How much exercise should a dog do per day? Find out!

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We know very well that moderate exercise is synonymous with health, however this is not applicable in dogs since depending on age and breed, it is not always recommended to encourage our dog to exercise.

While some breeds need to spend their energy on a daily basis with long walks and exercise, others just need to go out for a while to relieve themselves. Let’s see in detail how much exercise a dog should do a day based on its characteristics.

Index of contents

  • 1 Which dogs need exercise frequently?
  • 2 Which dogs should NOT exercise?
  • 3 How to exercise with a dog
  • 4 Exercise intensity and frequency
  • 5 Mind games are also necessary

Which dogs need exercise frequently?

Some breeds are very active due to their genetics and these are the ones that, at general levels, demand the most exercise on a daily basis to feel comfortable. We are definitely talking about the terrier breeds, herding dogs and hunting / hound dogs.

  • Terriers: Pitbull, Airedale, Fox, Staffordshire, Labrador, etc …
  • Shepherds: German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Basque Shepherd, etc…
  • Hounds: Saint Hubert, Otter Dog, Basset Hound, Dalmatian, etc …

The healthy and adult specimens of these breeds need to exercise daily with a medium intensity. It is not enough to go for a walk, the ideal is that they accompany us while we run, ride a bike or even do with them agility sessions.

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Which dogs should NOT exercise?

We understand by exercising the act of running with a continuous average intensity. Dogs like puppies, small breed dogs, brachycephalic dogs, dogs with some pathology / disease or older dogs, should not exercise.

The aforementioned dogs should not exercise, but they should walk and play with other dogs at their own pace. Letting them set the pace to never force them.


How to exercise with a dog

The ideal for any dog ​​is to walk three or four times a day with a minimum duration of half an hour or an hour on each walk. We must let them sniff everything at their own pace, without haste, that they relieve themselves, that they mark, etc…. What is common in a dog.

If they get together with other dogs and want to play, better than better. There really is no better physical exercise than play. They will run, jump, bite and do everything while playing, exercising non-stop.

This is the best way to exercise any dog. But, some races like those mentioned at the beginning of this article, require a higher intensity of exercise. The best option for these dogs is to accompany us while jogging or biking or skating.

Exercise intensity and frequency

The races that demand more exercise, which accompany us while running or cycling, need an average of half an hour running. We should never force them to run if we see that they are fatigued We must set a rhythm where they just jog a little, nothing to go as far as we can … that is totally counterproductive.

  • Healthy and athletic dogs: Half an hour a day jogging lightly plus walks.
  • Non-athletic adult dogs: A lot of walking and playing with other dogs, throwing the ball at them.
  • Elderly dogs: Walks at your own pace, without great walks.
  • Puppies: Just go out and play, close to home, without great walks.
  • Sick or pathological dogs: Get out at your own pace to relieve yourself.
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All dogs need to go out to relieve themselves and walk a bit, but depending on their health, breed and age, we will limit the outings to just relieve themselves or add a walk of greater or less intensity. Not all dogs need intense exercise and forcing them will not make them stronger, on the contrary, it will be harmful to their health.

Mind games are also necessary

We should not confuse physical exercise with mental exercise. The former is only for some dogs, but mental exercise is for everyone. And based on your age, we can make it more complex or simple.

  • Intelligence games for dogs
  • Games to develop at home

The smartest breeds, such as sheepdogs, for example, require great mental stimulation, in addition to physical exercise. It is advisable to make mental games with them daily, so that they feel fulfilled.