My dog ​​licks his anus – Reasons and solutions

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dog ass

As part of his personal hygiene a but can lick his anus to keep it clean, something that may seem strange to us but that in the animal world is very common.

However, if you lick insistently, more often than usual, or if you complain while licking your butt, you may have a problem or illness that requires our attention.

Although it is a very curious and particular topic, from Dogsis we want to show you the reasons why a dog licks its anus and what solutions we can provide.

Index of contents

  • 1 Is it normal for a dog to lick his ass?
  • 2 Anal itching
  • 3 Intestinal parasites cause itching
  • 4 Dog’s Anal Glands
  • 5 Infection or disease in the anus

Is it normal for a dog to lick his ass?

It is something so curious that it would never occur to us, but dogs have no other way to clean themselves. They lick all parts of their body as a form of daily hygiene routine They lick their paws, their genitals and even lick their anus.

It is something that should not worry us because it is completely normal, as long as they do it in a habitual non-compulsive way, that is, once or twice a day, being once the most common.

If our dog starts to constantly lick your ass, they are more often than usual is because something is wrong.

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It may be insignificant and temporary but it can also be complex, so we must pay attention to it if it does not stop in one or two days.

dog at vet

Anal itching

Anal itching is called constant anal itching that our dog can suffer This itch can be caused by several factors that our vet must investigate. Since it generally does not go away on its own.

Anal itching is usually associated with food, it is not necessary for our dog to be allergic to an ingredient in his food, it is simply enough to have a little intolerance for itching to occur.

On the other hand, dogs with diarrhea They may constantly suffer from anal stinging, which will cause them to also need to constantly lick for relief.

Although these are just some examples of common problems that cause itching in a dog’s anus, let’s see more.

Intestinal parasites cause itching

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your dog doesn’t have intestinal parasites because you take good care of it, absolutely all the dogs on the planet have intestinal parasites, it is something completely normal.

Dogs sniff and lick everything around them, causing them to it is really easy for them to acquire intestinal parasites. These parasites lodge in the dog’s intestine and feed and reproduce there.

They can be like small worms or microscope-sized, there are many kinds of parasites that can affect a dog’s intestine and cause itchy ass.

but pooping

Dog’s Anal Glands

All dogs have a pair of glands in the anus that secrete a foul-smelling fluid when the dog defecates. It is a way to lubricate the anus and also leave your personal odor in your stool.

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Generally the glands fill little by little and empty when the dog needs, but sometimes they become clogged and overfilled, causing a lot of itching in the anus.

In that case, we can empty dog’s anal glands ourselves or go to a vet to have them emptied and teach us how to do it (recommended).

Infection or disease in the anus

The anal glands themselves can become infected and produce a small ulcer that generates an infection in the anus, which will cause itching and extremely painful pain for the dog.

Some diseases can also cause anus itch, among other symptoms, so it is always advisable to go to the vet even if it is simply to perform a review, if we appreciate that our dog licks insistently.

There are no home remedies or tricks that we can apply to solve it on our own, some things are too important to avoid going to the vet.