Puppies of the American Pitbull terrier – Care and advice

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American pitbull terrier puppy

The American Pitbull terrier breed is widespread throughout the planet thanks to its great popularity. Pitbull puppies are very cute and playful, so they will conquer our heart in no time.

If you are thinking of buying or adopting an American Pitbull terrier puppy, you should bear in mind that you will need enough free time and resources to take him out for a walk every day, educate him and make him happy.

In many countries this breed is considered as potentially dangerous and a license is required before a puppy can be purchased or adopted. So we recommend you inform yourself in advance at your town hall.

Index of contents

  • 1 It is an active and protective breed
  • 2 They will help you grow as a person
  • 3 Pitbull puppies need exercise and play
  • 4 An American Pitbull terrier puppy is a very cute dog
  • 5 Tender, but they are dogs not children
  • 6 How to breed an American Pitbull terrier puppy?
  • 7 Where to get a Pitbull puppy?
    • 7.1 How to find an Amercian Pitbull puppy?
    • 7.2 Tips for choosing a Pitbull terrier puppy
    • 7.3 Observe the energy of the Pitbull puppy
  • 8 How to integrate a Pitbull puppy into your new home?
  • 9 How to Feed a Pitbull Puppy
  • 10 The education of a Pitbull puppy
  • 11 Is a Pitbull puppy the right dog for me?

It is an active and protective breed

The American Pitbull terrier is a dog with a lot of energy and vitality, an earthquake that will make us play and he reigns a lot with him since he was a puppy. He loves to jump, nibble stuff and sleep, even belly up.

American pitbull terrier puppy

Although this breed has a reputation for being very violent, the truth is that well educated and socialized from puppies, we will get dogs as obedient and respectful as those of any other breed.

The Pitbull has become an excellent family dog, in addition to a great exercise buddy and a good guardian. A Pitbull puppy will make us fall in love at first sight.

They will help you grow as a person

And it is that from three months of life and once we have all the recommended vaccines in place, we can start going out to walk with our puppy Pitbull through streets and parks.

It will force us to go out on a daily basis to acquire some basic routines of exits and begin to learn to relieve themselves outside the home, something that will take a little time like all puppies.

It will help us meet new people, since the owners of other dogs will not be able to resist stopping greet our little one cub of Amercian Pitbull terrier. In a way, it will be a perfect help to connect more and meet interesting people.

Pitbull puppies need exercise and play

In order for any breed of dog to develop well physically and mentally, it will be necessary for it to exercise daily and interact with other animals and humans, with its environment.

Said understandably, we must go out to walk with our puppy daily, at least three times a day although the recommended is five or more. And by walking we do not mean to take a walk, but to make the dog perform.

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We must go to places where there are more dogs, like a dog park, so that our puppy meet other dogs and play with them. This way you will learn to be social with other dogs and to respect them, in addition to exercising while playing.

Make no mistake, this is not optional. Pitbull puppies are charming, but also impulsive and somewhat stubborn, they must be socialized daily so that they learn to live with other dogs, animals and humans.

Pitbull puppy with few weeks of life

An American Pitbull terrier puppy is a very cute dog

We can’t deny that Pitbull puppies are adorable, terribly loving and affectionate yet somewhat independent and released. its facial expression that sometimes will make it seem that he even smiles … he will soften us to the deepest point of our hearts.

You will quickly learn to play with other dogs and puppies, we will realize that it is something gross but it is something completely normal, since the Pitbull puppy is known precisely as a little gladiator.

It is not a negative thing, other races like Boxer also tends to be rough playing, even as adults. We can teach you bring us the ball or a toy and playing at it, they generally love it.

Tender, but they are dogs not children

We should not be confused by our feelings, it is totally normal to love our Pitbull puppy, pamper him and take care of him. But we shouldn’t make the mistake of humanizing it.

The difference is not treating him like a human, not picking him up or letting him climb onto the couch or into bed. Dogs are happy being dogs, it is not healthy for them to treat them like humans.

How to breed an American Pitbull terrier puppy?

Given the character of the Pitbull puppies, we will spend a lot of fun raising and playing with them, however as adults we are we should also take responsibility for your education.

Raising an American Pitbull terrier can entail an economic cost of between six hundred and two my euros per year, which includes their food, check-ups, veterinary vaccines and basic and necessary products such as toys, bed, feeders, etc.

Although education is important, we must understand that during his first months In other words, from birth to six or seven months, you will only want to play and learn new things.

pitbull puppies of different color

Taking advantage of this stage to socialize to the maximum by taking beautiful walks with him and meeting new dogs and people, is the most recommended for both the dog how for its owner.

From the age of six or seven months we can begin to take their education more seriously, without leaving socialization asid
e. Starting with positive reinforcement training routines can be a great idea.

After fourteen or fifteen months of life, when we can consider it a young dog and not a puppy, we will be able to increase your training gradually.

Where to get a Pitbull puppy?

Before going to a pet store or breeder, you need to make sure you understand what type of Pit Bull you want. If you do not want it as a show dog or for breeding, perhaps somewhere animal shelter you can rescue one for free.

If instead you prefer it to be a thoroughbred, you must request the pedigree certificate of the parents and the puppy (you can consult about good breeders in the FCE). Remembering that the most respected is the issued by ADBA.

How to find an Amercian Pitbull puppy?

The easiest way to locate a good litter of Pitbull puppies is through the Internet, using search engines such as Google. Many breeders have a website and announce new litters.

We insist that you can also adopt a Pitbull puppy, as there are thousands of shelters and kennels full of dogs waiting for an opportunity, home. Some are pure Pit Bulls and others are crosses, but what difference does it make?

