Skin Problems in Shar Pei Dogs – Dermatitis and Remedies

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We all have our Achilles’ heel and the Shar Pei’s is undoubtedly its skin. The characteristics of this breed make it prone to skin problems such as canine dermatitis.

Learn how to detect its main symptoms and take note of some tips to treat and prevent this condition. We advance something to you: the feeding is key.

Index of contents

  • 1 Main skin problems in Shar Pei
  • 2 How to detect dermatitis in a Shar Pei?
  • 3 The importance of food and other remedies

Main skin problems in Shar Pei

Throughout its life the Shar Pei can be affected by various types of ailments, many of them related to the skin. Among the most common we find:

  • Mushrooms. Shar Pei folds, humidity and advanced age favor its appearance.
  • Allergies Diet, environmental factors, or a flea infestation can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Folliculitis. It affects short-haired coats, such as the Shar Pei. It manifests itself in the form of small pustules, which causes it to scratch constantly.
  • Fur loss . By rubbing and excess folds in the hind limbs or by alopecia caused by mites.
  • Masses or lumps. The Shar Pei has a tendency to develop them and is concerned about whether they are benign or cancerous tumors.
  • Skin irritations It is a very common problem of this breed. Factors such as dirt, contact with irritating products or parasites can irritate your skin. Remember that it is a very sensitive dog in this regard.
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If not treated properly and on time, some of these conditions can lead to others more difficult to cure, such as canine dermatitis. Therefore, these problems should not be played down and acted upon as soon as the first symptoms are detected.

How to detect dermatitis in a Shar Pei?

The skin of the Shar Pei is one of the areas that we will most have to take care of and monitor throughout its life. There are different types of dermatitis that can affect you, with variable symptoms.

Allergic or atopic dermartitis is the most common and has a genetic basis. This variant can begin to manifest itself in young dogs, from one year of age.

The most obvious warning signs are:

  • Intense itching, especially in the ears and lower body.
  • Hair loss, skin lesions and intense licking after scratching.
  • Ear infections.
  • Secondary bacterial infections.
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal and ocular secretions.

This allergy appears as a reaction to certain elements such as pollen or mites, although it can also be food. Foods such as meats, eggs, fish or some additives that contain feed or prepared meals may be the cause.

In a food allergy dermatitis the dog will present, especially:

  • Redness of the skin and hives in the ears, rump, back of the legs and lower part of the body.
  • Digestive disorders

Another source of inflammation and severe dermatitis in Shar Pei is parasites. Fleas, lice, ticks, bedbugs … the saliva of these insects or the allergy to the bite end up affecting him.

This type of reaction causes them a lot of itching and, when licking or biting, they appear wounds, ulcers and severe infections.

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albino shar pei

The importance of food and other remedies

Having the right diet will help the dermatitis in Shar Pei to improve, especially when the condition is caused by a food allergy.

What is recommended, to treat this problem, is to follow a hypoallergenic diet or assimilation.

This type of diet includes a reduced number of ingredients and dispenses with colorants, preservatives and flavorings. They are usually diets monoproteic and you can make food at home, but under the supervision of a veterinaryn.

If the dog improves with this diet and worsens again when left, there will be no doubt about the diagnosis. But in addition to this measure, there are other actions that help canine dermatitis remit.

For example:

  1. Keep the house clean, vacuuming daily to prevent mites from accumulating. If the dog is nearby, don’t shake the blankets or sheets hard.
  2. Avoid taking walks with him on windy days; It is also not recommended to do so if there is a high concentration of pollen in the environment.
  3. Make sure the dog is completely dewormed. And not only him, but also all the animals in his environment.
  4. You can use shampoos and disinfectants that reduce itching, but yes: always consult with an expert beforehand.

If the dermatitis is severe, the specialist will also prescribe the Shar Pei antibiotic medicines or ointments. This will seek to control the condition and avoid secondary infections that end up aggravating the problem.

In any case, the treatment will depend on the cause that is causing the dermatitis. To find out, you should talk to your vet, explain what signs of dermatitis you have seen in your canine friend and start to remedy this condition. The sooner you do it, the better. This way you will avoid going to more.