Why is my dog following me everywhere? – Causes and solutions

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dog chasing me

Many of us see daily how our puppy accompanies us to the kitchen, to the bedroom, to the living room and even to the bathroom. And more than once the question “why does my dog follow me everywhere?” Comes to mind.

Whether you’re one of those who have patience and don’t mind constant persecution, or those who feel a little overwhelmed or overwhelmed, you’re sure to want to know the answer, so let’s go there.

Index of contents

  • 1 Herd instinct
  • 2 Reasons the dog chases you
  • 3 The desire to eat also influences
  • 4 How to prevent our dog from chasing us around the house
  • 5 Can it be a behavior problem?

Herd instinct

There is always talk of how the dog comes from the wolf (Canis Lupus), has an instinct that makes him follow the alpha male unconditionally, as a faithful member of his pack.

But today it is how to say that humans prefer to sleep in the jungle because it is their ape instinct. Come on, what It has little to do with reality about your dog’s herd instinct.

Reasons the dog chases you

It has been shown that dogs follow a person out of affection, out of love. They know who their “human” is, what feeds them, pampers them, caresses them, etc. And that’s why, that’s why they are so happy when we return home.

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That same love makes them need to be by our side. Thus they feel protected, comfortable and loved. It is the reason why our dog chases us all over the house, everywhere.

  • You feed it so it doesn’t go hungry
  • You also take care of him so that he is healthy and clean
  • You pamper him, caress him and play with him

Humans control our feelings a lot but dogs cannot, so if we go to the classroom they will want to come to the classroom with us and if we go to the bathroom, they will also want to come, what is that of intimacy? Hahaha.

dog on the sofa

The desire to eat also influences

In addition to his big heart, we must not forget that dogs they have an incredibly developed sense of smell and an insatiable appetite. That is, in addition to always being hungry, they can smell food much more intensely than we do.

So if you get a snack from time to time, it is normal that they also accompany us constantly, especially if it is on the way to the kitchen. Who has not given you or normally gives you a little bit of your food?

How to prevent our dog from chasing us around the house

Personally I see a monumental mistake scolding our dog if he chases us, it is as if we scold him for loving us, something absurd. So the solution is for something much simpler, entertainment.

With my dogs it never fails and it is that food can more than love sometimes lol. Try giving your puppy a snack that he likes and tell him to eat it quietly in his bed.

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The “nerves” work very well for my dogs, they are bull, ox or similar nerves, which are dry. Being tough they have a good time gnawing to eat them, so they stay entertained in their beds.

You can try with special bones for dogs or with a toy in which you can put some food, such as the well-known “KONG for dogs”.

Can it be a behavior problem?

It all depends on how you behave when we are not at home. You will know that you have a problem when you get back and your dog has bitten a piece of furniture or destroyed a cushion or the like.

When a dog left alone at home destroys, because often suffers from anxiety due to separation from his human, which ends up exciting him excessively making him lose control.

Otherwise, our dog chasing us is not really a problem. More than the fact of not having intimacy, if this bothers you, simply apply some of the tricks that I have commented and enjoy 😉

Always remember that even if you think it is a pet, to him you are his whole family.