10 Things Dogs Love

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happy dog

Surely you have noticed that your dog likes some things more than others and that coincidentally your friends’ dogs may not like them, this is because each dog is different, just like humans. The things dogs love can surprise us with their simplicity.

From Dogsis we have compiled a series of things that all or the vast majority of dogs enjoy and love, so you can put them into practice with your four-legged furry and make him happy. Do we see them?

Index of contents

  • 1 Dogs love to receive our attention
  • 2 They love receiving new toys
  • 3 Food, the greatest of his passions
  • 4 Dogs love to play sports
  • 5 Petting, your dog’s weak point
  • 6 Socialize with other dogs and humans
  • 7 A blanket, the trick of the perfect bed
  • 8 Stimulates your smell by playing
  • 9 Nothing better than traveling
  • 10 Can I sleep with you?

Dogs love to receive our attention

As strange as it may seem to you since you surely spend much of the day with your dog, he loves to receive your attention and know that you are watching for him. Many times we focus only on walking and playing for a while, without paying attention to those times when he simply sleeps.

If from time to time we approach him to give him a massage, to check his ears and legs or just to talk to him a little, he will be very happy to know that it is important and we pay attention to him.

They love receiving new toys

We already know that it is not recommended that they have more than three or four toys, but when one breaks we can replace it with a new and completely different one so that you can enjoy playing with it.

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For them it is the greatest gift we can give them, they will also have a great time bringing it so that we can try to take it off or throw it away and run to get it. Something as simple as a toy can brighten your puppy’s day.

Food, the greatest of his passions

We all know the theory that food is the cornerstone of our dog’s health, but we should not focus solely on give you the best dog food, but we must go varying.

dog eating

As an example we can change from meat to fish every two months to avoid boredom of their feed, or we can also prepare some homemade dog food like the BARF diet.

Whatever it is to vary and taste new flavors, they will love it because dogs love to eat as much as they sleep. You can even buy a special dog bone at your vet clinic and surprise him.

Dogs love to play sports

Statistics show that more than eighty percent of dogs only walk two or three times a day for a walk, hopefully playing with some other puppy in the dog park.

Exercising with our dog will not only help him eliminate the excess energy that he has, but it will greatly improve his health and quality of life. In addition you will feel much happier since it will release a lot of hormones.

You don’t need to run a marathon, just go for a bike ride and go with you, or skating, however you like.

Petting, your dog’s weak point

There are very attached and cuddly dogs and others somewhat more independent and unfriendly, but whatever your dog is, it surely loves to receive your petting.

When we pet a dog, we not only transmit our love to it, but we also strengthen the ties we have with it, trust and mutual respect.

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Dogs love to be petted, either when they are in bed and we scratch their bellies or when they are sitting next to us and we pamper them in the neck and head.

Do not let a day go by without showing your love for your dog, because he loves it and values ​​it very much.

petting dog

Socialize with other dogs and humans

Something inside us breaks when we see a human carrying his dog in his arms as if he were a baby…. without letting him greet other dogs or humans.

We must understand that dogs are dogs, not babies. They should smell other dogs, growl when necessary and most of all play and enjoy new friends.

Letting a dog play with another dog releases more happiness hormones than walking a full day without stopping at their favorite places. Dogs need to interact with other dogs and above all, feel like dogs.

You can get more detailed information from: How to socialize a dog

A blanket, the perfect bed trick

If you thought your dog was happy in his bed when it was time to sleep or take a nap in the middle of the afternoon … it is because you have not tried to give him an old blanket.

You can use an old blanket or an old towel, just put it on his bed so that he feels more comfortable at bedtime. Or if you prefer, you can throw it over him when he sleeps.

You will see how your dog enjoys it as if it were the best toy in the world, it will nibble on it a bit, make it a ball and finally sleep peacefully next to it. It is amazing what a simple old blanket can achieve.

Stimulates your smell by playing

The most developed sense of dogs is smell, so nothing better than to play a little with him and with his smell so that he has fun like never before.

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Order your dog to sit down and while he looks at you, leave rewards behind the table legs, on the sofa and in some corner of the house. When you’re done, give him the order to find them and eat them.

Repeat this exercise several times and every day, pretend to leave prizes in many places but only leave in some, this way he will use his nose to find the prizes at home.

dog nose

It is a very simple but very stimulating game for dogs, they will love to play this with you both at home and on the street.

Nothing better than traveling

If there is something dogs really love, it is traveling with you and discovering new places, especially if they are surrounded by nature.

Going on hiking trails or following a stream through the forest is something they love, due to the novelty of the new site, the new smells and even the new animals or critters that they find along the way.

Also, he will know that wherever you go he will always be with you, that you will not abandon him and he will feel much more attached to you.

Can I sleep with you?

Being a common thing in packs, dogs take sleeping with you, in the same bed or putting their bed next to yours, as something very positive.

There is nothing more pleasant for your dog than being able to sleep peace
fully knowing that you are right there, at his side. However, in order to do this, it must be clean and dewormed, for obvious health reasons.

Even you will benefit from the experience, since in winter they bring a lot of warmth and sometimes their snoring is very relaxing, ideal for falling asleep. Do not miss Is it good to sleep with a dog?