Dog breeds for Kids – Best for their temperament with them

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dog with children

If we are thinking of expanding our family with the incorporation of a four-legged furry, we must bear in mind that there are always some breeds that due to their characteristics may be more suitable than others.

When we talk about dogs for children, we must take into account many factors that can make life easier for us, whether due to their size, personality or qualities. We will review all the aspects to take into account and what are the best breeds for these cases.

Index of contents

  • 1 A dog is not a toy
  • 2 Benefits of having a dog for children
  • 3 What are the best dog breeds to live with children?
    • 3.1 Size does matter
    • 3.2 Puppy or adult dog?
  • 4 What can we offer the dog?
  • 5 Small dog breeds for kids
    • 5.1 Bichon Frize
    • 5.2 Goldendoodles
    • 5.3 Carlino or Pug
    • 5.4 Beagle
    • 5.5 Shih Tzu
    • 5.6 Cocker spaniel
  • 6 Medium and large dog breeds for children
    • 6.1 Boxer
    • 6.2 Golden retriever
    • 6.3 Dalmatian
    • 6.4 Saint Bernard
    • 6.5 Bobtail
    • 6.6 Labrador
  • 7 How to choose a dog without breed to live with children

A dog is not a toy

It is completely normal for any child to want to have a puppy, they are extremely excited and are even capable of promising to take care of them forever… But we must keep in mind that a child is just that, a child. And as such does not have the capacity to be responsible of a dog, although it can help with its care.

IF you decide to expand your family with the incorporation of a dog, congratulations, you will see how it becomes the joy of the house. If you decide to buy or adopt a dog as a gift for a child…. think twice, the gift is for your child but the responsibility of taking care of the dog it’s only yours. An average dog lives between twelve and fifteen years, although there are many cases in which they even reach twenty.


Bichon Frize

This little boy barely exceeds thirty centimeters tall as an adult and his weight rarely exceeds four kilos. The Bichón Frisé it is a very active and energetic dog Despite its size, it needs good daily walks to blow off steam.

Lovely with kids and a great playmate, but even if he looks like a stuffed animal he doesn’t like anything being pulled by his hair or ears (like any dog). It is undoubtedly a good option to share life with children.

  • Complete information on the Bichón Frisé breed



Another little one that can fill our hearts with joy, it is a mix between golden and poodle (do not ask how …) it can have various sizes, although at general levels they are small or medium dogs.

As adults they can reach up to seventy centimeters, although they are generally smaller. Its weight varies depending on its size, ranging from 10 to 15 kilos.

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We must keep in mind that there are medium-sized varieties within this breed, if we are looking for a small breed dog we must specify it (there are small and also medium Goldendoodles).

These dogs are very affectionate and affectionate, ideal as playmates and calm in character. They are also very intelligent, cheerful and sociable, as if this were not enough … they hardly throw hair. Without a doubt, a great option to assess if it fits our needs.


Carlino or Pug

This little boy barely exceeds thirty-five centimeters tall when he is an adult and eight kilos in weight, all a canijo that the house will fill us with joy. It is an ideal dog for people who do not have time to take long walks, since it is a bit lazy in that regard … let’s say it is a very homemade dog.

Loving, smiling, respectful and charming with children, an example of a dog for children. Although sometimes they are a little stubborn so we will have to be insistent on their education. It is calm and sociable, although how we all know this also depends largely on the education we give them.

  • Complete Information on the Pug Dog Breed



It is probably the best known breed of dog in the world thanks to “Snoopy”. This little guy with the look of a detective hound … The Beagle It is a perfect companion for children. He has a happy and curious character, as well as being very sociable, calm and intelligent.

His height rarely exceeds forty centimeters at the withers and his weight is around fourteen kilos, he adapts very well to living together on flats and loves to play and walk. It is also an excellent hunting dog, so it does not make it ugly to spend the day in the field.

  • Characteristics and temperament of the Beagle breed

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

This arrogant-looking little guy actually has a super cheerful and playful character, very loving and affectionate with all the members of the house. She is a great playmate who loves children, although obviously with the respect that every dog ​​deserves (children must also be well educated).

Its size is quite small with about twenty-five centimeters in height and about seven kilos in weight. It is perfectly adapted to coexistence in flats and is a very social dog, although as with any other dog, socializing it correctly is our job.

Without a doubt it is also an excellent option as a roommate, active, happy and loving with adults and children.

Cocker spaniel

Cocker spaniel

Its small size and its great affection for its family and social character make it one of the best options As for breeds that get along great with children, they are perfectly suited to family environments.

Barely reaching thirty kilos in adulthood, the Cocker Spaniel adapts perfectly to coexistence both in flats and in country houses. Its characteristics make it an ideal option and its intelligence added to its kindness will win the hearts of all family members.

