Reasons why a dog is excited to see us

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excited dog

The joy with which our furry receive us when we get home is – for many – the best gift after a hard day at work. As soon as we open the door, they rush to pamper us, making us instantly forget any worries.

Does it also happen to you and you wonder why they behave like this? Discover in this article which are the main reasons why a dog is excited to see us.

Index of contents

  • 1 What makes a dog so excited to see his human? Main factors
  • 2 My dog ​​gets excited when I get home. It is normal?
  • 3 Why do they wag their tails non-stop when they receive us?
  • 4 My dog ​​urinates when he sees me, why is this reaction?

What makes a dog so excited to see his human? Main factors

The effusiveness shown by our four-legged friends when we return to the family home can surprise us.

And it is that, sometimes, they not only come to greet us, but they even jump trying to lick our faces, spin like crazy, stir on the ground or even urinate.

How do you explain this intense emotion, if you have only been separated for a few hours? To understand their behavior you must take into account several factors. Among them:

  • The emotional bond. It has been shown that dogs not only see us as mere shelter and food facilitators. For them we are much more than that and they come to feel true affection for us.
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They love us and consider us part of their family! This is why when they see and smell us, their brains behave the same way as when they receive a reward. The dog’s body releases oxytocin, which is the love hormone. This makes them feel intensely happy that you return to their side.

  • The stimuli. In addition to loving each other, our four-legged friends also miss our company and the moments we spend with them. Being alone all day is very boring. That is why they associate your return with a lot of exciting stimuli: going for a walk, playing, pampering …
  • Separation anxiety. When the emotion they experience when seeing you is excessive and is accompanied by other abnormal behaviors, be careful. Destruction of objects or barking in our absence could indicate that the dog has a separation anxiety problem.

This disorder appears when the attachment he feels towards us is excessive. This should be corrected with the help of a professional, as these reactions are not at all positive for the emotional well-being of the dog.

Do you now understand better the emotion that our furry show when they see us? There are, in addition, other reactions that often draw our attention. Let’s see what they are.

Dog waiting for its owner while looking out the window

My dog ​​gets excited when I get home. It is normal?

In addition to jumping for joy and welcoming barking, some dogs experience an erection when they see us.

This can occur mainly in puppies, which are in a discovery phase, but also in adults.

Although it may be uncomfortable, this reaction does not have to be related to a sexual stimulus.

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Rather, it is an involuntary reflection of the excitement and agitation they feel at seeing you or doing things they like, like playing or being caressed. It can also happen if you are under high stress levels.

Why do they wag their tails non-stop when they receive us?

Dogs communicate through body language. In this sense, the tail is one of the parts of the body that can give us the most information about what they feel at each moment.

Some studies indicate that generally when they shake it to the right it is because they experience positive emotions. On the contrary, do it to the left would involve negative emotions. This is because each cerebral hemisphere controls different emotions.

However, there are other signals that need to be interpreted as a whole, such as the frequency of movement, the relaxed state of your ears and features, or your attitude.

But don’t be in any doubt: if when he gets home he doesn’t stop wagging his tail and comes to you in a friendly way, it’s because he’s happy and excited to see you.

My dog ​​urinates when he sees me, why is this reaction?

A dog urinates with emotion is normal in puppies that have not yet learned to control their bladder fully. However, it should not happen in adults. When this happens it is because the emotion they feel is so strong that they cannot control their most basic functions.

To avoid this, try to reduce your own effusiveness when you meet him again, so that he is calmer and corrects this behavior. If you see that it continues, it is best to go to a specialist and rule out any health problems.

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In conclusion: Our furry ones love us and miss us, so it is normal that they get excited when they see us. However, excessive and unusual reactions should put us on alert.

In these cases we must ensure that the physical and mental state of our dog is the most healthy and desired. And you, how does your furry usually receive you every time you get home?