The Vet Black Book

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Surely on some occasion you have wondered if it really is necessary to carry out all the advice that veterinaryns indicate, since some are debatable at least.

Many dogs manage to save their lives or recover from illness thanks to veterinary techniques, but nevertheless, there are also many dogs that unfortunately suffer as a result of these same techniques.

Let’s see some examples and talk about all that that is never talked about, the vets black book Is it a help? It is a business? Can a dog get worse by following veterinary advice?

Index of contents

  • 1 We are all human, even vets
  • 2 The great deception of food
  • 3 Miraculous shots or a multi-million dollar hoax?
  • 4 Diseases that are not cured …
  • 5 Conclusions

We are all human, even vets

Not so many years ago, it was thought that the earth was completely flat and whoever said otherwise was condemned to death or taken as crazy. Today something similar happens, we all believe that things are as they are, only because they have explained it to us like this.

With this we want to imply that even a doctor or veterinaryn in the case of animals, may be wrong, since to err is human and there is no exact science, apart from mathematics.

Just because a veterinaryn tells you that the feed of the “XXX” brand (is an example) is good for your dog and curiously, it is sold in his establishment, does not mean that it is true.

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That you vaccinate your dog against common diseases in the canine world, with vaccines that have been on the market for a relatively short time and that in reality do not offer total protection, is in a way a deception and a great risk for your dog.

Actually if you look, each vet has his own criteria and may even contradict the opinion of another vet, because experience has led him to understand what reality is not learned in college.

Obviously no veterinaryn will intentionally do anything to harm your dog or pet, but…. To err is of humans.

book and dog

The great deception of food

Something we can learn if we simply spend a little time getting informed is that pre-made dog food is not the best option. Not even the best brands of food such as Orijen, Nfnatcane or Taste among others, are actually comparable to natural food.

So if the best brands are not comparable, what are normal trademarks really like? Well, they are simply a poison for your dog. They will have a very negative influence on their health in the medium and long term, simply because they have not informed you.

The veterinaryns black book explains the general operation of the food industry, all that nobody wants you to know but that is a reality.

A well-fed dog will not only be healthier, something that will save us a lot of money in veterinary consultations, but it will also be stronger, it will have a longer life, it will not throw as much hair, it will hardly have allergic problems (if it is ever it has), it will not have anxiety …… you hallucinate? Well this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Miraculous shots or a multi-million dollar hoax?

In the veterinary black book we can learn what is really necessary and what is not, such as the famous vaccine against leishmaniasis, so expensive and so ineffective.

It is a deceptive way to make dog owners believe that with it our dog will be protected against leishmaniasis. However, they have forgotten to emphasize that the vaccine barely protects 50% of dogs and that it is also not useful for small dogs.

As if that were not enough, or rather, how a great business is, you have to put a memory on an annual basis. This is a clear example of how vaccines are sold to us that are not only ineffective but also, in many cases, harmful.

So …… do we need to give this vaccine to our dog? Neither this nor many others, although it is true that some vaccines are effective and highly recommended for their proven efficacy, it is also true that many others are simply a way to get money out of us.

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Diseases that are not cured …

Has it ever happened to you that your dog starts scratching himself until he gets hurt? And curiously, the medication consists of long-term treatment with high-priced veterinary drugs…. How curious.

Does your dog suffer from anxiety and you don’t know the reason? Neither you nor your vet, who after prescribing many things, has not made your dog happy and healthy … Is there a business behind all that or is it simply that they do not find the cause?

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And if I told you that the origin of many of these diseases is the same and that it is a vicious circle where the sick your dog is the more money veterinary companies and clinics earn …


In short, we are not all of us and we are not all of us. This means that not all veterinaryns act with picaresque or bad faith just to make cash, many vets help and advise well, although sometimes you and I can be confused.

But it is very interesting to know all these details that in a way will open our eyes and make us see things differently, at least, those related to our dog, cat or pet.

We recommend you read the book on this subject, it is very enjoyable and is full of practical information about the reality that surrounds us.

And once you have read it, please leave us a comment with your new opinions, explain us how you thought before reading it and how you think now 😉