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If we choose to buy a Pitbull puppy, every good breeder will show us without hesitation the certificates of pedigree and the parents of the litter, so that we can verify everything before making any payment.

We must literally flee from vendors who do not provide accreditation, as they can scam us and leave us with no way to claim. There are those who even sell dogs with hereditary diseases, like hip or elbow dysplasia.

A good Pitbull dog breeder will inform us about each puppy in particular, their character, energy, etc … So that we can choose the one that is most related to our own character.

Remember that the Pitbull breed is subject to laws in many countries, where it is considered as PPP (Potentially Dangerous Dogs) and they require a previous license that allows us to acquire them.

litter of pit bulls

Tips for choosing a Pitbull terrier puppy

There are many factors that we must analyze when choosing our Pitbull puppy or one of pit bull type that compates genetics, however we probably end up in love with everyone. So that we must take into account certain things.

The first is to know if we want a male or a female, males are somewhat larger and heavier than females, in addition to being less affectionate at general levels. Females are smaller and more cuddly, also more protective by instinct.

We must choose a Pitbull terrier puppy based on its physical appearance, it sounds harsh but it is something that we must assume. Avoid puppies that seem weak or have some type of wound is essential to make a good choice.

We can let the puppy choose us, waiting to see who comes to play with us and greet us. Although we must discard the puppies that seem anxious, since it is not a good sign.

Observe the energy of the Pitbull puppy

Often we will be able to determine a puppy’s character based on his energy, as very active dogs are generally overly nervous and may require extra care.

If we are looking for a balanced puppy, we must look at the active puppies that they are not excessively agitated, anxious before our presence. A puppy that comes calmly to greet us and play with us will be a good puppy.

pitbull puppy walking

How to integrate a Pitbull puppy into your new home?

If you need to travel to take your puppy to his new house (your home), it is recommended that you do so when he has played and is tired, this way he will sleep during the journey, calm and relaxed.

Once we reach our destination, it is advisable to make a prior visit to the vet. For you to review and certify that your health is good, you will also give us guidelines on the vaccination schedule and deworming.

And now if we can finally show our little American Pitbull terrier puppy her new home, we’ll let her wander around and smell all corners, since you must know all its corners.

Previously we will have bought a dog bed, which we will put in a cozy place inside the house, next to a feeder and a water trough whose size adapts to that of the puppy.

It is essential that our puppy always has clean and fresh water at his disposal, so that he can grow and develop without problem. If our puppy cannot even go outside due to vaccines … remember that will urinate and defecate at home.

We can put some newspaper on the floor or an absorbent tray for puppies, but the most normal thing is that you urinate and defecate where it best suits you … without much concern for the rest.

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As soon as we can start taking him for a walk, he will gradually learn to do his things outside the home. Pitbull puppies learn fast, especially with positive reinforcement.

Don’t forget to pamper, cuddle and play your Pitbull puppy, because this will create a solid and prosperous emotional bond.

Pit Bull Puppy Napping After Eating

How to Feed a Pitbull Puppy

Depending on the stage you are in, you will need to take a specific diet. Feeding a one-month-old puppy is not the same as feeding a six-month-old.

Pitbull puppies must feed on his mother until weaning, which is usually between two and a half months and three months of life. If our puppy is less than three months old, we should go to a veterinaryn to buy special milk for puppies (human cow milk does not work, it is very harmful to them).

From two and a half to three months, when weaning, we can begin to introduce puppy food into their diet. Being so small, it is recommended moisten the feed previously with a little water, until you get something like a porridge.

With the passing of the weeks we will be able to add croquettes of feed without moistening, so that it chews and gets accustomed little by little to chewing its food. In this way, we can gradually remove the “porridge” and feed it only with puppy food.

From three months of age to fourteen months of life, you should continue to feed on a high quality puppy food. Try to avoid feed sold in supermarkets or shopping malls, are generally very bad.

We must divide their daily ration of feed into three or four doses, which we will distribute at breakfast / lunch / dinner, or at breakfast / lunch / snack / dinner. Always leaving fresh and clean water at your disposal.

With food intakes we must be severe, if your food is not eaten in fifteen minutes, we remove it and we will not put it until the next intake. The water, however, must be always available.

young pit bull dog

The education of a Pitbu
ll puppy

We should not be very severe in the first months of life, because all puppies want to play, eat and sleep. We should let him do what he wants but starting respect some rules basic.

We must not allow him to bite us, not even while playing. Instead, we will use dog toys and teethers, with which we can play with it and you can bite them without problem.

We will mainly focus on their socialization until the five or six months to live, where we will begin to practice for half an hour a day classes of pit bull training.

From the age of fourteen or fifteen months, we will be able to significantly increase the training of our Pitbull, once it stops being a puppy and has become an adult dog.

Is a Pitbull puppy the right dog for me?

It depends a lot on you, if you have a strong character and if you have experience training dogs previously. The Pitbull is a very strong breed And sometimes overbearing, honestly, it’s not a breed for everyone.

If you want a Pitbull because all your friends have one or because it seems cool to have a powerful dog, please don’t buy a Pitbull puppy.

If you have experience training and living with dogs, you are a strong person capable of controlling it if you jerk and have a suitable character, in addition you must have plenty of free time and want to exercise if you think Pitbull is a good breed for you.

Pitbull puppies do not require a lot of strength or exercise, but they grow very fast and you will have to adapt to each stage of their life. If you think that the Pitbull is your ideal breed, congratulations.