The 12 commandments of the dog

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teacher dog

Possibly you have heard of the basic rules that you must meet in order for your dog to be happy or healthy. However, you have never heard of the dog’s commandments, which a dog considers you must fulfill to be a good human.

In order to better understand these commandments, you must open your mind and position yourself for a moment in your dog’s mind. Try to look at the world, the environment around you and even the rest of the humans in the family, as if you were the dog.

Only in this way will you find all the meaning to these sacred commandments of the dog, which every human must know and respect. You dare? Well one, two, three … You are a dog.

Index of contents

  • 1 I am forever, don’t abandon me
  • 2 Don’t belittle me, you’re my best friend
  • 3 Scratch me here, here and here
  • 4 I also get angry and nervous
  • 5 I’m like this and I can’t help it
  • 6 Do you know that I love to eat?
  • 7 I love to play and walk
  • 8 It doesn’t smell too bad either…
  • 9 Respect my tail and ears, also my …
  • 10 No matter where you go, I’ll wait for you
  • 11 If it seems mine, it’s mine
  • 12 I will be what you want me to be

I am forever, don’t abandon me

From the time I get up until I fall asleep and even when I wake up and go back to sleep, I only think of you. I’m going to look for you wagging my tail of happiness so that you give me yourself. Did or will I do something so bad as to make you abandon me?

There are thousands of puppies waiting for a home, many of them have already had a home but for some reason their human left them abandoned. Are you sure you won’t do the same to me? First commandment of the dog, I am forever.

dog pampering human

Don’t belittle me, you’re my best friend

What I feel every time I see you is the same as what you feel when you fall in love. I see you and I can’t help but go looking for you to greet and lick you, so you can pamper me and tell me nice things.

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So when you have a bad day and ignore me, ignore me or just belittle me, you make me feel bad. But don’t worry, I’m not spiteful and I will always love you. Second commandment of the dog, you are my best friend.

human scratching dog

Scratch me here, here and here

I don’t know what happens to me but when you start to caress and scratch me I can’t help but stop enjoying. I not only like that we go for a walk or that you feed me, which by the way I really like. I also love that you massage and pamper me, that you scratch and caress me, feel your hands on me. Third commandment of the dog, scratch me daily.

angry dog

I also get angry and nervous

Just because I’m not human doesn’t mean I can’t have a bad day, sometimes I get up and my gut hurts or I just get mad because I feel a little lonely. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I just get jealous because you pet other dogs.

I can’t help but get nervous if you’re restless, I detect your nervousness, listen to your racing pulse and think something bad is going on. So I get angry and I get nervous and you get mad at me because I got mad, are we all crazy? Fourth commandment of the dog, I also have bad days.

dog biting cushion

I’m like this and I can’t help it

There is nothing like those incredible moments in which the cushion provokes me and we start a fight to the death, I know there is something inside it and I try to get it out by all means. But when I’m done, there’s just a bunch of cushion pieces and nothing else.

So I try the same with another cushion, with the toilet paper and with the door frame. But when you get home … do you get mad? I have been fighting evil all day !! If it is not for me…. Fifth commandment of the dog, I am a dog, accept it.

dog waiting to eat

Do you know that I love to eat?

I don’t know if you noticed but my nose is a little better than yours, it’s prettier, wetter and above all more functional. Did you know that I can smell more than a thousand times better than you? When you smell a cheese, I smell the cow’s tit and the milk that came out of it, the pot where they let the milk ferment and I even smell the ferments themselves !!

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That is why I love to eat, because there are so many smells so delicious that you never let me prove that I simply go crazy when you drop something on the floor and you look at me with those eyes of ….. “eat it”. Sixth commandment of the dog, I am always hungry.

dog playing with teether

I love to play and walk

I see you sitting in front of a dumb box a long time a day, I see you talking on the phone or touching it with your fingers non-stop, I see you cleaning things and I also see you staining them and then cleaning them again.

Did you know that there is a better world? We can just play whatever you want, I can run after you, I can catch the ball and maybe I’ll return it to you, I can run after the puck and I can also go for a walk and run with you What’s so important that you don’t do the funniest things of the world? Seventh commandment of the dog, play with me.

dog scrubbing

It doesn’t smell too bad either…

I have a much better sense of smell than yours and I know what I’m talking about, man, poo smells good !! Seriously, I do not understand why you get angry when we go for a walk and I rub myself well on a delicious poop or dead bug. It is how to put channel number five.

Also when we are at home and you throw a but you see me complain? So I don’t know why you make such a fuss when I throw myself on a pedet … sometimes accidentally, other times just to see your face. Eighth commandment of the dog, nothing smells bad.

dog with ears

Respect my tail and ears, also my …

I know that if you cut my ears I may seem more smug
and fierce, but what do you think if we cut you? I do not care if you are a bad boy or a bad boy, so I do not understand that absurd mania of wanting to cut my pretty ears, are you bad in the chola or what?

The same happens with my tail, it can be long and thin or tail and thick, it can even be everything at the same time but man… do I tell you something about your tiny tail? Do you cut it off out of envy or what? And let’s not talk about catapults anymore … but what happens to you? Ninth commandment of the dog, do not mutilate me.

dog waiting for its human

No matter where you go, I’ll wait for you

You know that I love being by your side, even if it’s just to sleep while you work or see the silly box. If you go to the bathroom, I will go with you to see what you do, if you go to the kitchen I will also accompany you in case you drop something you want me to lick clean.

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So I don’t understand, seriously I don’t understand, why do you sometimes leave me so long alone at home Why don’t you take me with you? That you know that I get bored a lot and that’s why sometimes I lose my grip and I do things like eat your shoes. But it doesn’t matter … because whatever it takes, I will wait for you and I will receive you with great joy. Dog’s tenth commandment, don’t make me wait.

dog with his toy

If it seems mine, it’s mine

There is an unwritten law that dogs strictly follow but that seems to be difficult for you to understand. If I see something on the street and it seems mine, it’s mine. If there is something at home that I like and want, then it also seems mine and it is mine.

You have very strange hobbies, all day telling me that that’s not mine, were you there when I found it? When did they make it? When i said it was mine? Eleventh commandment of the dog, if it seems mine, it is mine.

Happy dog

I will be what you want me to be

I learn very quickly from all the people and other dog companions, but from whom I learn most is from you. If you are aggressive with me I will understand that in this life you have to be aggressive. If you are calm with me, I will understand that being calm is what is cool.

Do not abuse me, do not hit me, do not mutilate me and above all do not tie me to a chain so that I will die of boredom the rest of my life. Nor do I want to be the guardian of your patio, I am a dog and as such I am a member of your family, of your pack.

I will be what you want me to be, from a bad and aggressive dog to a faithful, noble and respectful dog. But remember, what I just want is to be happy by your side. Twelfth commandment of the dog, take care of me how I take care of you.

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