What is the best diet for a Doberman? Find out!

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Doberman with food

If you have come this far it is because you already have a Doberman breed dog as a life partner and you want to feed it as well as possible so that it grows and stays healthy, right? Well let’s do it.

Remember that your health depends largely on the quality of your diet. A high quality diet will help you stay healthy and strong.

Index of contents

  • 1 How to Feed a Doberman Puppy
    • 1.1 What is the best feed for a puppy of Doberman breed?
  • 2 Feeding an adult Doberman
  • 3 How much should a Doberman eat?

How to Feed a Doberman Puppy

It is highly recommended to let our puppy feed on his mother’s breast milk until he is naturally weaned, something that will happen between two and three months of life.

At that moment, it is when little by little we can begin to introduce solid food into their diet. The first few times, slightly moistened to make it softer for your delicate baby teeth.

doberman puppy

What is the best feed for a puppy of Doberman breed?

We must choose a feed that is specific for puppies of large breeds, since our little you will need a lot of nutrients to develop properly.

Ideally, it should be a high-end feed, containing meat and not flour, cereals or derivatives as the first ingredients, and also having the ingredients hydrolyzed.

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Did you know……? The hydrolyzed process makes the nutrients much more assimilable, so that you take better advantage of them and are less prone to intolerances.

If you are looking for some good examples of products for large breed puppies, I leave you with some ideas.

Although my advice is that you value for yourself the ingredients of each product and decide which may be the best for your puppy. Personally, all those mentioned seem excellent options.

Feeding an adult Doberman

As you will know, feeding is a fundamental pillar of your dog’s health, that means that the better its diet, the healthier it will be and the longer it will be. Although not everything is food, remember what the recommended care for a Doberman dog.

Adults do not require as many nutrients as developing puppies, but they do require high amounts of energy to stay active. A feed made with good quality products is essential.

So completely discards any supermarket feed / white label, because generally its quality is very, very low. Yes, they are cheap … but for a reason they are.

Look for a feed that has an appropriate amount of high-quality protein (between 20% and 40%) and that does not have an excessive amount of fat, ideally being below 20%.

Did you know……? Excess protein is eliminated naturally through urine and faeces.

Avoid as much as possible that it contains cereals such as corn or wheat, since they are very little assimilable for a dog. Rice being possibly the only cereal that in small quantities is acceptable.

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Some examples of quality feed for an adult Doberman can be:

  • NFNatcane Large Breed
  • Orijen 6 Fresh Fish
  • Acana Large Breed
  • Naku Delta / North
  • Optima nova adult mobility

And of course, if you have the opportunity to prepare your own food, do not hesitate to inform yourself about the natural dog food BARF.

How much should a Doberman eat?

There is no maximum or minimum daily amount that can be recommended without knowing what I think you are using to feed it, since some are more concentrated than others.

Generally it is the manufacturer that indicates the daily amount as a guide based on the age of our Doberman dog and his physical activity (if it is an active or calm dog).

And in addition to these guidelines, we must always use our common sense. If we appreciate that our Doberman loses a little weight, we must increase the ration, if it gets fat, then reduce it.

As a guide these are some common measures:

  • 25-pound adult Doberman: 400 grams daily approx.
  • 30-pound adult Doberman: 480 grams daily approx.
  • 35-pound adult Doberman: 560 grams daily approx.
  • 40-pound adult Doberman: 640 grams daily approx.
  • 45-pound adult Doberman: 720 grams daily approx.

Remember that they are indicative values, you should inform yourself depending on the brand of feed you use.