How to inhibit bite in puppies

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puppy biting

Who has not had a dog can not get used to the idea of what puppies’ teeth are, fine as needles and sharp as blades. From when they come out and until three or four months, when they move for their final teeth Puppy bite is simply painful.

That is why we must teach them from a very young age to inhibit their bite, to control it so that they know that they should not press too hard because they will harm us. It is super important that they learn this when they are puppies, because if not, when they are adults it will become a serious problem.

Imagine a pitbull dog or yet Adult Doberman who does not know how to control his bite and playing or by accident, grab your hand and squeeze. To avoid this type of behavior and possible accidents, we must teach our puppy to inhibit his bite. We explain how to do it easily.

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  • 1 Teaching my puppy to inhibit bite
  • 2 Tips for bite inhibition exercise

Teaching my puppy to inhibit bite

The easiest way to teach our puppy not to harm us when he bites us is to show him that we are in pain. That is why we must practice this simple exercise daily, since with it you will understand that you should not bite us or at least, not very hard.

The exercise consists of playing with your puppy with his hands and with a teether, letting him bite your hand from time to time instead of biting. When he does, yell immediately so he knows he has hurt you. A “Hay !!!” It’s enough.

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Take your hand away and stop playing with it for a few minutes. If he looks for you, ignore him. After a few minutes, play with him again and repeat the play, when he bites the toy / teether you should congratulate him and caress him, but when he bites your hand (which he will do), he yells and complains, stopping playing immediately for a few minutes again.

puppy biting finger

As you can see, it is a really simple exercise that, practiced regularly, on a daily basis, makes a puppy stop biting humans, or if it does, at least it will not do it intensively. Our advice obviously is not to do it, not even loosely.

You can practice this exercise for a while in the morning and for a while in the afternoon, as an example. In just a few weeks your puppy will have stopped biting hands to focus solely on its toys and teether.

Tips for bite inhibition exercise

You must understand that puppies do not reason how a more adult dog could do it, they just want to play, eat and sleep. So if your puppy ignores you, you should not get frustrated, just be very patient.

Never get angry, much less hit your puppy for having bitten you, he is just learning. Do not provoke your puppy to bite you either, just play with him and if he bites you naturally, put the tips into practice.

Do not try to make him growl angrily so that he bites you, because you will be unknowingly promoting aggressiveness. Puppies learn from everything they see and if they see you being aggressive, they will do the same.

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Try to practice at home and always taking care that your children do not see you do it, we do not want them to practice and they are accidentally hurt. When you have the exercise mastered and your dog does not bite you, try to have someone else like a family member or friend try it too. Your dog must not only learn not to bite you, it must learn not to bite anyone.

puppy milk teeth

If your dog accidentally bites you and nails its fine, sharp teeth, don’t pull hard to remove your hand. You could hurt yourself a lot more and even hurt him. Just complain and wait until there is a mouth to remove your hand, this way no one will hurt themselves excessively.

Never practice this with an adult dog, as adult dogs can hurt you a lot by learning this exercise. Teaching to inhibit bite should only be practiced with puppies, under no circumstances with adult dogs.

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