Dog pipettes Which is the best? Are they really safe?

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Protecting our dog with the help of pipettes, collars and anti-parasite shampoos is an obligation that we all must assume responsibly. Because if he catches fleas or ticks may also infect us. Not to mention the dangers that certain mosquitoes pose, since they can transmit very serious diseases to our dog.

Many ask which is the best pipette for dogs, thinking that if they use it their dog will be completely protected. But the truth is that pipettes not only protect our dog, but can also pose a serious danger to him. From we will explain the danger posed by pipettes and which is the best for our dog.

dog pipette

Dog pipettes with chemical ingredients

In any veterinary clinic or store for dog products, we can find a wide variety of pipettes for our dog. Most of them are made with chemical ingredients and poisons, so that the parasites die if they come into contact with our dog.

Others however are made with completely natural ingredients, we will talk about these in detail later, now we are going to focus on conventional pipettes, those of a lifetime.

Let’s review some of the best known and / or effective pipettes to know how they work.

adcantix pipettes for dogs

Advantix pipettes for dogs

These pipettes guarantee that our dog will be completely protected against fleas, ticks, lice and mosquitoes that transmit Leishmaniosis. Its active component is Permethrin, a very powerful and toxic synthetic chemical.


advantage parasitic pipettors

Advantage pipettes for dogs

This type of pipette only offers protection in our dog against fleas and lice. It indicates absolutely nothing about protection against transmitting ticks or mosquitoes, so it is not supposed to protect against them. Its main active component is Imidacloprid, which is a neuroactive insecticide obtained from nicotine (remember that nicotine is a deadly poison).

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What is the best pipette for dogs based on its composition and effects?

Always talking about pipettes made with chemical products and taking into account their ingredients and their repellent / insecticide effect, it can be said that frontline pipettes are currently the most protection that they offer within those that use chemical ingredients in their compositions . But we must not forget what we are using, pure poison.

It is super funny to read on the official websites of these brands, how they insist over and over again on two super important points facing the consumer (pure marketing):

  • Fully protects dog
  • They are not dangerous for the dog or for us

The first point is totally real, the dog is completely protected and is something that no one questions. The strange thing would be that after putting our dog such a quantity of poison and toxins it was not protected….

Applying a pipette to a dog

Are chemical pipettes safe for our dogs?

Here comes the second point, which is totally false. The chemicals in pipettes are incredibly poisonous, so much so that if our dog accidentally ate a pipette he would die. Pay close attention to the labels of the pipettes, especially in the part that says:

  • In case of contact with hands during application, wash thoroughly with water.
  • In case of contact with the eyes or mouth, rinse thoroughly with water and go to a hospital.
  • In case of accidental intake, immediately go to a hospital.
  • Prevent children from touching the dog with these pipettes
  • Prevent the dog from licking the area where the pipettes are applied
  • Etc, etc, etc ……

Scary right? It is completely normal, since we are talking about very powerful and deadly poisons. These poisons are mainly used to make insecticides and herbicides, poisons that are also used in agriculture (incredible but true).

So, if contact with the poison is so dangerous and so dangerous that the dog, children or even others have direct contact with the contents of the pipette…. How dare they say they are totally harmless to dogs and people? Very easy, to sell more, that’s what Marketing is about.

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The best of all is when I read in a leaflet that this poison is not going to be absorbed into the animal’s skin … something obviously impossible. We rely less and less on dog product labels and advertising, and with good reason.

Let’s put ourselves in the best of cases, we have applied the pipette to our dog and neither our nor our children are going to touch the dog or the affected area (where we put the pipette). The venom will enter the skin of the animal and that will cause intoxication, normally not very serious since the manufacturers cautiously measure the proportions of venom so that its toxicity through contact with the skin is low.

But… .What happens if our dog plays with another dog? Dogs play by biting each other, so they don’t hurt but bite. The usual thing is that they bite their necks and try to throw themselves to the ground, or they run away and one runs after the other to hunt it, etc…. When a dog bites another dog that has a pipette, it is literally eating all the poison in the pipette. How can the companies that sell them say that pipettes are safe for dogs? We hallucinate with advertising campaigns and even more with the poisons they use.

Clearly a pipette made with chemicals is not safe for the dog, nor for the dogs that play with it. Nor for the family that has the dog and much less for the children.

pipettes with natural ingredients

Are dog pipettes made from natural ingredients safe and effective?

Unlike conventional pipettes made with chemicals, there are also dog pipettes made exclusively with natural products. Products obtained from trees and plants, which do not harm our dog or us and that can fully protect our dog.

You can find this type of natural pipette on most online pages that sell products for dogs, physical stores and in some veterinary clinics. They are much cheaper than chemical pipettes, so you will also save.

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Although the best pipette for dogs made with 100% natural products is the one that you can make yourself at home, in a very simple and artisan way. Surely no one has explained to you before how to make these pipettes to protect your dog, it is because nobody wants to stop making money selling pipettes.

This is the guide to make home pipettes for dogs with natural ingredients and explained step by step, including where to buy the ingredients and their price. With less than the cost of a package of conventional chemical pipettes, we will be able to make natural pipettes for our dogs for many years.

surprised dog

My vet recommends chemical pipettes … Why?

There are three reasons why a veterinaryn may recommend pipettes with chemicals and poisons instead of pipettes with natural ingredients. The first of them is, because veterinaryns keep a commis
sion from the sale of chemical and natural pipettes, it is completely normal. But chemical pipettes are more expensive than natural ones and leave a much bigger commission. Think that in reality the ingredients to make a chemical or natural pipette do not cost fifty cents, until they reach the more than thirty euros that have an average price …. they are all benefits and commissions.

The second reason is due to mere ignorance, veterinaryns study medicine and in schools, feed companies and anti-parasite product companies offer many conventions, talks, gifts … in short, they convince them to use their products. On the other hand, veterinaryns can know a lot about animal medicine but they don’t have to know anything about natural products or chemicals.

The third reason is that, for example, it is a sheepdog that is surrounded by sheep, goats, and / or any group of animals that contain many parasites all day and every day. Even knowing how bad these chemicals are, you may prefer to use them to prevent the dog. Although they are poisonous, they are effective … although seeing the price of what it costs to make homemade pipettes, the best thing would be to put natural pipettes on all livestock.