  • Complete information on the Cocker Spaniel

Medium and large dog breeds for children

Medium and large dogs they adapt perfectly to coexistence with children, being also an excellent option whenever we can grant them a good quality of life, the one they deserve. Larger dogs generally require more space to live, longer walks and exercise.

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In many animal shelters, protectors and kennels we can find dogs of any size and age, with or without breed, that are waiting for a family. We insist that no need to spend money to buy a dog, in the shelters and kennels only the vaccines and the compulsory chip are paid to be able to adopt them.



Possibly it is the breed of dog with the most desire for games in the whole world, for something they are known as “the eternal puppy”. No matter how old the boxer is, he will always be willing to play and have a good time. With a happy, loving and very playful character, he is an excellent companion for children and adults. It adapts perfectly to family life and is also a good guardian.

He has a great vitality so daily walks and exercise are almost mandatory, he also loves playing with other dogs, he is very sociable. As an adult he can measure about fifty or sixty centimeters (cross) and weigh about twenty-five or thirty-five kilos.

  • Characteristics and temperament of the boxer dog

Golden retriever

Golden retriever

Applicable we also include the Labrador Retriever in the same description, since they have the same characteristics and both they are ideal for living with children. Although they are large dogs, the truth is that they are especially delicate with children, sensitive, affectionate and playful.

These retriever breeds are characterized by perfectly adapting to a family environment and enjoying the company of children to play with. With a cheerful, affectionate and calm character, they make a great choice to be part of the family.

They can reach sixty centimeters in height and thirty-five kilos in weight, although they are generally slightly smaller. They like to walk and exercise, get along with other dogs, and are very social.

  • Complete information on the Golden Retriever breed



Surely you know them from the thousand and one films that have been made with them. Of loving and playful character, they become an excellent option as playmates with children and to live with family. Very faithful and rooted to their owners, they are also patient and calm.

This breed lives together in a flat but loves to go for a walk and run, the Dalmatian dog needs exercise and a place where he can be free. Large in size it can reach sixty centimeters and weigh about thirty kilos. They are very social and happy dogs, which adapt perfectly.

  • Characteristics, behavior and care of a Dalmatian


Saint Bernard

This big man who has been very popular on movie screens as a rescue dog in the high snowy peaks, with a noble and imposing appearance…. actually has the a heart bigger than him. It is a super loving, respectful and playful breed. Ideal as a playmate for children, although its size can impress.

The San bernardo is a dog that needs a lot of place to live, not recommended to have in a flat. It can measure up to seventy centimeters and weigh even ninety kilos, a colossus that also requires great maintenance.

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Ideal for cold areas where you will feel at home, you love to walk and play although always at your own pace and avoiding the heat. Since it has a great coat. It is an excellent option to add to the family.

  • Information on the San Bernardo breed



Although it looks like a giant stuffed animal, it is actually a dog, although the way it looks before us… it is all about love. Very loving, playful and happy It becomes an excellent option for a family with children. Such is his involvement with children that in the USA he is known as the nanny dog.

It is a dog that loves the outdoors, walking, exercising and enjoying the company of other dogs. Very social and adaptable although we must commit to brushing it regularly, since it has great fur.

This breed of dog became very famous on television thanks to Sprocket, the dog of the Fraggle Rock.

  • Complete information on the Bobtail breed



Among the dog breeds with the best character at the genetic level, that is, they simply have a good character and suitable for family environments without the need for a strict education, we did not find the famous Labrador.

The farmer It is a very affectionate, playful, friendly, loyal and kind dog who loves to go for a walk and play with children and other dogs.

It adapts perfectly to life in an apartment or house, in any kind of weather. It hardly needs any care since it is a strong and resistant breed, although it can tend to gain a little weight if we do not monitor its diet.

  • Labrador dog temperament and characteristics

How to choose a dog without breed to live with children

The breed of a dog can give us certain clues about its character, but the truth is that the education we give the dog is the one that will really make a difference. Choosing a dog without a breed is al
so an excellent option to expand our family.

We must be clear about what type of dog we are looking for, whether small, medium or large. Also if what we want is a puppy or we don’t care about its age. And finally we must be very clear if our demands correspond to our needs and what we can contribute to the dog. You do not have to be selfish in this sense, you have to be realistic.

Knowing this, in any animal shelter or kennel they will be able to show us the dogs that fit our demands and we will choose the one that we like the most. If we focus on a puppy, we must remember that it will have to be educated while it grows, something that is not necessary in most adult dogs.

  • How to properly educate a puppy

If we choose an adult dog, we must indicate that it is for a family with children, so it must be respectful and not aggressive. No dog is actually aggressive, but some have unfortunately been rude to previous owners and may not be suitable for a family environment.