Dress up a dog on Halloween or Carnival – Pros and Cons

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Now that Halloween is approaching many dog ​​owners decide to celebrate the party with their pets in the same way they dress them up. But are we sure that they like to dress up?

If you have also asked yourself the question “can I disguise my dog?” You will find that this unnatural and humanized fact is much less fun than it sounds, at least for dogs! Let’s see what its dangers are.

Index of contents

  • 1 Is it harmful to dress up a dog?
  • 2 Do dogs have fun with costumes?
  • 3 The dangers of using waxes and paints to make them up
  • 4 Tips to dress up a dog without suffering

Is it harmful to dress up a dog?

How funny it is to see your puppy dressed as a superhero, princess, ladybug or ghost. With all the luxury of details and accessories. It looks so cute and funny … right? Run, take a photo and upload it to Instagram!

This fashion of dressing up dogs for our own benefit and fun is becoming more and more frequent in countries like the United States and Spain and is becoming a business for many. However, behind this “funny” custom hides a very different reality.

The vast majority of experts agree that dressing our dogs in costumes, even if only occasionally, denatures their canine essence and does not benefit them at all It alters your comfort and well-being and greatly limits your movements.

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Do dogs have fun with costumes?

Whether as a costume or street clothes, it is only necessary to reinforce the fur of the dogs with artificial clothing when it is very cold and the dog is very small, shaky, has short hair and not at all dense or is a puppy or old man.

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For the rest of the cases, the fact of wearing things placed above the fur of the dogs it will not make them feel at all comfortable, much less handsome or funny. Your dog is not amused, he just wants to take his leisurely walk.

Actually, the only ones who are interested in putting a costume on their dog because it seems funny or pretty are the owners. Therefore, before dressing your dog, think about whether you want to do an activity that only you will enjoy.

Further, costumes ridicule them and make them feel humiliated. What is fun for you, he is embarrassed and highly stressed. In fact, you will be able to observe his discomfort because he will hide his tail, he will hardly move and will look at you with a scared and puzzled face.

Likewise, a costume can create aggressiveness in a dog. As would happen to people if we feel mocked in an uncomfortable situation, dogs can also get angry for wearing a costume and spoil a situation that seemed “very funny”.

Do not put your dog through a bad time just to give yourself an aesthetic whim. Your dog is neither a thing nor a human, respect its animal nature. Better go out to the park and play something that makes you both enjoy.

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The dangers of using waxes and paints to make them up

Although there are many products that are sold to make up dogs, the truth is that Using waxes and paints for dogs could lead to psychological and physical damage to your dog. both for stress like for poisoning and allergies.

In fact, numerous scientific studies reveal that Toxic agents found in dog makeup are very numerous, be it waxes, face paints, hair dyes or nail polishes.

Elements such as lead, present in these products, can cause diseases such as asthma. So remember, even though the danger is not seen at first glance, by using this you are altering the health of your furry best friend. Avoid it!

Tips to dress up a dog without suffering

If, despite what we have told you, you still believe that the occasion is worth it and your dog will not suffer any unpleasant consequences, then we offer you some tips to take into account before dressing it up.

  • Buy the costume at a pet store.
  • If you can opt for a light costume, much better, such as scarves, hats or bow ties. The less cloth they carry, the better they will feel.
  • Check that the composition of the fabric is soft, comfortable and flexible. Cotton is a good idea to make your dog as comfortable as possible. Avoid thick fabrics like wool, they can cause a heatstroke!
  • Similarly, clothing should be wide, especially around the neck. Check that it does not squeeze.
  • Avoid details like buttons, zippers, rivets, glitter embellishments etc. You could choke!
  • Always remember that the costume is as humiliating as possible for him and offers comfort.
  • Make him feel that everything is fine. Don’t laugh or take him to strange or overly noisy and rowdy places.
  • Finally, look at their behavior. If you see that your dog is overwhelmed, do not hesitate to take it off. Your well-being must come first.