand it.

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Some dogs such as the so-called PPP (potentially dangerous dogs) require specific compulsory insurance, in addition to a license to have them. Perhaps this class of dogs are not the most recommended for environments with children, although we remind you that there are no bad dogs, but irresponsible owners.

So…. What’s so good about having a dog?

Although the obligations may overwhelm us, the truth is that they are nothing more than for example having a child or a partner to love and care for.

Having a dog has a lot of benefits that you will appreciate
a lot over time. He is a new member of the family and as such you must take care of him, love him and share your life with him.

Your dog will give you all the love and company you need, it will brighten your days with their games and parties. It will also force you to go for a walk every day, so you will exercise more and you will also meet more people in your neighborhood who also have a dog, which stimulates your social life and theirs by meeting other puppies.

Give him a good education, respect and affection…. And trust me how much I assure you that you will love him more than yourself. Enjoy your dog 🙂

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