Why is my Bodeguero Andaluz nervous?

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There are many queries that come to us daily via email asking about the nervousness that this breed acquires due to mere genetics. And is that these little ones do not stop still for a second !!

Let’s see the origin of those nerves and what we can do on our part to make them calmer, but just as fun.

Index of contents

  • 1 Is it a nervous race?
  • 2 How to prevent our Winemaker from being nervous
    • 2.1 4 daily walks
    • 2.2 Exercise
    • 2.3 Healthy food
  • 3 Causes that cause nervousness in an Andalusian Winemaker

Is it a nervous race?

Without a doubt, the Andalusian Ratonero Bodeguero has a lot of nerve, so much so that he can give us five laps before we blink. Perhaps it is a little exaggerated, but it is true that they have a lot, but a lot of nerve.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, it’s just that genetically they are like this, very active, restless, curious and impatient. Some specimens are somewhat nervous and others very nervous. Which one do you live with?


How to prevent our Winemaker from being nervous

It is impossible to make them lose all their nerve completely, as it is part of their own essence. But we can make them much calmer and less agitated.

For this we simply have to maintain a healthy life with them and give them what they need, freedom. Let’s see some tips that will come in handy for you to calm down.

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4 daily walks

Yes we talk about at least four walks a day, not at most. And also, at least two of them must be at least an hour long, where they can run freely and / or play with other dogs.

It is essential that release your excess energy so they can calm down. Excess energy not released can accumulate and lead to behavioral changes (biting – breaking things at home, for example).


Our dog needs to exercise every day, yes, it is very small, but it needs it. Only in this way can you feel fulfilled and thus when you get home you will be calmer.

It is not to burst it to run, we must never force it (it must be the one who sets the pace). But we must let it run freely for at least an hour.

We can play with him throwing the ball, or let him join us for jogging (soft) or just let him have fun playing with other dogs (most recommended).

Healthy food

Surely you think that buying a feed of a medium-high price you are already feeding your Winemaker welllet us remind you how confused you are. There is no better diet than natural, based on fresh products (known as BARF diet).

Every person who tests their dog confirms the results, less bulky stools, a happier dog, better hair shine and a great decrease in anxiety. That is, much calmer dogs.


Causes that cause nervousness in an Andalusian Winemaker

There are some fairly everyday factors in dogs’ real lives, which have a very negative influence on their mood and stress. The greater the amount of stress, the greater nervousness.

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We know all these factors, but either we have not stopped to think about them or we did not give importance to them in their day. Let’s remember them:

  • Leave our Andalusian Winemaker alone at home many hours a day Do not go out enough to walk with him / Do not let him exercise daily
  • Use pre-made food (I think) even knowing that natural is better and cheaper. Over-scolding our dog (will cause stress) / Do not let it be part of the family
  • Not socializing him, not letting him play with other dogs on a daily basis Chillarle or get mad at him, instead of using the positive reinforcement technique (the most recommended by experts)
  • Not taking care of your health (if you have pain you will become even more nervous)

So now that we know all the reasons, it is our responsibility to make you feel fulfilled on a daily basis and apply good practices.