American Bully breed | Characteristics, character and care

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American Bully dog

Also known as a bullypit or american bullypit, the American Bully is a dog of North American origin, robust looking and somewhat intimidating at first glance.

It comes from the mixture of American pitbull terrier and the American Staffordshire terrier. And it was not recognized as such until 1990, when it was officially registered. In countries like Spain, it is considered a potentially dangerous breed of dog.

It is not an aggressive breed, but due to its great bulk and strength, with a bad education it can be a really dangerous dog.

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Index of contents

  • 1 How is the character of the American Bully?
  • 2 Physical characteristics of the Bullypit
  • 3 How to Educate an American Bully
  • 4 Recommended care for an American Bully

How is the character of the American Bully?

Despite its somewhat fierce appearance, the character of the American Bully can be friendly and docile as long as he receives proper education and socialization. His stable and outgoing character make him a good dog in the first instance.

It is a breed that likes activity when out for a walk, but at home its behavior is calm. Knowing how to distinguish perfectly when you can and cannot do a bit of “trasto”.

Being a genetically strong breed, since puppies are somewhat dominant and territorial, as is the case with most prey breeds. However, a correct education from puppies will correct these possible problems.

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The American bully it is a protective dog and is endowed with physical qualities capable of intimidating the most daring. Due to its qualities as a watchdog, it is important to train it correctly to avoid scares.


Physical characteristics of the Bullypit

The American bully is a medium-sized dog. Its height is around forty-five centimeters at the withers and its weight can even reach fifty kilos.

On a physical level, its large head and powerful jaws stand out. Its neck is short and thick and it has a fairly wide chest. His entire body is robust overall, athletic.

In proportion to its body, its legs and tail are rather short. However, we should not be fooled, since it has great agility.

Depending on its physical conditions, we can classify the American Bully in several types:

  • American Bully Pocket: Rather small in size, it is the most popular of the breed.
  • American Bully classic: Its size is medium, it has good physical proportions in relation to the size of the chest / legs.
  • American Bully Standard: As its name suggests, it is considered the standard of American bully. Native to the other varieties of American bully.
  • American bully extreme: Somewhat more robust than the standart, in size and proportions.
  • American Bully XL: Can you imagine a specimen of this breed but of giant size? Well there you have the XL.

Regardless of the type of Bully it is, the American Bully’s coat is always short, firm, and smooth. With colors such as white, black, brown or gray, generally bearing the white chest. The colors that are not officially supported are albino or merlé, nor are the specimens known as American bully Blue.

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How to Educate an American Bully

The education of this breed requires something as basic as an experienced owner, being a strong dog with a temperament, it is necessary to know how to educate him well as a puppy.

There are no bad dogs, but there are dogs that genetically are more likely to be aggressive or territorial That is why it is extremely important to properly educate an American bully, because in the wrong hands, it can be a great danger.

Puppy socialization is a must, well how to teach him how to control bite. Mastering him and letting him know his place in the pack (family) is paramount to avoiding behavior problems.

We do not recommend this breed to people with no experience in dog education, nor to people with little personality, fear or little physical strength. However, here are some tips for your education:

  • How to train a potentially dangerous dog.

american bully puppy

Recommended care for an American Bully

As it is a very active breed, the ideal is to take it out at least three times a day for long walks and let it release its excess energy. Exercising with how to run or to be chased by bike is a great idea.

Thanks to its short hair it will not be a dog that requires great hygiene care, although a couple of weekly brushings and a monthly bath is always recommended to keep it clean.

Due to the folds that may form on your skin, it is very beneficial to dry it thoroughly to avoid leaving moisture between the folds It could develop fungi.

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At the nutritional level, we should focus on a feed that contains a large amount of high-quality protein, avoiding feed with excess cereal or low-quality meat (by-products).

As for its health, The American Bully is a strong dog that, well cared for, will hardly give us any problems. However, some specimens are prone to dysplasia, so we should discuss it with the vet for routine check-ups.