How to clean my dog’s eyes with chamomile

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clean the dog's eye with chamomile

The healing properties of chamomile make it, since ancient times, a natural remedy widely used to treat various health problems. And not only in humans. In fact, it is common to recommend cleaning a dog’s eyes with chamomile to treat some eye conditions.

Is it a really effective practice? Is it really a good thing or can it backfire? It is normal for all these doubts to arise and that is why at Dogsis we have wanted to dedicate a full article to this topic. So you can know to what extent it is recommended to use it.

Index of contents

  • 1 What are the healing properties of chamomile for the eyes of dogs?
  • 2 How to prepare a chamomile infusion for the dog’s eyes
  • 3 How to Clean a Dog’s Eyes With Chamomile

What are the healing properties of chamomile for the eyes of dogs?

Chamomile (matricaria chamomilla) is an aromatic herb that has many anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antibacterial and soothing properties, in addition to digestive. All this is due to some of its components or active ingredients, such as alpha – bisabolol or camazulene, present in its essential oil.

In dogs it can help treat some eye problems, as it reduces high eye pressure, preventing the development of glaucoma or loss of vision. This increase in pressure can be due to multiple causes, such as blows, changes in the eye or the effect of a medicine.

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dog and chamomile

Chamomile, therefore, helps the pressure stabilize. So, cleaning a dog’s eyes with chamomile when they are inflamed or irritated can be beneficial, but always with great caution. What does this mean? Well, whether you decide to use this remedy or not, d You should visit the vet so he can examine the dog.

Chamomile can be a good complement to another treatment, but it is important that a professional can diagnose what happens to our furry friend to prevent an eye problem from getting worse. In addition, you must follow certain recommendations when applying chamomile to the dog’s eye, so that, as popular wisdom says, “the remedy is not worse than the disease.” What are those recommendations? Let’s see.

How to prepare a chamomile infusion for the dog’s eyes

The best way to clean a dog’s eyes with chamomile is to prepare an infusion with water. For this we must follow the following steps:

  • Boil a quarter of a liter of water in a saucepan with half a tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers. You can get them from a herbalist or on the Internet.
  • When the boiling point is reached, remove the saucepan from the heat and cover it so that the water can infuse.
  • After several minutes, remove the lid and let the chamomile cool down completely. With a strainer, remove the flowers.
  • Store the infusion in the fridge for a few more minutes.

To enhance the anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile it is important for the infusion to cool down. Of course, without spending time, because if it ferments, bacteria can proliferate. In the event that they reach the dog’s eye, they could worsen their condition.

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If there is any injury to the eye, internal or external, it is not recommended to use this remedy. The reason is that we could favor an infection if the infusion ferments and we don’t realize it.

In addition, you should bear in mind that chamomile water is not a sterilized product, such as saline or other products recommended by the vet. For this reason, you must take extreme precautions both when making the infusion and when applying it.

clean the dog's eye with chamomile

How to Clean a Dog’s Eyes With Chamomile

When the chamomile infusion is ready and has cooled, the following steps to apply this natural remedy are:

  • Take a sterile gauze and moisten it in the infusion.
  • Gently clean the dog’s eyes with chamomile, avoiding harm.
  • You can also let several drops fall into the eye area; With the same wet gauze, do a gentle massage.

In case you want to use chamomile water several times a day to clean the dog’s eyes, remember that you do not have to save the same infusion. It has to be a new one every time, so that it does not ferment.

In conclusion: you can use chamomile as a complement to other eye treatments or as a preventive measure to maintain good eye hygiene and thus prevent the dog from having eye problems.

Chamomile can help treat conjunctivitis in dogs, delete the files, to relieve itchy eyes and combat redness or inflammation. All this, thanks to the healing properties of this special herb, but you must know how to use it well.