How long does a dog remember a person?

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dog thinking

The memory of dogs is not like that of humans, they live in the present, although this does not imply that they do not remember things in the short or medium term. Let’s say your memory can be divided into two, short-term and long-term.

You will be surprised to know that a dog can remember a person throughout his life, not how we remember him, but with a positive or negative association.

Index of contents

  • 1 Short-term memory of a dog
  • 2 Memory associated with images, smells and noise
  • 3 How long can they remember a human?

Short-term memory of a dog

Suppose you come home and your dog is tearing up the sofa because he is bored, he will come out to greet you as he always does because he is living in the moment, the present. He does not remember that moments ago he was breaking something….

If you scolding Maybe I won’t do it anymore, or maybe I will. In the event that he does, he will also come out to greet you when you return home. They can remember concrete facts how breaking is wrong, but they don’t remember hiding after doing it, instead they come out to greet you.

It may sound a bit complex but it is quite simple actually. We can teach them things with repetitive exercises, but they can’t remember what they did ten minutes ago.

dog thinking

Memory associated with images, smells and noise

Known as long-term memory, a dog is able to associate the image of a human with something positive, such as petting, playing, or eating. So when the dog sees that person, now or ten years from now, it will have the same feeling.

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Their incredible sense of smell allows them to associate smells with feelings or moments, so that the smell of our cologne can make them feel excited and very happy, knowing that we are coming home even if they haven’t seen us.

The same happens with the noises, if our dog enjoys walking through the forest because there are no car noises and if from nature and other animals, it does not matter which forest you take him, whenever he hears those sounds he will feel comfortable.

playing with dog

How long can they remember a human?

It does not matter if it is us or a family member, or simply a friend who has stopped by a few times. Our dog will always remember, surprised @ ?.

His memory is so complex but good at the same time, that he will not only remember the image of the person, but also his smell and the sound of his voice, his ring tone. So even if you only listen to it or smell it, you will be able to identify it without any problem over time.

If you have ever scolded your dog and you are worried that it will remember it, unfortunately you have to know that it will always remember it. But you can create a better and more positive memory about yourself, taking care of it and pampering it, with time it will remember you like this.