112 Names for male dogs and their meaning

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There are thousands of meaningful male dog names, so choosing the right one for your furry companion can become a problem. If you’ve just adopted a dog, choosing the right name can take time – it’s so many that it’s hard to know where to start!

Thinking about this, we offer you several lists with original and meaningful dog names. Choose the best for your new friend!

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Index of contents

  • 1 Meaningful big dog names
  • 2 Names for small male dogs with meaning
  • 3 Arabic names for male dogs with meaning
  • 4 White male dog names


Meaningful big dog names

Do you have a large breed dog and don’t know what to call it? Ideally, choose an impressive name that expresses power and strength. Choose the one you like best!

  • Shadow: it means shadow in English.
  • Hercules: Greek demigods famous for their strength.
  • Draco: dragon in latin.
  • Boss: boss in English.
  • Dark: black or dark in English.
  • Thor: Norse god of thunder.
  • Horus: Egyptian god of creation.
  • Lucky: lucky in english.
  • Nero: of Latin origin, means strength.
  • Hades: Greek god of thunder.
  • Fento: fern in Galician.
  • Wolf: wolf in English.
  • Zeus: Greek god of thunder.
  • Ra: Egyptian god of the sun.
  • Hunter: hunter in English.
  • Bragi: Norse god of wisdom.
  • Kwan: strong in Korean.
  • King: king in English.
  • Hephaestus: Greek god of blacksmithing.
  • Sarangi: emperor in Korean.
  • Masaki: of Japanese origin means large tree.
  • Sand: arena in English.
  • Choi: governor in Korean.
  • Takao: of Japanese origin, means hero.
  • Wyatt: English name, means warrior or fighter.
  • Boris: of Slavic origin, it means big bear and reminds of force.
  • Liam: Originally from Ireland, it means protector.
  • Ero: sword in Galician.
  • Sergio: name of Latin origin, means guardian.
  • Achilles: Trojan warrior considered invincible.
  • Corvo: crow in Galician.
  • Trevo: clover in Galician.
  • Uxío: Galician version of Eugenio, means the one who was born well.
  • Atreus: Greek mythological character.
  • André: Galician version of Andrés, means virile.
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little dog

Names for small male dogs with meaning

Small breed puppies may also have an original name with interesting meaning. Which one of these is your favorite?

  • Duke: duke in English.
  • Saltón: Galician grasshopper.
  • Kin: gold in japanese.
  • Dino: The Flintstones mascot.
  • Prince: prince in English.
  • Merlo: blackbird in Galician.
  • Osián: fawn or small deer in Galician.
  • Benji: means the smallest, its origin is Hebrew.
  • Fluffy: fluffy in English.
  • Anxo: Galician version of Angel, means messenger.
  • Cookie: cookie in english.
  • Kenta: of Japanese origin, means strong.
  • Danger: danger in English.
  • Hugo: of Germanic origin, it means intelligent.
  • Almond: almond in English.
  • Makki: means the smallest in Korean.
  • Asher: name of Hebrew origin, means happ
  • Came: came in Galician.
  • Alvaro: name of Germanic origin, means defender.
  • Bacon: bacon in English.
  • Figo: fig in Galician.
  • Hiroshi: means generous in Japanese.
  • Junior: refers to someone small in English, or minor league.
  • Chingu: friend in korean.
  • Coffee: coffee in English.
  • Gray: Gray in English.
  • Mel: honey in Galician.
  • Yepee: happy in Korean.
  • Golden: means golden in English.
  • Pixie: English forest fairies.


Arabic names for male dogs with meaning

If you are interested in Arab culture, you will be happy to know that you can choose from many names with meaning for your male dog:

  • Nader: exceptional or special.
  • Hakin: wise.
  • Salim: peaceful.
  • Zah: bright.
  • Amin: faithful.
  • Halim: patient.
  • Zafir: victorious or winner.
  • Khalil: means faithful friend.
  • Ali: noble.
  • Tahir: pure.
  • Rabbi: spring wind.
  • Husayn: beautiful.
  • Nazeh: chaste.
  • Kaliq: creative.
  • Mishaal: illuminated or bright.
  • Ghaith: rain.
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White male dog names

Just adopted a white dog? Pick one of these awesome names for him!

  • Snow: means snow in English.
  • Guior: of Hebrew origin, it means brilliant or fantastic.
  • Neboa: fog in Galician.
  • Hamal: lamb in arabic.
  • Neve: snow in Galician.
  • Ghost: ghost in English.
  • Dollar: the dog from the movie Ricky Ricón.
  • Orballo: dew in Galician.
  • Allo: garlic in Galician.
  • Aldo: German name which means noble.
  • You will see: summer in Galician.
  • Dubu: tofu in Korean.
  • Queixo: cheese in Galician.
  • Courage: the dog from the cartoon Courage, the cowardly dog.
  • Winter: winter in English.
  • Alaska: referring to the North country, known for being a land of ice.
  • Archer: archer in English.
  • Soft: soft in English.
  • Lopo: wolf in Galician.
  • Silver: means silver in English.
  • Shiro: white in Korean.
  • Fiz: happy in Galician.
  • Sky: sky in English.
  • Everest: refers to the highest mountain in the world.
  • Cloud: cloud in English.
  • Rain: rain in English.
  • Darwin: name of English origin, means friend.
  • Cotton: cotton in English.
  • Charlie: English version of the name Carlos.
  • Milk: milk in English.
  • Iron: steel in English.