What is the best Bark Collar? Types and uses

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barking dog

Barking is one more form of communication that dogs use to express nervousness, anxiety, get our attention or simply express some feeling. It is totally normal for a dog to bark, it is part of his way of being and expression.

However, a dog barking excessively can become a serious problem. That is why the anti-bark collar was invented, to prevent our dog from barking compulsively, since it can be a problem for our neighbors and for ourselves.

Let’s see in detail what exactly anti-bark collars consist of, how we should use them, which are the most effective and what prices they have.

Index of contents

  • 1 What is a bark collar?
  • 2 How does a bark collar work?
  • 3 What types of bark collars are there?
  • 4 Is the anti-bark collar safe for my dog?
  • 5 Are there alternatives to the anti-bark collar?
  • 6 Is it suitable for all sizes and ages?
  • 7 What is the best necklace to stop him from barking?

What is a bark collar?

A bark collar is a normal collar that incorporates a small emitter, which detects the dog’s barking and acts accordingly to get his attention and keep him from barking.

This type of necklace works with its own battery and generally automatically. Thus preventing our dog from barking even when left alone at home. There are also models with remote control, to activate them manually when we deem it appropriate.

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How does a bark collar work?

The emitter containing all the anti-bark collars is able to detect by acoustic signals or by vibration the barking of our dog. When this happens, the emitter vibrates, beeps or discharges a small amount of spray, making our dog feel uncomfortable and surprised at the same time.

As days go by the dog associates the bark with something it does not like, like the beep, the vibration or the discharge of spray (an unpleasant smell for him), causing him to reduce his barking considerably.

What types of bark collars are there?

Currently and thanks to the application of new technologies to this field, We have at our disposal three types of highly effective anti-bark collars:

  • Anti-bark collar with beeps
  • Anti-bark collar with vibration
  • Anti-bark collar with spray

In many cases we will find that the anti-bark collar includes beeps and vibration in the same model, it is something common that increases the effectiveness of the collar itself. There are even some models that include beep, vibration and spray, making them the most complete on the market.

Is the anti-bark collar safe for my dog?

Definitely yes. The anti-bark collar that works by beeping, spray or vibration is totally safe and respectful with your dog and with you. They do not harm the dog, they do not contain substances toxic to their health and do not emit any kind of electric shock.

This type of collars is totally designed to educate the dog not to bark, without inflicting any damage. They’re safe and in the vast majority of cases, very effective.

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Are there alternatives to the anti-bark collar?

Of course, the best alternative to the bark collar is education / training. To do this, we simply must correct our dog when it barks. As the days go by, you will learn that barking is not right and you will stop trying to get our attention with that kind of language.

To prevent a dog from barking, follow these easy steps:

  1. Don’t listen to him when he barks. He tries to get your attention and if he succeeds, he will bark whenever he wants you to listen to him. The best thing to do when you bark is to ignore it.
  2. If it barks next to us, we can correct it. With a loud and resounding “No!” or a little bite, we can make him understand that we don’t want him to bark. (Learn how to bite your dog: How to correct a dog)
  3. If he barks when he is alone, we must correct his anxiety. Many dogs bark when left alone because they suffer from anxiety, something that we can correct by making small exits from the home and gradually lengthening them. (All about the separation anxiety in dogs)

If by following these steps we do not get our dog to stop barking or we simply do not have time to apply them, we can use an anti-bark collar that will help us with the learning process almost automatically.

Is it suitable for all sizes and ages?

Although some manufacturers will say yes, the truth is that no. It is not recommended to use the bark collar on puppies less than six months old. Neither in mini / toy size dogs, since most models of anti-bark collars are designed for dogs weighing more than five kilos.

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What is the best necklace to stop him from barking?

Undoubtedly, there is no better or worse collar, since each dog is different and will react better or worse to different stimuli, such as vibration, beeping (sound signal) or exposure to an unpleasant odor for the (spray ).

Simply Remember to never use, under any circumstances, necklaces that emit electric shocks, because they are very harmful to your health.

In our opinion, a necklace that incorporates vibration and beep, or beep and spray, can be great options (that alternate both functions).