7 Things a Dog Hates You to Do

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angry dog

Despite the wealth of information we have at our fingertips on how to care for and educate a dog, you will surely be surprised to learn about the things a dog hates you doing.

Many of us sin by thinking that they are things that dogs like, either because we have been doing them for a long time or because we have seen them do other people. But in reality, they are things that dogs almost never like.

From Dogsis.com we are going to review what are all those things, details or behaviors that dogs detest that we do. Praparad @? Let’s go there.

Index of contents

  • 1 Stroke it on the head
  • 2 Pick him up when walking
  • 3 Touching the feet of a dog
  • 4 Jerk him during the ride
  • 5 Not exercise
  • 6 Tease him when he’s doing his thing
  • 7 Give hugs

Stroke it on the head

In spite of what most people think about how to pet a dog, the truth is that dogs hate that we touch their heads. Whether it is with little taps in the “good boy” plan or with caresses on the skull or cheeks, it is something that we should not do.

Our dog may allow us out of respect, since for him we are his family and surely the leader of the pack, but that does not mean that he likes it, it is more, surely he detests it.

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pet dog

The correct way to pet a dog, be it our dog or an unknown dog, is by petting its back. In cases where we already have confidence with the dog, we can also caress its neck from the top.

You can learn more about petting a dog from: How to greet a dog correctly.

Pick him up when walking

There are many people who, when walking their dog and crossing other dogs, make the great mistake of taking their dog in their arms with the intention of protecting it? or any other reason.

Dogs need to greet each other to socialize well, they must smell other dogs and let other dogs smell them, it is their natural way of communicating. Even if you don’t like another dog, it’s normal for them to growl a bit, it’s totally natural.

Taking a dog in your arms is a big mistake because we prevent it from relating to other dogs and we even humanize it in a certain way, causing it to acquire bad habits that will eventually take its toll.

Touching the feet of a dog

Surely you have thought that your dog hates that you cut his nails because when you try to do it he removes his paws. But it’s not like that, clip a dog’s nails It is completely normal and that well done, it is not a problem.

However, touching a dog’s paws is not such a good idea, because among the many things a dog hates you to do, touching its feet is among the most important. Mainly when it comes to touching the soles of the feet.

dog feet

The paws of dogs are strange as it may seem, extremely sensitive. Touching them causes them discomfort or even tickling, but not the kind of tickle they like but annoying tickle.

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That is why we must avoid touching the paws of our dog, because it is simply something that he does not like. If we want to tickle you, scratching your tummy is the best option.

Jerk him during the ride

When we walk with our dog we try to enjoy a quiet walk in which our dog walks at our own pace and not by pulling on the leash. But one thing is what we want and another what dogs want.

They love to stop every minute and sniff the area where they are walking, greet other dogs, eat food scraps, etc … Something that often ends up driving us crazy and we end up pulling a bit on the leash.

We should not pull on the leash of our dog because they hate it, they want to enjoy their walk as they like, stopping, smelling, waving, etc … So it is we who must have a little patience and let them enjoy the smells.

Obviously a very different thing is a dog constantly pulling on the leash, something that prevents enjoying a pleasant walk. For this we recommend you read: How to prevent my dog ​​from pulling on the leash.

Not exercise

Do you think that your dog is an elite athlete who needs to do a daily marathon? Make no mistake, they don’t need to exercise as much but nevertheless, most breeds of dogs do require a bit of daily exercise.

Dogs hate not going for a walk or not being able to spend their excess energy, so it is very important to take long walks daily and, as far as possible, get them to exercise. For this we can take them with us for a bike ride or play with them, throwing the ball over and over again.

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dog walking

The important thing is that on a daily basis they feel fulfilled having spent their excess energy, in this way they will be dogs balanced physically and mentally.

Tease him when he’s doing his thing

In the same way that it bothers you that other people bother you when you are doing something that concentrates you, your dog hates that you bother him when he is doing his things.

When you eat, when you sleep, when you relieve yourself or when you are playing … your dog enjoys doing those things and hates being interrupted when he does them. We must learn to respect our dog’s space and above all, its time.

The best way not to disturb our dog is to let him eat calmly, avoid making noises when he sleeps, not interrupt him when he is urinating or defecating and let him enjoy himself while he nibbles on his toys.

Give hugs

Hugs are purely human social gestures and although we like to hug our puppy to show our love, most dogs are not very happy to put their arms around them.

Most dog attacks on children occur precisely because children try to hug them like they are stuffed animals, something parents must correct. Dogs do not like to be hugged, they prefer other things to feel loved.

You can get more detailed information on this topic from: Is it good to hug a dog?