Why do dogs cry sometimes? Discover the reasons

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dog cries

No one can avoid feeling guilty when they see their dog crying, whining or howling, a protective feeling invades us that makes us wonder what we can do for him so that he does not feel bad. Dogs cry for many reasons but in order to help them we must know what exactly is happening to them.

Dogs cry when they are lonely, when something hurts, when they feel fear or anxiety and even when they are a little bitch and just want to manipulate us. Sometimes they cry only in certain circumstances, such as when they go by car or to the vet, controlling these situations to alleviate them is very simple if you know how.

Let’s review what are the main causes that can make our dog cry and what we can do to make them feel better and not cry. Remember that in a way, dogs are like children, sometimes they just need a little attention.

Index of contents

  • 1 Dogs crying out of anxiety or fear
  • 2 Some dogs cry out of loneliness or melancholy
  • 3 Dogs that cry because they feel bad
  • 4 Why is my dog crying? Canine manipulation

Dogs crying out of anxiety or fear

Although it seems strange, this is one of the main reasons why dogs cry, especially puppies, which still do not know how to deal with certain situations given their inexperience.

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Dogs are companion animals and by this we do not mean that they are animals to keep us company but that they live in packs, accompanied by other members of their species or in many occasions, by humans.

They cannot understand that it is not possible to take them to work or to the store to make the purchase, they do not understand those moments when they are alone at home and see that we leave, they get stressed. Their main fear is not knowing if you are abandoning them, if you will return soon or what is happening so that you leave and they must stay.

melancholic puppy

This is called separation stress and it is one of the reasons why dogs cry when they are left alone, because of fear or anxiety caused by not understanding what is happening.

Some types of fear, such as the one they suffer when they go to the vet or when they get in the car, will also produce crying in the dog. These should be treated with distraction therapy, patience, and insistence.

Some dogs cry out of loneliness or melancholy

This happens mainly to puppies, although it can also affect young dogs. When they are weaned and separated from their mother and brothers, it is usually because they start a life with us, because they are adopted.

But for them it is an abrupt and painful change, not feeling the warmth of their mother or the company of their brothers is a new challenge for them. Adapting to their new life is sometimes too hard and crying is the best way they have to express themselves .

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We will know that it is loneliness or melancholy because our dog will cry at night mainly when we are sleeping and sitting alone. It is normally when he will miss his mother and brothers the most, causing crying in our dog.

Dogs that cry because they feel bad

Just as we humans do, when a dog feels bad it also complains, in most cases by whining or moaning. Dogs that are sick and in pain cry to express their discomfort.

Dogs cannot speak and so they use their body language, among which in addition to gestures such as stooping and withdrawing ears or hiding the tail between the legs, they will also use sounds such as crying.

dog crying to manipulate

Not only diseases or pain can cause a dog to whine, if it is hungry or thirsty it will also cry to tell us its state. Remember that they are much smarter than they seem and will use all their weapons to let us know what is happening to them.

Why is my dog crying? Canine manipulation

When we say that dogs are very intelligent, we do not mean to say … it is a fully proven fact. There are much smarter dogs than most of the people around us, oddly enough.

Some of these dogs have learned to manipulate us through acts such as crying, if they have ever whined and paid attention to them, we have cuddled or approached them to see what happens to them … they will have learned that crying is a great technique to get our attention.

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Even if we are eating something and they want us to give them a little bit because they also want to try our food, they will know that by whining a little by our side we will fall into the mistake of giving them some food. And we say error because they will quickly learn what they should do every time they want to eat what we are eating.

Can a dog cry just to manipulate us? Of course, what’s more, they will learn to do it very easily. When a dog wants to get something, mainly food or pampering, he will use all the techniques he knows to get it. From putting on eyes and a sad face to crying a little to achieve your goal.

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