How do you know if a dog has a cold? Symptoms

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In the same way that humans get cold, dogs are also capable of catching a cold, which can be more or less severe depending on their symptoms. Mild cases usually remit within a week, but severe cases require veterinary attention.

If your dog coughs or sneezes or has a cough, it is possible that it has a cold. That is why from Dogsis we explain what you should, what treatments exist and everything you should know.

Index of contents

  • 1 How to tell if my dog ​​has a cold – Symptoms
  • 2 Home remedies to cure a cold in dogs
  • 3 How do I know if my dog ​​has a bad cold?
  • 4 How does a dog catch a cold?

How to tell if my dog ​​has a cold – Symptoms

If you have come this far it is because you suspect that your dog may have a cold. The cold in dogs is caused by an infection of the respiratory system and presents these recognizable symptoms:

  • Cough or sneeze
  • Excessive mucus in the nose or throat
  • Lack of appetite, eat less or don’t eat
  • Sometimes they have fever
  • Apathy, watery eyes, tiredness

It is not usual for a dog to show all the symptoms during a cold, it is usual for it to show only a few. Although coughs or sneezes are very common and usually the first to appear.

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Home remedies to cure a cold in dogs

Colds are very common in dogs, it is a disease that they usually get once or twice a year and are usually mild colds. This type of cold does not require medicinal treatment normally, since it can be cured with a few simple home remedies:

  • Prevent the dog from being cold, shelter him if he goes for a walk in winter and put his bed in a warm place at home.
  • Do not bathe him while he has a cold, as it can get cold and worsen.
  • Get plenty of rest, avoid long walks or exercise.
  • Do not breathe smokeAvoid going through dusty places or going to places where you smoke.
  • Give it a little honey if you have a bad cough
  • Feed it well and always have water within reach to drink.

With this simple treatment we can help our dog overcome the cold and improve its state of health. Normally in seven days you will have fully recovered when it comes to a mild cold.

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How do I know if my dog ​​has a bad cold?

If our dog has a high fever, Does not improve over the days or is extremely down, it will be obligatory to go to the vet to carry out a review and to prescribe the necessary medicines.

If our dog is less than a year old, is an old man or suffers from a disease and catches a cold, it will also be necessary to go to the vet.

Some colds are more serious than others and in these cases veterinary attention is always necessary. From a stronger virus to a weak immune system due to being a puppy, the elderly or having some other disease … the reasons why in some dogs the cold worsens can be several.

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How does a dog catch a cold?

Dogs catch a cold in the same way as humans, by catching other dogs with a cold or by a virus that causes an infection in their respiratory system.

If our dog is cold or is very exposed to drafts, it is very likely that it will catch a cold of its own. If you play with a dog that has a cold, you can catch it and get sick.

In fact, it is very easy for them to catch a cold, although luckily the usual thing is that they have mild colds.