Should I sacrifice the dog? – Only causes to practice Euthanasia

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We do not imagine a worse situation for a person than having to really consider sacrificing their dog, obviously for some reason of greater cause. But just because it is something that can be done… does not mean that it is something that should be done, or at least not in most situations where unfortunately it is done.

Since this is a subject of great conflict, we would like to explain the situations in which if our puppy should be helped to end his life and the situations in which we should not, under any circumstances, sacrifice him.

Index of contents

  • 1 My dog ​​is sick Should I slaughter it?
  • 2 My dog ​​has bitten Should I slaughter it?
  • 3 My dog ​​is old. Should I slaughter it?
  • 4 How is a dog slaughtered?

My dog ​​is sick Should I slaughter it?

When we hear cases of people who have sacrificed their puppies, or abandoned them simply because they have an illness, our soul falls to the ground. We do not even want to think what these people will do when their partners, children or parents get sick … Will they abandon them too?

There is only one excuse to slaughter a sick dog, and that is that the vet will let us know. Only the vet can tell when a dog is so sick that it will only suffer. Consequently, obviously it is best to put him to sleep so that he does not suffer. These are cases such as a terminal cancer that causes pain, or a hit that has caused irreparable damage that causes a lot of pain or the impossibility of living. Only in these few cases and always under the recommendation of a veterinaryn can this act be excused, since it is done out of mere humanity.

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Most sick puppies, that is, 99% of sick puppies, do not need to be euthanized. Many of them only need medication to lead a normal life, or special care. But that does not mean under any circumstances that we should take away their lives.

Imagine that your mother, your father, your husband or wife, or one of your children is ill… .. would you seriously consider sacrificing it? I think not, the normal thing is to go to the doctor and continue living with the medication that is necessary. Well the same with our puppy, he or she is part of our family.

My dog ​​has bitten Should I slaughter it?

If your dog has bitten another puppy, you shouldn’t slaughter it. It is normal between dogs that there are arguments and that on some occasions, they end in confrontation. There are fewer occasions when unfortunately a puppy dies, but that doesn’t mean you have to slaughter the other dog. Furthermore, in countries such as Spain, it is prohibited for at least the following fifteen days, for reasons of quarantine.

If your dog has bitten a person, you should not sacrifice it either, since the person responsible is you and not your dog. You are directly responsible for the acts of your puppy, if your dog is aggressive you should have muzzle, and if your puppy bites you should have taken a professional trainer. There is no excuse here that the dog is bad, the bad are humans, not dogs.

There is a lot of facility to blame the dog when something bad or serious happens, it is a dog that is bad, it is a dog that does not learn, etc…. But the truth is that in 99% of cases, the problem is the fault of the owner and not of the dog.

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Never sacrifice a dog for these reasons, it is not fair to him. You have thousands of professional trainers at your disposal, a prevention system such as muzzles, etc …

old dog

My dog ​​is old. Should I slaughter it?

I hope that someday when you too are a very old person, someone will ask you if they should sacrifice you…. Seriously, it is not possible for someone to sacrifice your dog just for being old, as it is the greatest injustice that can be committed.

Only when a puppy is already in its last moments, and as long as a vet recommends it It can be sedated so that it does not suffer pain and can rest in peace.

Losing a friend is hard, but harder is watching him suffer. We must know how to differentiate when the time has come, and it is something that we will not know how to do, so we should always consult a veterinaryn. You can get more info at:

  • Symptoms of aging in dogs.

How is a dog slaughtered?

When there is no other solution to do, that is, when the vet recommends us to do it because it is the only solution to end your pain, it is when it should be done.

Dogs are ALWAYS euthanized in a veterinary hospital, except when the vet moves to the house where the puppy lives. The vet will sedate our puppy That is, he will put a sedative to sleep and thus not suffer. Once the puppy is fully asleep, he is given another injection that contains something that will end his life.

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Under no circumstances should a puppy be sacrificed without being completely sedated first. And always, a certified veterinaryn must do it, otherwise you would be committing a crime of animal abuse.

So you already know the cases in which our puppy should be helped to rest in peace, unique and exclusively when it is the only option, it is to relieve your pain (incurable) and always under veterinary recommendation.

And remember that a dog’s life is not measured on its last day, but on all the happy days you have spent with him and with you.