The worst mistakes when raising a puppy

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When a puppy comes to our home it is important to treat it well and make it feel like part of the family, its new pack. Those of us who have previously had a dog have a little advantage from the experience.

But even so, we must avoid making mistakes when educating a puppy because we can unknowingly promote misconduct. Therefore it is important to always start on the right foot and try not to make the most common mistakes.

From Dogsis we want to help you with this work and for this, we have grouped a series of errors that are frequently committed when training puppies. Simply learn from these mistakes and don’t make them.

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Index of contents

  • 1 Yelling, scolding or punishing our puppy
  • 2 Over-protect and not socialize
  • 3 Treat our puppy like a human
  • 4 Not respecting our puppy
  • 5 Do not create an exit routine

Yelling, scolding or punishing our puppy

One of the most common mistakes when training a puppy is thinking that it can learn or reason like an adult dog. Puppies are similar to babies, compared to humans, so they still have no ability to learn.

To educate our puppy, we must arm ourselves with patience and understand that he simply wants to learn new things, walk, play, eat and sleep. Education is not something that interests them.

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It is our responsibility to educate him correctly if, but from the age of six months and little by little, not before. To do this, never use screaming, quarreling or punishing your dog because that is not the correct way.

When your dog does something wrong, you just have to give it a touch, that way it will quickly learn: How to correctly correct our dog.

puppy in arms

Over-protect and not socialize

Surely you have ever seen someone who takes his dog in his arms when he sees a worrying situation, such as crossing an unknown dog for example. This is a big mistake that many people make, over-protecting their dog.

We should never take our puppies in our arms because another dog is coming, we must let them smell and interact. Dogs smell their ass and his genitals to meet and even greet each other, let your dog do it.

The ideal is to socialize our puppy daily with new and familiar dogs, as well as with people and other animals. For this there is nothing better than going to a dog park and letting him make friends.

If you over-protect your dog and don’t socialize it well, as an adult it will be fearful, grumpy, antisocial and surely somewhat aggressive.

Treat our puppy like a human

Another of the big mistakes when raising a puppy is treating it as if it were our son … it may be our dog, but not our son. We should never treat him as a human because we will create bad habits and generate behavioral problems.

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It is not recommended to let the dog climb on the bed or on the sofa. Neither does he eat our food (we feed him while we eat). It is not recommended to hold him as a baby.

And of course, it is also not recommended to hug him like a stuffed animal. We simply must treat it as what it is, a puppy. Give him love, take care of him but not humanize him.

You can get more detailed info about some of these tips at: Should I hug my dog?

puppies playing

Not respecting our puppy

Even people with experience in education and living with dogs make the mistake of not respecting their puppy when, for example, he is eating, sleeping or playing.

We must leave our puppy alone when he is doing any of these things, because it is important to let him know that he has his time and his space. Never disturb your puppy when:

  • Be asleep peacefully or even if you have nightmares.
  • Be eating or drinking
  • Be playing with your toys
  • Are urinating or defecating

Do not create an exit routine

Creating a routine to go for a walk every day is essential so that the dog understands what time he goes for a walk and begins to learn to control his basic needs, how to urinate and poop.

We must create and respect schedules to walk daily, being essential a walk in the morning, just awakened, a walk at noon, a walk in the afternoon and a last pee at night, before sleeping.

If you can not respect these schedules so that your dog enjoys the street, the park, other dogs and can relieve himself and spend his energy … do not have a dog. Because they need our attention.