Learn to talk to your dog – A practical guide

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Communication between humans and dogs is not always correct and yet we spend the day talking to our dog as if he understood absolutely everything.

Talking to our dog is not a harmful thing, however, we should focus on teaching him words that he can identify. What we know as “work orders”, which will help our dog to know what to expect from him.

Index of contents

  • 1 Canine language
    • 1.1 Attract your attention
    • 1.2 training
    • 1.3 Be consistent
    • 1.4 Offer prizes
    • 1.5 Reinforce learning
    • 1.6 Be patient
  • 2 How to talk to a deaf dog?

Canine language

When we say “talk to your dog,” it doesn’t mean sitting for hours talking about your problems; actually, we mean establishing with him a communication system based on training, obedience and positive reinforcement.

Orders are essential during training ; however, you need to accompany the gesture words. Dogs identify about 200 words, but body language is a determining factor for them to understand what you are saying.

For this reason, talking to your dog involves associating each order with a specific gesture, you should use both when you want your dog to do something. In addition, you need to know what some of his gestures mean:

  • Destroy or break things when you are not at home: reflects stress and boredom.
  • Raise the leg: It is a typical hunting posture, your dog does it when it perceives an interesting smell.
  • Extend the front legs and duck the head: invites you to play.
  • Lower ears and tail: he’s scared.
  • Growling and showing teeth: is upset, it is possible to attack at any time.
  • Push yourself with your muzzle: try to get your attention.
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These are some of the signs that will help you understand it, but how do I talk to my dog? Pay attention to the following recommendations.


Attract your attention

Before you start to order something, make sure your dog is watching you, there is no use talking to him if he is entertained with a toy. For this, just get him used to looking at you when you use his name out loud, but without yelling.


It is impossible to talk to your dog if it is trained. Teaching him his name and going to your call are the first steps, but then you need him to learn other actions, such as sitting, still, here, calm, lie down and well.

These commands can be taught on your own or attend dog training classes together. Remember that you must accompany the orders with a gesture to reinforce them ; Also, choose words that differ well from each other and pronounce them clearly, thus avoiding the dog being confused.

Be consistent

It is funny, but many times we try to make our dogs guess what we want. Imagine this scenario: you taught your dog to go to the word “Here”, but when you want to call it you use phrases like “Come here at once” or “I told you to come.”

You feel identified? How to talk to my dog ​​if I am not consistent with the words I use? For this reason, we insist: always use the same word and gesture; otherwise, adding longer sentences will only create confusion for your dog and frustration for you, causing you to yell and stress to simple situations.

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Offer prizes

Positive reinforcement is the best way to communicate with your dog. Using edible prizes, but also caresses and congratulatory phrases, are essential for your dog to understand that he has made the order correctly.


Reinforce learning

Offering prizes and using the correct orders is not by itself, you must use repetition so that learning is processed by your dog. Talk to him daily, repeat the orders taught the day before and give him rewards, only then will communication be optimal.

Be patient

Your relationship with your dog must be based on love and understanding, above all on understanding that they belong to different species and both need to adapt to lead a harmonious coexistence.

How to talk to a deaf dog?

Reinforcing a command with a gesture is very effective, but what about dogs suffering from deafness? In these cases, you should dispense with voice orders and focus only on gestures, taking care that they are very clear and specific to each order.

To get your attention, it is advisable to hit the ground a little, since will perceive vibrations ; You can get him used to coming to your call that way when they are at home, outside of it, it is not recommended to leave it without a leash, unless you are in a closed and safe park.

In addition, we suggest attending dog training sessions to communicate more efficiently with your deaf dog.