Can my dog ​​eat an egg?

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There is a lot of debate about whether it is good for a dog to eat an egg or not and even if it is better than if it is, to be raw or cooked. So from Dogsis, we will review what are the main benefits of egg in dog food and what are the possible drawbacks.

Index of contents

  • 1 Can dogs eat eggs?
  • 2 Is raw or cooked egg better?
  • 3 Is it good to also give them the shell?
  • 4 How many eggs can a dog eat?
  • 5 How should I give my dog ​​an egg?

Can dogs eat eggs?

Obviously yes, they can not only but it is a highly nutritious food thanks to a large amount of proteins, fats, minerals and even vitamin D. That is, the egg contains great nutritional value at the biological level.

Most dogs eat eggs in their diet, either through commercial feed or a natural food like A.C.B.A. (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food).


Is raw or cooked egg better?

Here there are many opinions about it and all are correct. Whoever claims that raw eggs provide more nutrients than cooked eggs is right, because during the process the egg will lose some properties.

But whoever claims that it is better to give the cooked egg is also partly right, because cooked food is more assimilable and digestible for our dog. So whether raw or cooked, eggs are beneficial.

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Remember that you should never give your dog a fried egg. If you choose to give him a cooked egg, it can be in the form of a French omelette (without salt) or as a cooked egg (without shell), even as a poached egg.

Is it good to also give them the shell?

If the egg is raw, without many people who also give their dog the shell. There are those who give it whole and those who give it a little crushed. We We recommend NEVER give the shell.

For what reason? Well, if it is raw, it can be a cause of salmonellosis, something that will greatly harm our dog. And if it’s cooked it can turn into tiny blades that rip through your digestive system.

So in our opinion, eggs yes, but shells no. The shell only provides calcium and there are much safer ways to supply calcium, such as fleshy bones.


How many eggs can a dog eat?

They can eat all you give them, but that’s where we should make use of our common sense and knowing how to value that anything in excess is harmful.

There is no exact amount of eggs a dog can eat, but by way of example, our fifteen pound dog eats one boiled egg without a shell a week, while our forty pound big boy eats two weekly and has never been bad for him. .

How should I give my dog ​​an egg?

Like any other food, you can put it in your feeder as a treat or snack. Or you can mix it with your usual food to give it an extra flavor.

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If the egg is cooked, simply wait for it to cool slightly to prevent it from burning. If the egg is cold (from the fridge) let it come to room temperature before giving it.